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Bisbee: Cafe Cornucopia

Chandler:  CYCLO | In-N-Out Burger | The Keg Steakhouse | Lee’s Sandwiches |

Gilbert: Joe’s Real BBQ

Glendale: Haus Murphy’s

Grand Canyon: El Tovar |

Heber: Red Onion Lounge

Mesa: Gus’s Fried Chicken

Phoenix: BARRIO CAFE | Hap’s Pit Barbecue | Honey Bear’s Barbecue | Little Miss BBQ | Mora Italian | Pa’LaPANE BIANCO | Pa’La | PIZZERIA BIANCO |Richardson’s Cuisine of New Mexico|

Scottsdale: Butters Pancakes & Cafe | Call Her Martina | Cornish Pasty Company | Culinary Dropout |DeFalco’s Italian Deli: Eatery & Grocery | Fat Ox Malee’s Thai Bistro | Patsy Grimaldi’s Pizzeria |Pomo Pizzeria | Roy’s Restaurant | Tapas Papa Frita |

Seligman: The Roadkill Cafe

Tempe: | Cafe Lalibela | Haji BabaPortillo’s Hot Dogs |

Tucson: El Guero Canelo | BK Carne Asada & Hot Dogs |

Winslow: The Turquoise Room |


Big Sur: Nepenthe Restaurant | SIERRA MAR AT THE POST RANCH INN |

Cambria (1): Indigo Moon Cafe, Wine & Cheese Shop

Carmel-by-the-sea (1) : CASANOVA RESTAURANT

La Jolla (2): NINE-TEN RESTAURANT AND BAR | Piatti Ristorante and Bar

La Quinta (1): Shanghai Reds at the Fisherman’s Market & Grill

Malibu (1): Geoffrey’s Malibu

Montecito (1): TRATTORIA MOLLIE |

Monterey (1): Schooners Coastal Kitchen & Bar

Mountain View (1): Spice Islands Cafe

Newport Beach (1): PIZZERIA MOZZA

Palm Desert (2): AC3 Restaurant + BarGrill-A-Burger

Palm Springs (6): Cheeky’s | JAKE’S | LULU CALIFORNIA BISTRO | Sherman’s Deli & Bakery | Spencer’s Restaurant | Workshop Kitchen + Bar |

Placerville (1): Chuck’s Restaurant

Roseville (1): The Squeeze Inn


San Francisco (2): Crab House at Pier 39 | DESTINO NUEVO LATINO BISTRO |

Santa Barbara (3): La Super Rica Taqueria | Norton’s Pastrami & Deli | Opal Restaurant & Bar |

Santa Clara: Parcel 104 |


Pueblo (2): Gray’s Coors Tavern | Shamrock Brewing Co.


Savannah (1): The Lady & Sons


Arlington Heights (1): | JOHNNIE’S BEEF |


Kildeer: Bacchus Nibbles |

Lake Zurich: Culver’s |Gino’s East of Chicago | Hackney’s |

Mundelein: Gale Street Inn |

Niles: Graziano’s Brick Oven Pizza | Kimchy Cabana |

Wheeling: Bob Chinn’s Crab House | Weber Grill |


Osceola: Maid Rite



Kansas City: Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue |


Kennebunkport: Mabel’s Lobster Claw | THE CLAM SHACK |



Bedford: Steve’s House of Pizza



Lexington: Mario’s Italian Restaurant


Kansas City: ARTHUR BRYANT’S | Gates Bar B Q | The Savoy Grill |

Ozark: Lambert’s Cafe II |

St Louis: Super Smokers |


Las Vegas: Amlee Gourmet Restaurant| Bellagio Buffet | BOUCHON | Burger Bar Las Vegas |Carnegie Deli | China Poblano | Fatburger | Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop & Soda Fountain |IL MULINO NEW YORK | Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab | LAWRY’S: THE PRIME RIB | Lindo Michoacan | LOTUS OF SIAM | Memphis Championship Barbecue | Mesa Grill | Ping Pang Pong | Satay Malaysian Grille |Spiedini |


El Reno: Johnnie’s Grill |

South Carolina:

Charlotte: Butcher & Bee | THE HOMINY GRILL |MAGNOLIAS |

Mount Pleasant: Melvin’s Legendary Bar-B-Q |

North Charleston: EVO

Sullivan’s Island: Poe’s Tavern |


Amarillo:  The Big Texan Steak RanchDelvin’s Restaurant & Catering | The Golden Light Cafe & Cantina | It’s A Punjabi Affair |

Austin: Contigo | Gourdough’s Public House | Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken | Lucy’s Fried Chicken | Via 313 |

Dallas: Celebration | El Ranchito |

Fort Worth: Kincaid’s Hamburgers

Lockhart: Black’s Barbecue


Moab: Blu Pig Barbecue & Blues | Desert Bistro

Park City: Harvest

Salt Lake City: Banbury Cross Donuts | Freshie’s Lobster Co. | Les Madeleine’s Patisserie Cafe | Nomad East| Proper Burger | Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade | TONY CAPUTO’S MARKET & DELI |

145 thoughts on “USA Restaurant Index”
  1. Caveat: a tad off center: Several times I’ve referred to 100+ year old Philippe’s in LA by Union Station for and because of its “creation” of the French Dip sandwich with due respect to it being a Mom/Pop place as well……given some of us hit LA on occasion, (e.g. taking the Grandkids to Disneyland/Getty Museum/Rose Parade/Knott’s Berry Farm/etc., I’d like to say Bravo! to/for Philippe’s recent addition to its own website “honoring” its competition, i.e. other Mom/Pops of yesteryear who are still hanging in there! (I’d add experiencing Farmer’s Market as well…LOL !)

