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Latitude 33 – Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

“Of all places in the country where you could have opened a restaurant, why Truth or Consequences, New Mexico?” You can bet Joseph Schmitt has been asked that question many times, especially when people find out his previous address was in Palm Springs, California where

A & B Drive In – Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Michael Newman, the charismatic and ebullient host of New Mexico True Television and Melinda Frame, the show’s brilliant producer-director have the very best jobs in the world. Though not expressly stated, their true job titles should be “Ambassadors for the Great State of New Mexico”

Los Arcos Steakhouse & Bar – Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Because of the geothermal mineral springs which issue from the ground, the city of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico was originally named “Hot Springs.” Seeking to distinguish itself from other cities of the same name and to advertise its plentiful resources, city residents voted to