Gil’s Thrilling (And Filling) Blog Up and Running…Again (And This Time For Good)

Dear Readers

As many of you know, back in August a malicious invader infected my virtual private server with a malware virus, the second such incident in four years.  To prevent a future recurrence, I paid the company which hosted my server to move my site to a “more secure” hosting environment.  Alas, no good deed goes unpunished.  The move caused the site to become unstable with frequent and unexplained outages. 
Because my hosting provider didn’t take ownership for issues they caused during the move, I began searching for a new company to host Gil’s Thrilling (And Filling) Blog.  In ZippyKid, I found the very best hosting company there is.  It’s a very reputable company with tremendous technical expertise, but moreso, it’s a company which will partner with me to ensure you have the best browsing experience on my site.
I apologize for any inconvenience the absence of my blog may have caused and appreciate all the kind words from so many of you.  It’s my hope that henceforth the only thing I’ll have to apologize about is the quality of the pictures I take.


27 thoughts on “Gil’s Thrilling (And Filling) Blog Up and Running…Again (And This Time For Good)

  1. I check your website almost daily and was shocked that I was not able to get it for a few days. As it went down so quickly, and without notice, I started worrying. I am certainly glad it was a technical malfunction and not a personal one. I look forward to reading the next 700 reviews!

  2. Gil, welcome back and all that. You are still one of my most useful sources for anything and everything about local restaurants. Don’t go anywhere and glad to have your site back in the fold.

  3. Glad to see you are back. I was going through withdrawls…figured something was up with the servers again. Hope the new place delivers great support for you.

  4. Glad to have you back Gil! Not having a place to drool over my favorite NM restaurants was causing me withdrawal symptoms here in SoCal…quick, where is my stash of Hatch green and Chimayo red!

  5. So happy you’re back! I’m a native Californian who is passionate about Santa Fe. I love your blog and have tried many restaurants in Santa Fe that you blogged about. You’ve been missed! A pox on hackers!

  6. I have been worried about Gil Thrilling…… And you personally for weeks now!
    Good to know it was your blog with correctible problems and not you!
    I can’t tell you how glad I am to have both of you back!

  7. 700 reviews!!!!!
    Congrats to you, Gil.
    What a great milestone.
    Almost two years of thrilling and filling reviews.
    Some sort of Distinguished Service Medal must be in order.
    On to 1000!
    And I’m following all of them.

    1. Thank you, Bruce. The number I’m more impressed with is 4,000 plus comments…and not all of them from Bob of the Village People. That’s a lot of sharing among a very astute community of readers, many of whom have broken the chain to support not only independent mom-and-pop restaurants, but such worthy community functions as the Roadrunner Food Bank’s annual Souper Bowl and the Meals on Wheels Eggstravaganza.

      Every time a reader comments on a restaurant, an average of 50 other readers launch the review to read those comments. I don’t know how many restaurant visits a favorable reader comment will inspire, but suspect it does happen. The best review is, of course, the word of mouth from satisfied customers.


  8. We are thrilled that your thrilling (and filling) site is back. I spend entirely too much of my life perusing it though.

    I have noticed one problem that I have noticed since you changed which may be random coincidence but seems very consistent. I often open your page to check your restaurant index or some other item which doesn’t involve your latest review. If I click on the index or anything else before the 1st page completes loading everything stops and I have to leave the site for a few minutes and return. Just clicking reload does nothing either. It may just be my machine but I doubt it.

    1. Hi Jim

      Thank you for alerting me to this matter. In focusing so much attention on security, I may not have completed all performance optimization steps necessary to keep such a huge blog (4GB) loading and running quickly and efficiency. Give me a couple of days to work on this.


  9. Glad to see you are back. I thought the issue was on my end and thought maybe something was going on with my computer. Hackers should be hung…

  10. Great to see you back Gil! It never dawned on me how much I enjoy your blog until it was gone, can’t wait to see your latest scoop!

  11. If you ever decide to have it hosted close to home, the folks at SWCP are good and good at security. then your dollars go to local NM people too.

  12. Welcome back, I missed you! I am now living back in Wales, UK after moving back home from NM 2 years ago. Your wonderful website and contributors have kept me in touch with all my favourite places, flavours and peoples and I have a list of new places to visit when I return next. You provide my regular fix of red ‘n green albeit virtual and its great to have you back. Was worried I’d lost you forever.


    1. Noswaith da Deborah

      During my three years in the Cotswolds, Cymru was a frequent destination. We visited virtually every corner of Wales and even became members of the Wales Heritage. The areas around Conwy, Caerphilly and Tintern Abbey are among my favorite in all of Europe. You live in a very beautiful country and I’m very happy and proud my blog transports you back to another enchanting place.



  13. Having been flibitched the past few days with the dastardly turn of events, all I can say is Whoa! Kudos to your persnicketiness applying CPR to bring the site back to life! Here’s an especial “Salud” from someone who I’m sure appreciates your efforts at improving the “Quality of Life” out here in the middle of the desert

  14. Gil, So pleased to see my favorite NM food blog and all of its valuable content back online. Thanks for all of the hard work to restore your site. You are a gem!

    1. Gil,

      Im glad to hear that you were able to recover. This is a great website and it would have been a shame if you had lost all of that great content youve developed over the years.


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