  2. In case some herein plan on vacationing around New England:
    E.g. from Bangaah Maine to Maahtha’s Vinyaahd to golf, this summer or to Leaf Peep in The Fall, one food item Folks will probably be drawn to is….The Lobstaah Roll! Given that a basic/universal preparation of some mayo/lemon spritz/chopped celery-parsley/S&P or butter over lobstaah is mostly used in an especial hot dog roll (shaved on the sides; buttered & grilled, it is amazing the disparity that apparently exists about which is The Best Lobstaah Roll that you can experience, i.e. and especially where Munchers chime in on their Comments…LOL (While first on the website, be sure to observe over on the right under Popular Articles, The Great Lobster Giveaway! Click on it to win 8 lobsters upon which to feast back here in the desert!!!!)
    – Relatedly for some Back-Easterners, just ran across this, you may find as a sad article despite, pardon, being about a Chain:

  3. Thanks for the good wishes.
    Mr. Chow gets the most diverse ratings of any restaurant I’ve read about.
    It’s either a 5 or a 1.
    My disappointment was with dishes that were no better than Panda Express. And the price was extremely high for pedestrian dishes. Half the dishes were excellent and the other quite the opposite. And as you know I don’t mind paying for good food. There is an obvious price for seeing and being seen. I’m not one of the beautiful people.
    Right now my Granddaughter has a diet limited to mother’s milk so I can’t be all that helpful with advice on kid friendly places.
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  4. Lady Grayce/El Brute
    Congrats to your Daughter/S-i-L and Blessings upon your G-daughter!
    Apparently, per their SoCal locale, you will become an aficionado of foods-LA to assist others herein when taking their kids/G-kids to e.g. Disneyland! Oh my, sounds like Mr. Chow’s would not have been worthy of an E-Coupon!
    BTW, I presume you are way ahead of how I’d be re things Hamm e.g. or posters, bears, etc.
    “Chow!” (No pun intended.)

  5. Went to the venerable Mr. Chow’s restaurant last evening and on the ride back to Manhattan Beach my son in law askedme to rate it on a one to five star basis. I gave it 3 3/4 to 4 stars. Some of the dishes were terrific including their Mr. Chow housemade noodle with a meats sauce. S-I-L liked the dish and likened it to pasta with a bolognese sauce. While we were dining the house noodle maker made an in dining room appearance and made the evenings noodles in front of the packed house. His performance elicited applause by the diners present. The steamed dumplings were good but let me say unequivacably not as good as those I have during every visit to Budai. Budai’s are better by far with a much more delicate shell anda better tasting filling and a better and simpler dipping sauce of rice wine vinegar and thinly sliced ginger.
    The wait staff explains the menu and price fixed options and makes his recommendations. The major disappointment for all of us was the Beijing (Peking) duck option which takes 45 minutes to cook and since we had our 18 day old granddaughter with us we didn’t really have the time to wait for what was billed as one of the best Beijing duck dishes in the free world.
    At $77 per diner it had better quack the Star Spangled Banner at the table.
    While some dishes like the spicy beef and the steamed sea bass were excellent the sweet and sour pork (a waiter recommended dish) and the special fried rice were no better than one could get at any number of Chinese restaurants in any city.
    Was it worth the visit, sure. Would I go back, maybe to try the heralded Beijing Duck.

  6. Yo…particularly if anyone now be visiting New England to do some ‘leaf peeping’ per the Fall Foliage (like isn’t it John L & K.?) For all things Foliage including updates of color changes: and don’t forget several spectacular pumpkin carving festivals

    ~If you like local, cozy eats and especially for a hard to find Polish restaurant, check out “The Polish Triangle” in Dorchester (home of e.g. Mark/Donnie Walberg), MA. Even if you don’t sample a Pierogi, Golumpki, Kielbasi, ya gotta have a Paczki (ask for a jelly filled doughnut!) Alas, I’ve never been to Cafe Polonia, but check out YELPers For historical dining to sit in JFK’s booth and for the original Fried Clam Strips
    ~Whoa! just an hour up the road in my homie town and that of Jack Kerouac, don’t forget to check out a little history of the start of the US Industrial Revolution in the early 1800s given the many mills you will see around New England where teens worked for 12 hrs/day, 5 1/2 days/wk while listening to this breathing in lint in unA/C rooms which thus spawned the beginnings of the labor and women’s movements.) Otherwise, click Massachusetts under Gil’s Categories for more dining.


  7. Huh?
    You are really losing it Bobo.
    My tongue in cheek reference to Wilt the Stilt went over your head like a Wilt dunk.
    Spam hot dogs?
    Nathan a Republican because he undercut the competition?
    The increase in the minimum wage is supported by everyone except 2 factions, the Republican controlled House and folks who fear a 1 to 2 cent increase in their ball park hotdogs and its negative effect on their dining habits.
    My apologies to all for being sucked into Bobo’s political rants and raves.
    Let’s just get back to your fixation with Linda Beaver.
    And by the way I don’t frequent restaurants that store their sauces and salsas in 55 gallon drums.

  8. In reading Commentators’ astute scribblings, I’m concluding



    As Y’all know, there is heated debate about raising the minimum wage with pros/cons. E.g. will alternatives be developed regarding waitstaff? This is getting creepy: On the one hand, are we, the most powerful nation in the world, so far behind what at one time might have been considered a “3rd World Country”, i.e. as a country, it was never pointed out in my grammar school geography class! but may now be the leading world Trend Setter in the serving of Vittles?

    Ya right…Scoff it’ll never happen! Any one remember when there were 3-4 guys working a ‘garbage’ truck? Or when Mail”Men” stopped delivering mail twice a day residentially in ’50? (Source: )
    Gone are “Change Gals” who counted out bills in your hand for jackpots in Vegas or Indian reservations!
    Heaven forbid (no pun intended), Rome might be looking into this to deal with the priest shortage!!! E.g. remember the days of 3 priests to a parish? Will Y’all be able to just tap the computer screen for your particular sins and their frequency and get a computer generated penance which is based on the current nationwide frequency calculation for that sin!!!
    (Lest I be mistakenly vilified: I prefer the employment of the Classical Waitstaff be strived for….especially if she be cute!!!)

    ~ Sr. Plata noting: “Senorena and I stayed at Buffalo Thunder overnight in Celebration of her being Cancer-Free, Praise God!”
    Indeed…Mega Dittos to that!!! Please remember, FOGies are here for you both (and all)! Not wishing to pry, but if related to Breast Cancer, pardon that I note for all the (14th?) Annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk (5K from Cottonwood, down 528 & Rio Grande Blvd, and back along the Bosque) will shift from Spring to Sunday Oct. 26 @ 9AM to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month; meet up with friends/warm up/register free an hour or so earlier! Uh, Du…Uh! Guyz are most encouraged to participate!!!.

    ~ Whoa FoodieStar! Y’all are really getting into the swing of things listwise, Pardnah!

