People’s Choice Green Restaurant Contest Winners Named


Two votes!  That was the margin which decided the Santa Fe restaurant which won the 2013 People’s Choice Green Restaurant award.

The Nature Conservancy announced today that the Santa Fe restaurant garnering the Nature’s Plate Award was Vinaigrette which edged out Il Piatto by two votes.  More than 550 votes were cast for the four Santa Fe restaurants vying for the award.

The Albuquerque Nature’s Plate winner was Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm followed by Vinaigrette.  563 votes were cast for the four Duke City restaurants in competition for the award. 

The Nature Plate contest invited voters to first nominate then vote for their favorite sustainable, organic or farm-to-table restaurant.  A plaque recognizing the 2013 Nature’s Place People’s Choice Green Restaurant winners will be awarded to the two winners.

4 thoughts on “People’s Choice Green Restaurant Contest Winners Named

  1. Vinaigrette’s is a pretentious restaurant that is more hype and less flavor. Go there if you want an expensive flavorless meal.

  2. I’ll reserve judgement on the ABQ Vinaigrette until I give it at least one more chance. However, I will say that right now, it *needs* at least one more chance.

  3. Interesting contest. I see Vinegarette is on the list for both cities. I checked out the Santa Fe location and found it rather pretentious in its PC. I love Joe’s, especially its clam chowder. As an Easterner, it’s as close to the MA shore as I’ve found west of the Miss–thickened with cream and potatoes rather than a roux. And Los Poblanos! What can I say? A gem in historic and culinary categories.

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