New Mexico Eateries Dishing Out Great Grub During Lockdown

Lasagna, One of Many Wonderful Take-Out or Delivery Options at Joe’s Pasta House.

Several years ago after waging a lengthy and courageous battle, my friend Larry’s beloved bride of nearly four decades succumbed to the ravages of cancer. It was a devastating loss for her family, friends and community who loved her. Among the very first people who reached out to Larry were Joe and Kassie Guzzardi, the affable proprietors of Joe’s Pasta House, a Rio Rancho institution and one of the family’s favorite restaurants. Joe and Kassie ferried over trays of food to feed all the well-wishers.  

Not even a year later, our friend Brian passed away at 48, far-too-young for someone who had so much to give.  When his parents from Fort Worth asked us to help them find a restaurant in which to host a celebration of Brian’s life, the first and only restaurant we thought of was Joe’s Pasta House.  Joe, Kassie and their terrific staff extended the gracious hospitality and kindness for which they’re widely known, helping make the celebration a worthy tribute to someone so well-loved. 

Salad from Joe’s Pasta House, Also Available from the Take-Out or Delivery Menu

These are only two of the many occasions in which we’ve witnessed Joe and Kassie perform heart-felt acts of kindness. Over the years we’ve known them, they and dozens of restaurateurs like them consistently demonstrate that they’re not only restaurateurs, they’re friends and neighbors. In strange and unprecedented times when health care providers and first responders are rightfully being hailed as heroes, we should also recognize the everyday heroism of restaurateurs and their staffs who continue to feed us, albeit no longer in the confines of their homey restaurants

Inasmuch as it’s possible–considering restaurants and bars are now limited to takeout and delivery–please continue to support the many wonderful restaurants–and even better people who operate them every day.  For your convenience, here are two tremendous resources to help you determine which restaurants are available to give you something great to eat at home. 

Yelp’s Guide to Albuquerque/Rio Rancho Restaurants Offering Takeout During Coronavirus Closure

If you’d like for Howie Kaibel, the Community Manager for Yelp, to edit this collection for any reason, simply add your comment to this section; Howie is signed up for email alerts.  He will also add restaurants from our surrounding cities as well: Cedar Crest, Belen, Bernalillo, you name it.

Howie also suggests you search for each of these businesses sorting by location. Here are links to all of the Yelp lists, automatically sorting by location, so you can see what’s most relevant in your neighborhood:

Farm produce and grocery delivery
Gift Certificates

Other resources:
Nonprofits that need your support
Pharmacies that deliver
Local gyms with online workouts

Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos (BOTVOLR) discovered that Visit Albuquerque is offering another resource which lists Albuquerque restaurants offering take-out or delivery. If you would like a restaurant added to this list, you can submit it here.

Airtable Grid View of Albuquerque Restaurants Offering Takeout or Delivery

42 thoughts on “New Mexico Eateries Dishing Out Great Grub During Lockdown

  1. Good points, Daryl. I have been burned many times by food trucks not keeping their availability updated. Food trucks and unreliability are first cousins.

  2. Far be it for me to criticize decent, honest people who are just trying to make a living, but I’m loathe to point out that a lot of restaurant owners don’t help themselves. They don’t update their Facebook pages or web sites with information about their hours of operation or about how to order for take-out or delivery. Even worse is when their information is inaccurate or not maintained. Yesterday, for example, I attempted to visit Gil’s favorite food truck (Elotes Del Norte) whose Facebook page indicated was open. It was a wasted ten mile trip.

    I would suggest–and this is applicable during feast and famine–Howie and Gil use their platforms as a bully pulpit of sorts to educate restauranteurs that operating a restaurant is not just about putting out good food. Social media gives you the tools to keep the dining public apprised. Use it!

    1. A man after my own heart, Daryl! Some of these restaurants are terrible about updating their websites. I can sympathize with that; these folks’ skills are all about preparing a great meal. The technical know-how of maintaining a website does not fall within this skill set. But Facebook? Please. It doesn’t get any easier than that. No excuse. If I sound a little bitter, it’s because I was looking forward to enjoying one of Davido’s fabulous pizzas. There was no indication on their Facebook page that they would be closed for Mother’s Day. I found that out when calling to place an order. Not as bad as driving ten miles out of my way, but still. Nobody likes scrambling for a Plan B.

      On the other end of the spectrum is K’Lynn’s, who has done a fabulous job keeping her patrons informed, even in the midst of a kitchen remodel.

    2. Daryl

      It’s really not up to Howie or me to use our perceived “bully pulpit” to educate restaurateurs, especially not at this time. Restaurateurs are struggling to survive and need our support and encouragement more than ever. I happily dispense advice in a kind and gentle manner in hopes my years of experience might benefit new restaurateurs, but am, by no means, an expert (nor am I a bully).