    ~ El Brute: re being left “scratching your head”: consider a good anti-dandruff shammpoo!

    Wedges to Wedgies? Yes! Experiencing either makes me pucker!

    Nathan’s at the Dog House: Alas, I’d have no problem with that. Oy Vey! I have a distant kinship to Nathan, at least ethnic viz, per my Gentile Maternal Grandparents being from Krakow as was Nathan Handweker! Who knows? maybe his wife’s Dog recipe (say hey?! shouldn’t it all have been called “Ida’s’?) is an outgrowth of the omni-beloved Kielbasa!!!! Beyond that however: per variations of a thought of unknown (possibly Chinese) attribution “It’s the Journey, not (arriving at) the destination!” is what it’s all about! Ergo, if truth be known, the DH hot dog is not my destination; it is what gets me “there” gustatorially speaking…much akin to what a kiss did for so many per your being in awe (finally) of my Wilt prowess! It’s the SAUCE, toasted bun, open-kitchen, waggin neon tail of the wienershnitzel logo out front, memories of 40 + years ago, squeeky spinning counter stools, the overall ambiance (including the restrooms) as well as it being an Icon for/to the days along the whole of Olde Rt. 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica one can still experience something today!!!!. To all, I must unabashedly confess: I’ve thought about it: If they’d only let me fashion some SPAM into a round “dog” for them to ‘split n grill’, that indeed might be the Superlative of a Foot Long Chile Cheese Dog. (Yo? How could Y’all not see all that coming! LOL) (Uh Oh….on The Dark Side El Brute!….might ‘one’ wonder if Nathan was a Repub given his bent to be a bit of a Capitalist!!! “He and Ida spent their life savings of $300 to begin the business. Handwerker undercut Feltman’s by charging five cents for a hot dog when his former employer was charging ten. Source: paragraph 2. )


  9. Good ones, Bob!

    Here are some more ideas for the next survey:
    -Restaurant with the lowest employee tooth to tattoo ratio (Not that there is anything wrong with tattoos – or teeth for that matter.)
    -Restaurant with the lowest CUSTOMER tooth to tattoo ratio
    -Place with the most duct tape holding the seats and tables together
    -Place with the most brown crust on their mustard dispenser
    -Best place to see food on the ceiling
    -Most clever names for menu items (Bird Drop Soup, Twice-Chewed Pork, the Gutbuster, etc.)
    -Restaurant with the funniest misspellings on their menu (“Lamp Spit, Burger with Sheeps, Chili Bowel, pimple soup.” – and I’m not making these up.)
    Best eatery to see bad art on the walls.
    Place with the most bent up silverware.
    Chef with the bloodiest/grossest apron.

    That’s all for now. Cheers.

  10. BOTVOLR,
    Once again your comment has left me scratching my head, confused and wondering if you are a medical cannabis user.
    How did lemon WEDGES become wedgies given you by upperclassmen?
    Were my comments so confusing to you that you missed the true meaning and went tangential?
    Let me make one thing very clear, sometimes the total experience of dining for me is more than just the cost of the meal over everything else as seems to be the case with you.
    Rao’s is one of those dining experiences that is so much more than just the food and the cost of a steak.
    And perhaps I should have mentioned that all dished are served family style and my guess is that the steak dish at Rao’s at $49 fazoolies is two or three times the size of Scalo’s filetto.
    Rao’s is an exciting place, alive with happy diners enjoying more than good food and prices.
    Not quite as quaint as the Dog House though.
    And one more thing.
    Your constant references to exes and past paramours has led me to rename you the Wilt Chamberlain of Gil’s Foodie nation. I’m in awe of your “prowess” with the opposite sex.

  11. Yo! The Hannah:
    You offered: “….commend you…despite disagreement with much of your list”! (And…. by omission…. agree (more) with Foodie Star’s!!!!???? LOL)

    Whoa…lacking examples for me to counter-argue, I protest my list is flawless!!! LOL
    Alas, per Romero: Thanks for the confirmation!
    (Blush) T’was my daughters there in the early ’80s…LOL
    El Brute:
    Issues with Lemon wedgies!!!????: I stand humbly awaiting to be corrected with references of research articles in professional gastronomical Journals disputing my claims! Articles simply expressing an opinion by one person, as for example in articles of Martha’s Living or whatever the magazine of Emeril or Paula, do not hold lard!!!

    Otherwise: perhaps per having been a lithe/graceful lad in my teens (who neverless attracted more than my fair share of feministas!) I may have been traumatized by an occasional Wedgie giving by an upper (OK, even lower) classmate!!!!
    ~ A gizmo for men’s flies? Yes, but this is a family Blog!
    ~ Re: Fluffing a napkin as being “pretentious”!!!??? If I was as lucky as you per still having a Lady Gracye all these years, I’d consider her being shown that “Especialness”! In addition: perhaps for those who cruise Carnival, you may think if pretentious; otherwise it is part of “royal” service expected by those of us paying a tad more to schlepp on Royal Caribbean!
    Re: Rao and the “price to quality ratio”: My apologies lest I misread too much into your notations:
    “…a “bucketist” qualifier for me with qualifications.”
    “Have I had better Italian food? Many times.”
    “….. Mozzarella in Carozza, good but not great.”
    “….meat balls, simply great and exactly like I make them at home….”
    “…. and without it (i.e. the atmosphere, not simply the food!!!) it would be another good Italian restaurant. Basic italian fare.”
    And…per Your Exclaiming not having to pay: “Perhaps that made the dinner just a tad better.’
    Whoa!!! Again, I refer readers to Rao’s menu which topped out a couple of times at $49 fastafazools!!!! which were IMHO incongruent with the comments. But again, my apologies!
    Again, and even setting aside Scalo’ woefully cheaper price, I’ll propose Scalo’s Filleto up against whatever Rao’s has to charge to come close to “One gets what one pays for!!!!”
    Salud! Chow amico mio!

  12. BOTVOLR,
    You really have an issue with lemon wedges? Lemon wedges?
    I guess water with lemon slices in it must drive you bonkers.
    You do know you operate outside the lines delineating normal.
    Large warm serving spoons to help a strapless gown wearer replace a wayward bosom???
    That’s hilarious.
    Is there also a gizmo for helping men zip up their flies.
    One more thing, waitstaff on cruise lines fluff/shake out and place napkins on their guests laps. Very pretentious.

