Kathy’s Carry-Out – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Kathy's on Isleta Boulevard
Kathy’s on Isleta Boulevard

In 2001, the Alibi staff declared Kathy’s Carry-Out the “best hamburger in the Duke City.” Surely, nay-sayers retorted, this had to be a mistake. How, after all, they reasoned, could a ramshackle garage sized building with a kitschy purple facade and garish orange trim possibly compete with the flamboyant chains and their glitz and glamor or even with the anointed local purveyors in the more well-beaten, well-eaten paths throughout the city? Kathy’s Carry-Out lived up to its name, emphasis on the “carry-out” portion of its name. Carry-Out was the only option available for the phalanx of diners eager to bite into those bodacious burgers.

Ensconced in an Isleta Boulevard neighborhood seemingly zoned as much for more residential than commercial purposes, Kathy’s Carry-Out certainly wouldn’t win any awards for esthetics and it probably violated every feng shui principle for harmony, not that hungry diners noticed. Savvy burger aficionados from the South Valley frequented Kathy’s for its wonderful New Mexican cuisine and a burger so good it’d convert staunch vegans. It took one visit to convince us you can’t judge a burger by the dilapidated facade of its place of origin. Kathy’s did serve one of, if not THE best burger in town.

The original Kathy's Carryout on Isleta Boulevard
The original Kathy’s Carryout on Isleta Boulevard

It’ll take one visit to this South Valley neighborhood to gain an appreciation for a neighborhood unabashedly bedecked in an ultraviolet spectrum of colors. It’s part of the charm about this area that I love It’s also the utter charm of holding on to a rural neighborliness amidst an urban sprawl sometimes lacking the spirit of community lived daily in the Isleta area. This is a neighborhood which defies the abobe-hued homogeneity which has claimed so much of the city. It’s a neighborhood which dares to be different, to express its individuality.

And when color isn’t what your eyes are drawn to, it might be a marvel of architectural ingenuity such as the single-wide trailer which sits on top of a stucco building to the immediate north of Kathy’s Carryout. It’s a tribute to this area that the zoning Nazis haven’t come down on such inventive architectural expression. Or, your eyes might be trained to the skies because of an inordinate number of pigeons fortunate enough to call this neighborhood home.

A large Kathy Burger

In 2007, the dwarfish ugly duckling which served nonpareil New Mexican food and life-changing burgers was transmogrified into a spectacular swan with a broad wingspan. The charmingly garish exterior facade of its first location and its anti-esthetic curb appeal were gone as were any claims to “Albuquerque’s best burger served here.” That honor didn’t go very far; it now belongs to the restaurant next door.

Kathy’s Carryout left that utterly charming old edifice and moved next door to a beautiful restaurant with seating for dozens of diners. “Carry-Out” now applies to the drive-up window, not to the way diners used to order and take away their orders. In Kathy’s Carryout of old, separate windows were used for placing and picking up orders. You had to feel sorry for the cramped quarters in which Kathy and her staff filled orders; there wasn’t much room to move and the heat of the stoves seemed stifling.

Rolled tacos and hot sauce
Rolled tacos and hot sauce

The old location had a couple of picnic tables where you could sit and wait, but most patrons seemed to either wait by the pick-up window or taxed their cars’ air conditioners while waiting in relative comfort within the confines of cars of all makes and models. Most were packed with hungry family members waiting for a designated parent to return with a bagful of deliciousness.What they waiting for is not only one of the very best green chile cheeseburgers in New Mexico (ergo, the universe), but excellent take-out Mexican and New Mexican food. Waiting indoors is much better!

Kathy’s new digs are completely antithetical to its predecessor. It’s almost antiseptic in appearance with pristine denim colored walls, sixteen-inch tiled floors and comfortable seating. No one is happier to be in the new restaurant than the staff and cooks who love the large kitchen in which they can ply their skills in climate-controlled comfort. The larger kitchen also means an expanded menu which now includes burritos, tacos, enchiladas burgers, stuffed sopaipillas and much more. Daily specials are offered every day of the week.

Chips and guacamole
Chips and guacamole

27 July 2015: The most popular item on the menu is probably still the green chile cheeseburger extraordinaire called the Kathy Burger (formerly known as the Cuca Burger), a double-meat masterpiece that will kick sand on the so-called Big Mac and other chain claimants to size. With two behemoth hand-formed patties prepared to medium-well, Kathy Burger and its tongue-tingling green chile, onions, lettuce, bacon and cheese is a phenom. It takes two hands to handle this leviathan, five napkins to wipe yourself off while consuming it and phenomenal willpower not to order another one, great as it is. With red chile, the Kathy Burger is not quite as incendiary but might even taste better.

24 July 2015: Terrific tacos are an excellent alternative to the Kathy Burger. The rolled tacos (order them with guacamole instead of salsa) are cigar-shaped, deep-fried corn tortilla treasures stuffed with a chile emboldened ground beef. Only in the city of Espanola, New Mexico will you find better rolled tacos than at Kathy’s. The guacamole, by the way, can be purchased by the pint (pictured below). It’s good guacamole, buttery and creamy in texture and delicious in flavor.

