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John Montague, the Earl of Sandwich was such a rapacious gambler that he would sit at the gaming table for hours without meals.  During one particular marathon gambling session, he dispatched his manservants to get him two slices of bread, meat and cheese.  So as not to get his cards greasy, he put the meat and cheese in between the bread slices.  Voila, the birth of the sandwich, officially named for him in 1762.  You can literally put anything on a sandwich, but only the best ingredients dress the sandwiches below, hence the best sandwiches in Albuquerque. By clicking on the name of the restaurant for which you wish to know my opinion, you will be magically transported directly to my review of that restaurant.

Sandwich Restaurant City What Makes This Sandwich Special
Southwestern Grilled Cheese Mucho Gourmet Sandwich Shop Santa Fe Named the best sandwich in New Mexico by Food Network Magazine, it’s just one of many outstanding sandwiches in a family-owned and operated shop which specializes in sandwiches, service and soup.
Green Chile Philly Itsa Italian Ice Albuquerque This is the Cheesesteak sandwich Albuquerque’s Philadelphia transplants crave.  Green chile makes it even better than any you’ll find in the City of Brotherly Love.
Duke City Ruben Bocadillos Slow Roasted: A Sandwich Shop Albuquerque The very best Ruben sandwich in Albuquerque and no other Ruben is even close.  The corned beef is slow roasted for twelve hours.  The quality shows in every single bite.
Banh Mi May Hong Albuquerque Essentially a Vietnamese po’ boy on a French baguette, this is Albuquerque’s best bargain sandwich, one loaded with ingredients and packed with flavor for a price anyone can afford.
T.B.L Gecko’s Bar & Tapas Albuquerque More than an inverted BLT.  This is a simple sandwich taken to new heights of flavor with high-quality ingredients that will tantalize your taste buds with eery bite.
Semita Sandwich Chile Rio Mexican Grill Albuquerque Bon Appetit named the semita sandwich one of the 20 food trends for 2013.  The semita was introduced to the Duke City by Chile Rio.  It’s hard to imagine anyone making it any better.
The Angry Sicilian Prime Albuquerque Cappicola ham, pepperoni, Genoa salami, olive tapenade, tomatoes, banana peppers and buffalo mozzarella on the best ciabatta bread in the Duke City.  It’ll assuage your anger.
Duck Confit Panini Torinos @ Home Albuquerque Duck which has been confit in its own fat for ten hours, herbaceous (fresh thyme and cilantro) goat cheese spread and grilled zucchini on a focaccia canvas.  This is a masterpiece!
Proscuitto Egg Sandwich  Counter Culture Cafe
 Santa Fe
Breakfast is served until 5PM which means you can sleep late and still get New Mexico’s best breakfast sandwich.  You may forever swear off Egg McMuffins for the Counter Culture’s waker-upper sandwich.
Pastrami and sauerkraut Mangiamo Pronto
 Santa Fe
You won’t want to mangiamo this sandwich too quickly because it’s meant to be savored slowly.  The starring ingredient is the pastrami, a high-quality (deli-quality) variety.
Pastrami Sandwich California Pastrami Albuquerque As the restaurant’s name indicates, the pastrami is imported from California.  It’s made with with lots of marbling and heavy, briny seasoning, but can be made lean if that’s your preference.
New Mexico Po’ Boy Tia Betty Blues Albuquerque Carne adovada, cheese, pickled jalapeños and Fritos corn chips on a sandwich!  Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?   This isn’t a sandwich; it’s a revelation in deliciousness!
Grilled Vegetable Ciabatta Cafe Bella Rio Rancho Chef Michael Sanchez is a stickler for freshness and flavor.  grilled garden vegetables, fluffy egg, Parmesan cheese and organic greens on a Ciabbata roll with sun-dried tomato cream cheese make this a sandwich even carnivores will love.

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