  13. BOTVOLR I must commend you for your thorough list, despite my disagreement with much of it! Also, Richard Romero was my princiPAL at Sandia and he was indeed on a first-name basis with many students, including the freaks that hung out at the Freak Trees! The day they cut those trees down was the end of an era, indeed.

  14. BOBO,
    As I re-read my post I fail to see where I mention the price to quality ratio. Would you be so kind as to point it out to me?
    Thanks in advance.
    Rao’s was worth every penny because I, unlike you, can appreciate the excitement of a new dining experience without equating it to the prices paid.
    By the way the Pasta Fagiloi was fabulous. A white based soup of the first magnitude, unlike Farina’s which pales by comparison. Or M’Tucci’s or Trombino’s.
    Also interesting was the waiter’s recommendation of the NY style cheesecake which he said was tried by the owner/founder of the cheesecake factory who raved about it. Makes me wonder about the CCF for cheesecake.
    I’m just sayin’

  15. El Brute: Loved your Quality/Taste review of Rao’s offerings! Alas, looking at the menu and happening to espy the prices kinda I’m thinking it kinda shoots down your previously expounded belief, “Ya get what ya pay for!” (Yes, I’ve waited so long…that’s a Pay-Back, a (nonpolitical even) Gotcha Zinger…LOL!!! Too funny!)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Foodie Star: Great idea! If I may add, in no particular order:

    ~ Places using uncommon, “fancy-smanchy” words to convey or impart what they’re trying to explain/describe.
    ~ Places where waitstaff are allowed to still say “Aaahsome”; “You got it!” “No problem(a)”; “Perfect!”; and the like in response to my specifying my order.
    ~ Where waitstaff show more than…oh, let’s say 5 nose/tongue/or lip rings or tats or checkers in their ear lobes. (Eh, my DA of youth or pack of Lucky Strikes rolled into my t-shirt sleeve or a Malboro tucked behind my ear paled in comparison! Eh! and who amongst us, not being able to afford a Zippo, could, while balancing a tray with one hand, fish out a matchbook (with a pinup on the cover) from our jeans, flip it open, bend a match to strike it to light a patron’s cigarette!!!?)
    ~ Speaking of showing: a protruding belly button below a crop-top.
    ~ Where salt shakers are on the table of a place specializing in dishes with New Mexican red and green chile (actually anywhere).
    ~ Where soft drinks/coffee cost more than $1.25
    ~ Where unctuous, flaccid French fries are served.
    ~ Relatively fine(or wannabbee)places using paper napkins. (The opposing corollary of everyday places using cloth napkins is ultra appreciated!!!)
    ~ Waitresses using “Hon”; waiters using “Bud” and particularly “You got it, Boss!”.
    ~ Places that serve the lobster tail ‘meat’ atop the shell, BUT whose waitstaff don’t de-shell it!
    ~ I like cute, but not places where I can’t tell the difference between the female/male restroom symbol!!!
    ~ Places that automatically serve water showing disregard for desert conservation.
    ~ Places that serve the aspargus stalks with everything including spaghetti con meatballs!
    ~ Places that spear my filet with a pine tree branch.
    ~ Where waitstaff ask if I want change when my tab is just $13.25 and I’m showing a $20 sticking out of the nice leather booklet. (Actually #1…LOL)
    ~ With all due respect to lemon growers: Wasting lemon with fish by serving it and thus implying one is gauche if you don’t squeeze it on the fishy!!! I want to taste the flavor of a serving of fish not lemon! If it really enhances it, why doesn’t the sous chef put it on before it is served saving me the trouble of accidentally squirting in my companions!!!??? Are they trying to hide that fact it is not fresh fish? My other hypotheses are ‘they’ began serving wedges when ‘they’ began serving relatively tasteless fish which were cheaper or during the great salt shortage. That’s in addition to a myth that the acidic juice of the lemon dissolved, or at least softened, bones in fish that were a bane in the olden days causing death by choking in a case or two…see Blessing of the Throats
    ~ Ding fast food places (with the exception of Blake’s Lota Burger) which do not yet serve the new Dip or Squeeze ketchup containers (albeit by Heinz)see
    ~ A place where they don’t serve PBR!

    ~ Anyone remember places where the waiter (let alone the Maitre D’) would ‘fluff’/shake out the decoratively folded napkin and place it in/on your lap? I hear tell that when strapless evening gowns first came out before my time, waiters were required to carry a warm, extra large serving spoon in case there was a ‘spillage’! And who wasn’t impressed when the waiter would fill/refill your coffee and hold a saucer between you and your cup!? And what ever happened to those mini-silver “dust pans and whiskette brooms” to clean up crumbs? Anyone impressed when you visited a place maybe just 2-3 times a year, but the host made it a point to get and then remember your name three months later? Man, that would be so easy today with a mini cam and facial recognition software!!! (It is rumored ex NM Sen. Richard Romero when a Sandia High Principal, knew each of several hundreds of students by their first name.) And what about those places that let a beautiful street urchin in carrying an armful of long stemmed roses who you could impress your wife/mistress with by buying one for 5 bucks???!! ~

  16. Here’s a crazy idea:

    I’ve seen the best-of surveys that the Alibi and Albuquerque Magazine conduct each year, I have always been a bit skeptical about the results. I wonder how much bias goes to advertisers in those magazines (maybe none – just sayin’) However, given the restaurants that are at the top of the lists, it seems obvious that they are little more than a surface-level popularity contest.

    These surveys increase traffic at the few restaurants at the top of the list, but don’t give any kind of helpful critical feedback to those who do not make the lists. As my former boss was fond of saying, “feedback is a gift.”

    It would really be useful to have a worst-of Albuquerque list! It should have categories like this:

    Rudest Waiter/Waitress
    Most uncreative menu
    Place where I pray AFTER I eat
    Best place for food that glows in the dark
    Best place to fight with my spouse in public
    Place that makes me feel like I need to shower after I eat there.
    Place where the aroma least matches the food
    Favorite place to get diarrhea
    Place with the most seating next to a restroom
    Place I take myself when I need punishment
    Most disgusting kitchen
    Best place where the restaurant staff won’t leave you alone
    Most mismatched food combinations
    Best restaurant to end a relationship
    Best food of colors not normally found in nature
    Loudest angry chef (or owner)
    Restaurant where I am most likely to injure myself

    Now that would really guide me to the right places (or at least, away from the wrong ones.)