      There are a number of excellent resources outlining everything prospective restaurateurs need to know and do to start up a restaurant. One of them “Your First Restaurant – an Essential Guide: How to Plan, Research, Analyze, Finance, Open, and Operate Your Own Wildly-Successful Eatery” was written by Albuquerque’s own Daniel Boardman who left a successful real estate practice to open Tia Betty Blue’s. The restaurant was a success and was the first of three very successful restaurants. Here’s a short synopsis of Daniel’s book from the Book Summary Club:

      This 214-page paperback is the full story of Boardman. It’s a good read for anyone who’s starting a business in the food industry or shifting careers later in life.
      Things We Like

      A successful restaurant owner writes it
      The book approaches various topics with a different perspective
      There’s an exciting part on why and how restaurants fail
      It’s very informative about the real estate related sides of the business
      The book came out in January 2017, so the information is updated

      I would encourage you to pick up the phone and confirm the business is open during hours posted on Facebook (it could well be the restaurateur is exhausted after putting in 12-15 hour days and forgets or is too tired to update changes to operating hours).



  3. Thank you. I added High Point to takeout and delivery, and Thai Cuisine is on the takeout list, are they delivering as well?

    1. As far as I know, they do take-out only. Call in order : (505)890-3406. There Facebook and web site give no indication about delivery.

  4. Please add Papa Nachos to the list of restaurants with take-out and delivery during these trying times.

  5. Please add Need A Pita to your list. They are open for take-out even though there Facebook gives no information about it.

    Can you get word out to restaurants that they need to post that they are open for take-out or delivery on their Facebook pages as well as on Yelp?

  6. Today at Zendo from David Ruiz:

    Tommorow is the day . Brunch and Coffee pop-up at Zendo from 10am – 2pm . I’ve been taking pre-orders so feel free to dm with item/s and time of pick up . See you tommorow

    1. The breakfast burritos were excellent!

      My only regret was that I had not ordered a sticky bun ahead of time as they were all spoken for when we picked up our brunch order!

  7. Gil, I have yet to dine at Joe’s Pasta House but do have a question for you: can you vouch for their Puttanesca sauce? Garlic, tomatoes, fresh herbs, capers, anchovies, and olives – an offer I can’t refuse, Godfather.

    Legend has it, the sauce was invented in Neapolitan brothels, because it was an easy and comforting dish to whip up between, ah, other activities.

      1. Becky, I like both folklore versions. Your link to a recipe is definitely my preference as it includes crushed red pepper. I left that out in the above recipe. The restaurant in Seattle I used to go to did it with lots of crushed red pepper inculcated in the preparation.

        But there are many recipes on the internet that exclude crushed red pepper. Come to think of it, I will associate the crushed red pepper recipe with the brothel version ( get it, Hot!), and the “throw everything in” with the puttana version.

        1. Alas, Joe’s Pasta House does not offer Puttanesca on its fantastic menu, but if Joe’s did, it would probably be superb.

          Becky and I engage in frequent dialogue on the humorous, often ribald naming conventions of Italian pasta. Some Italian pasta names probably don’t have a place in a PG rated blog, but others such as strozzapreti (a term which translates to “priest stranglers”) are just fun to contemplate.

  8. Thanks for both suggestions, I’d added all the Paleta Bar locations — except Bernalillo! Also, Taco Mex wasn’t on Yelp, so I added it. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to add some photos and a review of the business. Positive word-of-online-mouth is absolutely critical for small businesses right now, and can translate into financial support. Here’s the link to the Taco Mex page:

  9. Gil, sincere thanks for connecting your caring, locally supportive readers to our takeout collection. When I started the list about a month back, I utilized every resource I had, from various online groups and documents, to word-of-mouth from owners, chefs and diners. What began as a limited effort now has 450+ options. As time has passed I’ve requested information from anyone who knows of other restaurants and snack shops that should be included, as well as notifications about temporary closures. I’ll request that of each of you, as well. If you’d like me to edit this collection for any reason, simply add your comment to this section — I’m signed up for email alerts. I’ll add restaurants from our surrounding cities as well: Cedar Crest, Belen, Bernalillo, you name it.

    I also suggest you search for each of these businesses sorting by location. Here are links to all of our lists, automatically sorting by location, so you can see what’s most relevant in your neighborhood:

    Farm produce and grocery delivery:
    Gift Certificates:

    Other resources:
    Nonprofits that need your support:
    Pharmacies that deliver:
    Local gyms with online workouts:

    1. Thank you Howie, Gil and BOTVOLR. New Mexico will weather this vile storm and our restaurants will flourish once again thanks to great people like you.

    2. Thank you so much Howie. What a great list.

      Please add Thai Kitchen to the list of restaurants offering take-out. Unfortunately their Facebook page and web site give no indication of this, so I’m glad you’re providing your service.