Bean Burrito with Red and Green Chile

24 July 2015: Several burrito options are also available and they’re not your run-of-the-mill burritos. The carne adovada burrito, for example, comes with fried potatoes and a fried egg. It’s absolutely delicious with red chile blessed pork chunks as tender as Mother Theresa’s heart. Now, if you really love burritos, but you like bargains even more, you can have both by visiting Kathy’s on Fridays when the daily special is three bean burritos for an inflation-beating cost just barely over five dollars. The burritos are engorged with frijoles so good you’ll be reminded why pinto beans are, along with chile, New Mexico’s official state vegetable. The accommodating staff will indulge you with both red and green chile if you ask. While both exemplars of deliciousness and piquancy, the green gets my nod, but just barely.

27 July 2015: The term “cheap eats” sometimes has connotations not of inexpensive fare, but of rock-bottom quality. At Kathy’s cheap eats represents excellent fare at very reasonable prices. If the exorbitant price of tacos has you wondering if restaurateurs believe taco shells are fashioned from spun gold, you may experience a bit of sticker shock at the low, low, low price of a la carte tacos at Kathy’s. Nestled within hard-shelled repositories of deliciousness are beans, ground beef, lettuce and cheese with salsa on the side. These tacos are terrific, a reminder that tacos shouldn’t cost as much as your mortgage to be great.


The Alibi was right about Kathy’s Carry-Out so many years ago. So are the hundreds of discerning Duke City burgerphiles and aficionados of New Mexican food who frequent it!

823 Isleta, S.W.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
(505) 873-3472
LATEST VISIT: 27 July 2015
COST: $$
BEST BET: Kathy Burger, Rolled Tacos, Bean Burritos, Carne Adovada Burrito, Beef Tacos

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11 thoughts on “Kathy’s Carry-Out – Albuquerque, New Mexico

  1. Green chili is the states vegetable? Isn’t the green chili pepper actually considered a fruit or did I read it somewhere wrong?

  2. Jules from Pulp Fiction might say about Kathy’s: “That is a tasty burger!”
    Lunch today with my favorite food blogger. If the above comments are accurate, he is also my favorite racist/classist/jerk. What??? All internet comments aren’t accurate? Whatever you say, Ace.
    The large Kathy burger is everything that Blake’s double with cheese and bacon wishes it could be.
    The burger was so nice I ate it twice.

    1. You know that Gil is one of the most racist, elitist jerks around :-). Some people…

      I’ve had Kathy’s a few times. The burgers are very delicious. I don’t know why, but I’m not a fan of the bacon in the Kathy burger. I usually like bacon on burgers, but with hers, I take it off and eat it alone before attacking the burger.

      The rolled tacos are absolutely very good. Agree that you would have to go all the way to Espanola to find their equal. The regular tacos are pretty good as well. I like the beef/potato mixture (pretty sure it is the same one that is in their rolled tacos).

      I have to disagree on the guacamole, though. While it is creamy and buttery and has a very good avocado flavor, it was lacking the flavor profile I look for in guacamole. Very good avocado dip, but bland guacamole – if that makes sense. Luckily, it was a to go order when we got it, so when we got home and were disappointed, we added our own spices. Once I added the onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and some crushed red pepper, then it was a great guacamole.

      All in all, can easily recommend Kathy’s burgers and tacos (rolled or regular). I want to try their relleno and adovada burritos…

  3. I grew up in Espanola and now living in LA. I have been searching for the ingredients for the New Mexico rolled taco. I have used shreaded beef and corned beef, but they do not taste the same, they look the same but do not have the same taste. Can you reveal what ingredients are used.
    Thank You,

  4. Kathy rocks and supports the community, you should give back in some way! This neighborhood is where I was born and raised and my Grandfather his entire family in. Social income levels are not a choice Mr. Gil Garduno! Everyone should support such community organizations, did you know the Hacienda Express is run by Latter Day Saints? Care a little guy, you have a powerful voice in NM.
    An ICAMD.org Editor.

    1. Let me seek first to understand. Are you branding me an uncaring elitist based on a review I wrote? What is the basis for your assumption that I don’t “give back” and don’t “support community organizations?” Are you implying I’m a religious bigot, too, based on your comment about Latter Day Saints?

      You know absolutely nothing about me other than the little I share about myself on my reviews (hopefully you’ve read more than one). I was raised in a community which in 2007 had a per capita income of just over $16,000 so I know a little about “social income levels.” I also know that poverty can be overcome with education, ambition and hard work.

      What is harder to overcome is the baseless perceptions of people who incorrectly assume the worse about someone else, especially someone they don’t know. Who then is the real bigot?

      (Matthew 6:1-4)

  5. great review but you come off as SLIGHTLY classist…deep dark south valley??? Just because there isnt a starbucks, baby gap or yoga studio in sight doesn’t make it dark and scary. Smell that, hear that? It’s clear air and chickens cawing around, its a bit rural, sure, and of low SES, but it’s not watts.

    1. It certainly wasn’t my intent to come across as classist in any way. I attempted (apparently not to great success) to employ a technique used by one of my favorite humorists Gustavo Arellano, author of “Ask a Mexican.” He confronts the “bogeymen of racism, xenophobia, and ignorance” with humor. I was using cynicism (as I do throughout my blog) in using the reference “deep dark south valley” because I often hear what the perceptions are of the south valley by some who haven’t a clue what a wonderful area it is. At the risk of evoking another “classist” perception, I’m more comfortable speaking Spanish in the south valley than English in anywhere else.

      1. I like how “mark” goes on about how you are an elitist snob, but finishes by saying “but it’s not watts.”

        That’s like saying, “You’re racist! That’s why I hate Hispanics.” DOH!

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