    I’m sure that you, my other Foodie friends can think of more categories to make this survey truly useful.

    Cheers! -FS

  17. I guess last night’s dinner would be considered a “bucketist” qualifier for me with qualifications. We dined at Rao’s in Hollywood.
    Have I had better Italian food? Many times. Was the food good, sure.
    Was it an exciting place, yes. By the time we left, 845PM, the place was humming.
    We had some favorites like Mozzarella in Carozza, good but not great.
    We had Rao’s meat balls, simply great and exactly like I make them at home and seemingly ordered by every table that night. The mains were veal Parm, veal piccata, chicken scarparella, pasta with broccoli rabe and sausage, and pasta with bolognese sauce, and one of their standard sides, peas with prosciuto. All good. Service was friendly, fast, efficient.
    We finished with a good NY Style cheesecake and coffee.
    My feeling is that the atmosphere added to the experience and without it it would be another good Italian restaurant. Basic italian fare.
    Bottom line is I’ll never get into the Harlem branch so I’ll be content with the Hollywood experience. And the three men attending played credit card roulette for the bill and it consists of putting the CC’s in a hat and the last one left in the hat pays. Mine was picked first. Perhaps that made the dinner just a tad better.

  18. Next time you get to the NE, try the restaurant scene in Providence. To my mind it has more first class eateries(only some of them on the well-known Federal Hill)than Boston– despite its much smaller size — led by the now venerable Al Forno.

  19. Just read a list of 2014 James Beard semifinalists that included in the Southwest region, it was first published Feb 19, 2014
    None of them made it to the finals where 1 chef from AZ and several from TX were listed.
    James Caruso – La Boca
    Rob Connoley – The Curious Kumquat, Silver City
    Jennifer James – Jennifer James 101
    Frederick Mueller – El Meze, Taos
    Jonathan Perno – Los Poblanos
    Martin Rios – Restaurant Martin

  20. Bob,
    Wifi at sea is the top money maker for the passenger ships.
    It’s slow or slower and unreliable and we used it for necessary business back home.
    We are in Hermosa Beach at the moment, having disembarked this AM.
    Thanks for the good wishes and as an added bonus our son got engaged last week.
    March has been a remarkable month, our anniversary, our daughter’s birthday, both kids engaged, my daughter getting married. Wow.
    Had some fine meals on this voyage but for the most part ship food gets boring. One exceptional meal at a specialty restaurant on board, a very good Italian meal with an excellent veal chop, surprisingly delicious.
    Good local food in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, plus really good carribean lobster in Cabo.
    Tonight, in celebration of St. Paddy’s day we are going to a mexican restaurant in HB.
    It’s about 5PM and the party has been going on down near the boardwalk for hours already.
    Perhaps tomorrow we will venture out to the Cheesecake Place.
    But tonight we are giving our good friends who are stay with us their choice of themany foods available here and they chose Mexican. OK by me.
    Thanks again for the good wishes.

    1. Cruise??? Alas, I humbly admit, you’ve got more Huevos than I, “considering”; But Bravo! Way to go Bro!!
      ~ I never tired of Royal Caribbean food tho, albeit, once in ’70s in Vegas… when real gourmet meals (not cheapo AllYaCanEateries)were had for a dime or comped…we had to hit a Denny’s (now a McD’s) by Slots of Fun for a plain ole burger…LOL
      ~(Don’t forget some ear-candy, jazz, @ The Lighthouse on Pier Ave.)

  21. El Brute…where are you out there in So. Cal? While I can’t include myself, thought you’d be the last person who doesn’t have a LapTop or one of those moderne cells to bring us up to date re what’s rockin re Yums Yums out there. Alas, while you are miles from places at which Gil munched to validate his perceptions, hoped you could comment at the very least on a chain (albeit started as a ‘Mom n Pop’ making pies)just a mile and a half down from Hermosa…The Cheesecake Factory: clik on the menu. Hope all’s well…Slainte!!! and to the wedding couple (and L’chaim! Na Zdrowie! Salud!), as well as to ALL herein, this Irish Day!!!!

  22. #1: Awhile back someone took umbrage with Gil’s seemingly seeing all dining experiences through rose colored glasses i.e. always seeing the glass half full, yada yada. Alas, I accidentally ran across another GastroBlogger and juxtapose her twirling (or spinning, if you prefer) her experiences to Gil’s. Thus, let me share what Daisy Le Fleur (whose parents obviously had a flair for a bit of whimsy) presented of what she photographed through the window of a Bistro while chatting après avoir dîné avec des amis wherein she noted with glee how well the staff can “Multitask”!!! In contrast, I will bet pesos to biscochitos that Gil’s O-C traits would have him draw a red, or green, line in our desert sand which (no foodie pun grammatically intented!) Gil, in contrast to Daisy and others, would keep !!!!

    (#1a. Checked out Corrales’ Village Pizza’s new offspring at Rio Grande & Griegos. Alas and sad, smell of Paco’s Smoke is no longer. Homier dining room per pics could stand taking a moment to ‘fix’ wobbly tables besides folded napkins. Staffing was plentiful and courteous. Alas, the All-Ya-Can-Munch buffet needs attention compared to the Parental one, e.g. the pizza tends to be dry here and the flaccid lettuce leaves much to be desired! Notwithstanding, the cinammon treats are up to par! Two things that favor the drive to the Original are the patio (well, when they attend to keeping it spiffy) and a beer which hopefully will be the case in the North Valley. Sodas: while we’all, well most of us, are penny conscious wanting to get the most for our buck, VPoNV Millennials might consider supporting FLOTUS’ obesity campaign! I.e. reconsider serving those sugary/weight bearing drinks in a smaller tumbler. For the few who must drink the quantity the current ones hold, at least their getting up to walk to get a refill if it were a smaller tumbler has some redeeming aspect. Seriously, hope the new venture succeeds, but ya gotta do some tweeking and fast! I.e. why go here versus Dion’s, Pizza 9, Pizza Hut in the environs, 6 minutes away at the max? E.g. if the patio is bland, why not order “delivery” and I’ll “just” scarf it down on my own patio.)

    # 2: Sr. Plata: SHIP’S!!!! As you mentioned it as one of your Favs eons ago, perhaps you missed a prior reference. Albeit I’d never been during my LA time, I would think you may have some fond recollections to share herein or read those of others.