        1. Thanks again, Howie. Here are a couple more to add to the take-out list: Paleta Bar in Bernalillo (a staple in our family) and Taco Mex Tortas, Tacos y Mariscos in Rio Rancho

  10. Thanks for posting the lists! It’s exactly the information we needed! Gotta keep our faves open and as successful as possible during this time. They deserve it, and we would miss them so much if they had to close down!

  11. Your list of restaurants that are doing takeout during this crisis seemed to discriminate against us non-Rio Rancho dwellers. I’m guessing that it’s due to you and Kim not going too far from home for eats.

    I was surprised and disappointed that Farina does not answer their phone. It will be a personal tragedy if the best pizza maker in Albuquerque closed their doors.

    Best wishes and stay healthy

    1. Hi Jeff

      Alas, I don’t have the time or resources to create my own list of restaurants offering take-out or delivery meals, but the resources I provided seem to do a good job covering much of the metropolitan area. I’ll contact Howie to find out how best to apprise him of restaurants in your area which can be added to the Yelp list and will let you know. Unfortunately I don’t know the source of the Airtable list or I’d find out how to add restaurants to that list, too.



      1. Indeed, a great “back story” RE Joe and Kassie’s place and chronic hospitality. Ain’t they the kind of Folk who’d give NYC a good name?
        I got the ‘Open for Take-Out List’ through It’s the org some of the hotel tax supports who work to develop/bring conventions and national events e.g. NCAA competition, Senior Olympics, etc. to town to fill up hotels and eateries and enjoy the ambiance and other offerings of the town through e.g. direct contact with potential conventioneers and tourists through being a foci for literature of tourist/hospitality venues which is supplanted by volunteers offering info/answering questions. I do not know how/by whom the AirTable list was developed for them, but if readers herein wish their FAVEs listed, they can pass this addy to their FAVEs to fill in their relevant info.(For a list of closures of local things in general, one can check this:
        Bon Appetit! 

  12. I don’t know if it’s possible but Shogun is doing takeout right now, too. Would love to see them added to the list as they’ve been a family favorite for ages. Chopstix too.

  13. Gil, thanks for publishing this. New Mexico restaurants, like those across the nation, need our support more than ever.

    Restaurants in my area have gone beyond offering take-out via in-store or curbside pick-up and paid delivery. Many have re-vamped their menus to offer both individual and family-sized meals as well as “stock the freezer” options for frozen entrees at very reasonable prices. Many even offer free delivery within a certain radius. And I’ve also heard reports of restaurants that offer meal kits with everything needed to prepare a delicious and nutritious meal.

    One of the most successful and widely appreciated strategies is the ability to donate meals to those in need and to the hard-working healthcare workers and fire and police workers who are all so appreciative of a good meal during long work hours. They also accommodate third-party orders for friends and family. Over the past few weeks, one modestly sized mom and pop Italian restaurant where I live has delivered 8,790 meals and 12,639 meals have been donated.

    A local brewery in my area even added a little humor to grim circumstances by including a free roll of toilet paper with each take-out order.

    Purchasing gift certificates is also a great way to support restaurateurs at this time and I’ve seen lots of eateries offering them at special discounts.

    1. Thank you, Becky. We availed ourselves of a local restaurant (M’Tucci’s Twenty-Five) to prepare our Easter repast, a meal kit with everything we needed to prepare delicious lamb chops. There are a number of restaurants in the Duke City area offering similar services.

      Our local media has recently featured a number of feel-good stories celebrating restaurants feeding first responders and medical care professionals, another example of restaurateurs and their staffs warranting recognition as true heroes.

      A recent estimate I read is that the virus will wrought the closure of upwards of thirty percent of the independent mom-and-pop restaurants. That’s a tragedy we should do our utmost to prevent.

      1. Gil, is it the “virus will wrought” the closure of restaurants or is it the “overreaction of government” that will wrought the closure of restaurants?

        At present, New Mexico has 36 reported deaths in a population of plus two million. Statistically, this is far less than the seasonal flu. Rural states such as NM are faring quite well compared to dense urban hot spots. For once, rural works in our favor!

        I’m aware “reopen America” is a hotly contested issue right now, but I hope Gov. Lujan-Grisham understands the difference between our state and denser populated states when considering the timing of lifting the shelter-in-place decree.

        As we all know on this blog the restaurant business is a daily cash flow operation and we need to get the cash flowing as soon as possible to support local small businesses and employment.

        1. One of these days you and I will enjoy a discussion on kakistocracy, but for now let’s focus on keeping this site upbeat and light…an escape from the vicissitudes of life.

          1. “Kakistocracy.” Is that where the aristocracy wears khaki colored jeans? I think restaurants should be ready for business by May Day. At least I hope so for their sake. Here’s a stimulus idea: 100 percent tax deduction on business meals.

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