Fubelly: Solving the Age-Old Question of “Where Should We Eat Right Now?”


“Panza llena, corazon contento,” the pithy Spanish saying which translates to “full belly, happy heart” is the mantra by which many restaurants in New Mexico operate. That sentiment is expressed in other parts of the country as “fubelly,” a diminutive of “full belly” with an implied tone of “happy heart.”

On Monday, June 23rd, 2014, Fubelly, an online discovery platform was launched in Albuquerque with the goal of helping Duke City diners achieve fubelly. Fubelly celebrates Albuquerque’s food culture in a medium ideally tailored for story-telling, utilizing videos with a very high production value to showcase some of the Duke City’s very best restaurants, chefs and restaurateurs to help diners engage with food and drink. Through Fubelly you’ll discover places you’ve never been and rediscover places you already love by learning more about them.

Four of the eight restaurants featured on Fubelly
Four of the eight restaurants featured on Fubelly at its launch on June 23, 2014

Eight Duke City area restaurants are currently featured, but the goal is to grow the site to about fifty local restaurants and eventually expand to Santa Fe. The restaurants featured are very high-energy venues owned and operated by very innovation restaurateurs and chefs with a passion for creativity and customer service. No chain restaurants will be featured on Fubelly. In addition to a video narrated by restaurateurs and chefs themselves, the page showcasing each restaurant includes a description, photo gallery, food and beverage menus and more to help visitors learn more about the restaurant and make dining decisions.

Fubelly is not a restaurant review site in which diners can provide commentary. It’s tailored for restaurateurs and chefs to tell potential guests about their restaurant in beautiful 90-second vignettes which capture mouth-watering scenes of the chefs preparing some of their specialties. In August, Fubelly will introduce a companion application which allows diners to note their favorite meals and based on their meal choices, will then steer them toward comparable restaurants and dishes they might also like.

The remaining four restaurants featured on Fubelly at launch
The remaining four restaurants featured on Fubelly at launch

To watch the eight Duke City area restaurants featured on Fubelly at its launch, click on the links below or visit Fubelly and start exploring where you’ll dine today:

Not all restaurateurs will opt for video to be included on their Fubelly page, but you can still find a wealth of valuable information on their page.

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