    #3. It would be sad to be a foodie and suffer from misophonia (e.g. )

    #4. Must be sleeping under a rock. Have ranted in the past about Big Mouth sandwiches which have become trendy the past several years (with all due respect to the BLT of yore) as being a bit of a bane to us elder statesmen. Just ran across The Shooter which I haven’t heard reference to herein (i.e. The City or Gil’s Blog) To see the making of one, check here: While its compressed size is welcomed, I envision it must be a bit of a bear to bite through….Y/N? Besides, can you really tease out/readily discern the delights of the multitude of ingredients’ flavors???/ Alas, how is it different from a panini? Does panini just make it sound more “Haute” versus you being a Duck Dynasty fan?

    #5. STOP here as this is completely Non Foodie:
    ~ Have a hunger for Jack to return? A new season series opens this May! Keep track till then: In eight years, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him eat!!!
    ~ Hunger for Lady Mary too? She’ll be in a new series besides Downton this January!!!! Great matchup with my hometown boy:
    ~ Still have some of Popcorn Cannery’s Red/Green Chile popcorn left over cuz you ran through Season 2 of House of Cards so fast? Do the British version of HoC the Trilogy if you overlooked it on Netflix!

  23. I hope Suzie Q will make grace us with an appearance at the Friends of Gil lunch. That would be worth the price of admission alone!

  24. La Gloria,
    When I do wear a fragrance it’s Caliche, a woman’s perfume brought back from France by my wife.
    A tiny dab will do me. I’ve never had trouble embracing my feminine side, I’m not as chauvinistic as El Bobo who seems to treat women as objects of beauty like its still 1955 (the year my Brooklyn Dodgers won their only World Series in that great borough.). I have tried to surround myself with women whose minds are sharp and their beauty runs deep. Like my wife.
    If you choose to join this planned meeting/eating of Friends of Gil I’ll smell my way to the distinctive aroma of cumin and say, “La Gloria, this must be you.”. But I must say I do like cumin so I may like you, in a spicy way.
    By the way I long ago left the Four Lads, sock hops, angora sweaters and Old Spice right where they belong, with el Bobo in the tempestuous 50’s and 60’s.
    La Bruta and Brut. Hardly.

  25. El Bobo y El Brute, and Jim – I 2nd and thank BOTVOLR for taking the lead to make history in the wide world of NMGASTRONOME to get us kids together sometime this year in the Land of Enchantment! Once we know when, I wonder if an invitation via Email is possible, but then only the Gilster (who knows all) can help with a mass mailing. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we all owned a small part of a restaurant that had all the eclectic foods we all love and had a legacy to our children who will not say, ‘Wasn’t SHIPS in Westwood Great’ but ‘We loved eating at El Bobo’s Place or El Brute’s Malt Shop’, ahhhh I can hear them now…

  26. I don’t know how I got sucked into this but I have never DINED at the Dog House either and would certainly never go on my own. With you however, BOTVOLR, volunteering to pick up the tab (along with the kind of tip I always leave), I can not resist your offer. Thank you.

  27. El Bobo,
    I think it’s fair to just consider Gil chairperson.
    In terms of paying……
    How about the number 1 commentor picking up the tab until someone surpasses that commentor?
    I personally endorse that method.
    And we will give that person/payer their choice of restaurant. I’ve never dined at the Dog House.

    So, el Bobo, the pelota has been handed off to you and now you can run with it.
    La Gloria will become more than a mystical character.
    I’m unavailable 3/1 thru 3/20.
    We will all have those little name tags.
    You know, My Name is el Bobo, what’s yours?
    Should mine say La Brute or el Brute?
    It’s up to you.
    This should be great and let me thank you for generously picking up the tab.

  28. Yo Sr. Plata (…hope ya caught my note/reference to your old haunts of LA of 12/30/13 above. Otherwise), Yo!!! Great Idea for a Wild Wild West Yum Yum G(il)athering. Alas, I’m sure you only meant “….we should convince our friend Gil to hold a party for all his NM Friends who Feast…” figuratively as it would probably not be ‘feasible” to lay the tab on El Gil, i.e. I know Y’all mean for each of us to pull our own weight (no pun intended) on the check. Saying “Alas” again, I’m thinking it would sadly probably take a year to get all of us (and meaning no disrespect) Divas herein to agree on a place/meal…LMAO. E.g. I’d love All to finally be orgasmic experiencing Scalo’s Filetto…Oooeee!!! my ABQ Journal Press Pass…Thanks to the generosity of owner Mr. Paternoster, says it covers 20% off (plates) for up to 10 diners!!!! On the other hand, I’m also torn to have Commentators experience the delights (as does Suzie Q) of the Red Chile Ribs dinner especially in the ambiance of the Fiesta Patio of, gird your loins*, El Pinto! Certainly I’d be happy to explore badgering one of The Twin owners to join us to hear ‘suggestions’ about other, not so delighted-in menu items. While I’m not sure if I could get Linda Beaver down in an Angora sweater, I’d work my hardest to also get a gal whose been at El P for almost 20 years, to enrapture us with her presence as a double-double lookalike for both Selma Hayak as in the film Frida !!! *(While we are presumptively all Adults here, when, as a teen, I read a similar description within a novel, I knew it was something I was ‘not’ to read.)

    As such if I may, I put forth Sr. Plata in nomination as Chairperson for the 1st Annual (or quarterly) NM Wild Wild West YumYum G(il)athering!!!

    (PS La Brute: Ding-Dong-Shhh!!! for Pedro’s sake!!! Don’t let La Graycee know as this is my surreptitiously subtle way to check out La Gloria!!!!)

  29. Banana cream or creme, it’s all good, but the best was after lunch at Emeril’s in NOLA.
    It’s his signature dessert.
    I would welcome a meal with Gil and his friends who feast.
    I’ve always wanted to start a threat titled The Best Meals I Ever Ate and Why.
    Have you on a return visit to Los Angeles had Chinese food at Ghengis Cohen? Not the greatest Chinese food but a great name.
    Happy New Year!

  30. This fine discussion is making me think of having an old fashion Hickory Burger and some well done french fries from my good friends at the Apple Pan on Pico Blvd and of course their famous banana creme or is it cream pie, hmmm. Anyways, we should convince our friend Gil to hold a party for all his NM Friends who Feast and give us a chance to share old food war stories. We should also consider starting our own history or legacy of cool places to eat here in our own backyard in the Land of Enchantment, it would awesome to have the next generation of foodists talk about the placed we frequented in our middle ages. Anyways, to you all I wish you a very Happy New Years!!

  31. BOTVOLR, you have a staunch ally in La Gloria.
    Ifeel that you should meet up and get to know each other over a foot long.
    The sweet smell of green chili and Old Spice might just prove to be successful.
    And it should be La Bruta if you’re going to insult me, that should make La Gloria all the more excited with you.
    As an aside you should really get your Old Spiced self over to Blades while they still have the excellent Dover Sole.
    I think it may be on the kid’s menu.
    Please don’t tell La Gloria I drive a Prius lest she think less of me, if that’s at all possible.
    It’s not a manly car like the Firebird.
    Happy New Year.

  32. La Gloria,
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Your defense of BOTVOLR is admirable.
    Keep up the good work.
    You must be a Tweed girl who likes Old Spice, which by the way is Bob’s affectionate nick name with only one more Old added for a tad more spice.
    You can have matching Angora sweaters as you sway to the Four Lads.
    He’s a nice man who, per his comments, has had women in every port visited in the last forty years.
    That’s a load of Angora as well as more notches on his Huevos than I could ever hope for.
    One thing I must say, I’m impressed that you are one of the vast minority who actually understands what his comments rmean.
    And Bob gives as good as he gets and needs no help in defending his comments, all “pers” aside.
    Happy New Year.

  33. Brute, I’m starting to understand your huevos envy. Bob refers to you as “la” (as in feminine conjugation) Brute. You go sister Brute.

  34. ~ Alas La Brute! Tweed is ‘a lady’s’ scent not a guy’s like Canoe. Unlike Hef, I prefer Old Spice as it always did well by me. I believe you may find Tweed at Model Pharmacy (“…we have no common scents.”) lest you be over there dropping into their “read” soda fountain for a snack where Gil notes you can have an Egg Cream
    ~ Indeed the 4- Lads, Aces, Freshmen, Tops, Seasons and being intoxicated by Tweed while swaying cheek-to-cheek with your hand on her Angora sweatered back …. Sorry that you missed out on those days of record hops. (One of the Everlys just nodded off.)
    ~ Yes, an aught-aught Firebird…am so despondent the style is gone. I rue the day I need to replace with a Camaro and its hippy looking rear or having to look like a Mid-life crisis guy per getting a Mustang…LOL.

  35. Bob,
    The Four Lads???
    Those lads, if they’re still alive must be in their 80’s
    “Tweed”, angora sweaters???
    I would have thought you were a “Canoe” guy, with a pipe ala Hef who like you prefers his women just out of diapers, not just going into them.
    When did you trade in you MG for the sporty muscle car which, although it was dark, looked like a Camaro or Firebid?

  36. BOTVOLR,
    Small nit picking……l
    Only in Albuquerque have I seen the classic egg cream spelled creme.
    It’s too low brow for the Frenchifying creme with the funky accent.
    After all it’s just seltzer, Fox’s U-Bet syrup and milk.

  37. Yo El Brute…alas, am not a follower of Senor Arbuckle of which there appears several. (Rumor had it my frat house was a former homestead of infamous Fatty Arbuckle, but that turned out, thanks to Google years later, not to be the case.) In any event, the Bar Dudes at RL indulge (allow?) me the Kid’s Claws which, even beyond price, is just the right amount for my avian appetite!!! i.e. comes with a Caesar’s (or soup) and baked potato! Similarly, Outback let’s me waste out on occasion on Kid’s Ribs!! which includes an adult beverage too! To put my habits in context: sometimes I eat just for sustenance, sometimes to dine/savor/indulge…LOL. Re Mr. Tokyo’s Shrimp Tempura: I’ve actually taste-compared 3 “haute” places for being closer…Loyalty, beyond price, wins out!
    ~ Dogs? I do hear ya! Maybe re the DH’s it’s not the taste/flavor of the medium per se, but cerebral stirrings which are stimulated by sensations linked-in to/embedded in the action of unwrapping (albeit once orange-yellow paper) the FLCCD, being mesmerized by gazing upon the same old/same old ‘picture’ of the bun oozing the orangish sauce speckled with a die of onion here and there, the taste of the ‘red chile concoction’ itself (even heating my fingers), all while seated on those 40ish year old plasticized booths and what that Gestalt brings to mind of my Vieja…LOL
    The 5 senses can be so bittersweet…some so regional: the smell of pinon wafting from fireplaces and the aroma of roasting chile out here; the taste of an egg crème for you and a coffee frappe for me along with the pungency of homemade kapusta “fermenting” in a ‘back room’ back East; I’d die to taste a stick of Beechnut gum; I can only imagine what a whiff of the scent of “Tweed” would do given worn by my “First Steady”; the feel of softness of Angora of my second…but…as usual….I digress! As such, what better way to try to bring this year of serious frivolity to an almost close through our auditory sense!

  38. Bob, my friend with the excellent huevos, John Arbuckle once said, somewhat erroneously, “you get what you pay for”.
    I’m sure I have had meals for under $10 that were terrific and meals costing upwards of $100 pp that sucked dead rats.
    I can name a small handful of eateries that have never ever disappointed at any level. I believe that if you frequent an establisment often enough you’ll hit a culinary speed bump. Not always, but the odds favor an occasional downer.
    Some of us look for bargains 1st and excellent food second. And it’s much easier to find fault with the higher priced spread with higher expectations.
    For instance, it’s more difficult to find fault with a hot dog except for the price. And I’ve never had a bad baloney and cheese sandwich.
    So price and bargains are subjective.
    Have you really had a kid’s meal at your advanced age?? Maybe John Arbuckle was right. I would hate to miss out on a great, highly recommended dish solely because of price.

  39. ~ Yo Sr. Plata: Per your reference to LAX Ships ‘awhile back’…LOL… which I never made it to. Y’all need to add your nostalgia.
    – Glad Y’all enjoyed D-i-Y Sundaes at Woody’s…may have I served Y’all 6/62-6/63…Hollywood Riviera? Weren’t Woody’s Smorgasburgers better than Ships?
    – For anyone, there is a 1971 menu to click to expand and wonder about today’s restaurant prices, one can use this to calculate today’s ‘inflated’ prices which I’m always gnashing my dentures about! Deep down, with a few exceptions, I think we mostly do get ‘bargains’. Anyone else opine?

  40. My dad and I went to the Apple Pan on Pico Blvd near Westwood Blvd in West Los Angeles for some burgers. I had the Hickory Burger which is a single 1/3 lb burger with a nice spicy sauce. I love it as it sustained me in High School (almost 59). They have probably the best french fries I have ever had, a lot, welld done, very crispy and without all the nauseating salt may places had. Both Dad and I finished it off with fresh piece of banana cream pie, unbelieveable! There are no tables, just one gigantic counter shaped like a U with corners, 2 registers in the 2 lower corners, people stand and wait behind you (they have to learn patience) and everything is cooked in the middle. Ah, the memories… they still got it.

  41. Alas, sadness and despair, one of my favorite Deli’s in Los Angeles has about 27hrs left till its doors close after +50 years! Yes; I am talking about Junior’s Deli is West Los Angeles on Westwood Blvd by Pico. Another loss due to rent increases. Had my last omelette with hamburger, spinach, mushrooms and muenster cheese beautifully cooked. Goodbye fair Juniors, it has been a pleasure growing up with you…

  42. Gil,

    My wife and I recently fulfilled a long time dream – a 7 day rafting trip through the Grand Canyon.

    I think your site is a great place to acknowledge the great talents of our AzRA (Arizona Rafting Adventures) guides: Jeff, Jon, Wade and Drifter who in addition to safely navigating us through the canyon and all the exciting rapids – provided excellent meals – three times a day during our trip.

    The entire group enjoyed healthy and tasty entree’s, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fresh made deserts every day! When eggs were on the breakfast menu – which was often – they were made to order. Not an easy feat working in limited space on a portable kitchen set-up.

    A few highlights from the menu include: Grilled salmon, pork chops, steak, green chili casserole, cheddar cheese grits and a wonderful Thai turkey curry dish.

    Until this trip I never knew how versatile a dutch oven could be. Tasty and warm cakes, cornbread and casseroles came out of that pot on a regular basis!

    How these folks were able to provide almost on a daily basis fresh salads, avocados, strawberries and other assorted vegetables is a statement to their creativity and planning skills. It’s even more incredible because in addition to feeding us – these guys worked from sun-up to sun-down guiding us through the canyon and keeping us happy and safe on our 226 mile journey.

    Thanks, I just wanted to share our experience.

    1. Thank you for sharing such a great adventure, Bruce. A rafting trek through the Grand Canyon should be on all our bucket lists.

      If you ever want to relive the versatility and delicious potential of the Dutch oven, you can do so every year at the Solanofest held in Harding County’s Solano, New Mexico. This year the event will be held on September 15th and will showcase both chuckwagon and Dutch oven cooking. The wonderful writer Lesley S. King captured the sights and sounds in a “King of the Road” video a couple of years ago. She raved about the biscuits, potatoes and cobbler, but it was the apricot cinnamon roll which got the most air time.

  43. An interesting list……..
    Kind of reminds me of a list of the best military music , as in airport food is to food what military music is to music although I do like the Marine Corps Hymn.
    That said I have had one very good meal at an airport.
    The risotto at the restaurant at the Naples Airport was outstanding.
    Not quite like dining at Newark Airport with the heavy smell of petrochemicals wafting in the air.
    When we fly back from Los Angeles my wife and I stop at Factor’s Delicatessen
    and pick up a couple of pastrami sandwiches and a couple of their lemon squares.
    We scalp one of the humongous sandwiches on the plane and split the second one.
    Nothing like a free sandwich.
    Just kidding about the scalping but really who wouldn’t pay good money to have a very good pastrami sandwich and avoid airline food?
    No sharing of those lemon squares though.
    Let ’em eat cake, airline cake.

  44. As I recently frivolously (albeit it would be supporting a local, family, small business) teased about taking the Southwest Chief overnight into LA specifically for a French Dip, I thought the more sophisticated Foodie palates would find this of more relevant interest: 12 Airports with the Best Food Around the World Nostalgic to see LAX is still there where I had dined several times in its ’Spaceport’ during its early years per living briefly next door in Hermosa Beach, home to the iconic Lighthouse (of Jazz) at the time with a couple of Woody‘s Smorgasburgers nearby. To validate this List is a must-read, I would note, and I’m sure many folks herein would agree, Newark made the list (!?!? LOL).

  45. Calvary Chapel ABQ – May not be commonly known but Calvary Chapel on Osuna near Jefferson has a small cafe where not only do they have espresso type drinks but have sandwiches, muffins, scones, etc. Knowing that and since I was in training in that area, I had an excellent turkey sandwich with cheese, red chili sauce and on good white bread. I also had a blue-berry scone for my dessert and had a freshly ground cup of coffee. I suggest if people are near by at lunch or dinner to check it out…

  46. Jimmy’s Cafe – Stopped in at Jimmy’s Cafe last week which was convenient for me on Jefferson and Osuna. Its a hopping place with some good specials. Tried their pancakes, hamburger patty and hashbrowns. A good stop for breakfast but need to try there lunch specials that looked very inviting. Need Mr. Gil to take time and checkout…

  47. Gil, next time you are over in the Greater Phoenix area, take time to stop at Cafe Roma Ristorante in Mesa (Corner of McKillip and Recker) I lived in Brooklyn for 5 years and then moved to San Francisco, Seattle, other points less memorable and finally Albuquerque. The food at the Cafe Roma was the closest to the wonderful Italian food we used to get in Brooklyn. I can hardly wait to go back. Worth the trip….. Here is the Web site:

  48. Please keep in mind, for many Chicagoans(current and former) their pizza of choice is a perfectly made thin crust pizza. Not the nearly egotistical thick or pan or stuffed pizza. When you visit Chicago, please step outsie the tourist trap areas to local plzza places. Going to a Cubs game, walk or cab it a mile(little less) due west on Addison to d’Agostino’s on the se corner of Addison and Southport. Great local place. Alot of fun. Great atmosphere. And get the thin crust…!!! One of the beauties of thin crust is you can keep grabbing another (square)piece….and another. It’s not a one piece and out you may get with eating a pan or stuffed piece. Ugh. I’m hungry now.

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