Friends of Gil (FOG) IX: Where do YOU want to Eat? Cast Your Vote Now!

OK FOGEYS. It’s voting time.
By Jim Millington

FOG IX Organizer Jim Millington: Is it any wonder Bruce and Grayce mistake him for their son-in-law?

We have prepared a list of widely disparate restaurants as worthy candidates for FOG IX in July. In an exercise of Democracy not controlled by special interest groups, you have the opportunity to vote for the restaurant in which you’d like to dine with the Friends of Gil. This being New Mexico, we ask that farm animals and dead relatives not vote.

1. Piatanzi on Juan Tabo has a back room for groups. The food is unique in Albuquerque and wonderful if you like it and not wonderful if you don’t. A disadvantage is that it can get expensive if you aren’t paying attention.

2. Nexus is a Brewpub which is probably better noted for its New Mexicanized (my own made up word) Cajun food than beer (nothing wrong with the beer).

3. El Patron is a very popular New Mexican restaurant with plenty of room and barrel-sized margaritas.

4. Vick’s Vittles is something of a Country Texas/New Mexican cafe with such goodies as healthy high nutrition Chicken Fried Steak, Broasted Chicken and Burritos.

You can exercise your voting rights by responding to this post by midnight, June 30.

22 thoughts on “Friends of Gil (FOG) IX: Where do YOU want to Eat? Cast Your Vote Now!

  1. As everyone knows the vote was an overwhelming victory for Piatanzi (The 3305 Juan Tabo NE. Location-don’t show up on Girard). Matt Luke, the General Manager) was in cold bleak Idaho but got back and contacted me today.

    We arranged for the FOG IX Dinner to be at 7:00 pm, July 29. We will be ordering off the regular menu with separate checks. Please reply with a headcount so we can give a reasonably accurate count to the restaurant.

  2. Ok. The voting deadline for the next FOG bash has been reached/passed. If I may, my count of the FOG preference breaks down to this:

    – Nexus 6 (Good job/well done….Tallyho!)

    – Piatanzi 16 or 14
    16 if held > the 16th or 14 < the 16th.
    This includes being presumptive that the "Ditto and Ditto" of Shawne means her and a Guest.

    – Conundrum.: With Piatanzi being the one with the most votes, some might say…as in the old days…. it is The Winner. Therefore, Gil might ask if 2 Folk who were kinda explicit about not being impressed with Piatanzi might/might not come for a retake or camaraderie, if nothing else. Also, how many of the Nexus 6 might come as well?

    The next factors/variables to solidify are the date/time.

    Happy Pre-Fourth to Y'all and, if I may, in that regard: lest you have a taste for Classical music, or Eh! even if not, I'd like to suggest you settle back in your chair, close your eyes to enjoy and especially if you are considering to venture to try/sample Piatanzi's Carpaccio…note the spelling…and need some urging! Given the 1812 Overture is often the Classic of choice for the Fourth's fireworks displays, I'm just paying homage to my FAV, Side B.
    Graci & Chow!

    1. Bobby,
      You are correct in your calculation that Piatanzi was the overwhelming victor. The problem being that the 4th of July weekend is apparently not the best time to find a person at Piatanzi who can make major decisions about a large group in town. Matt Lukes, the general manager of the Juan Tabo location, will return on the 8th and the details will be worked out and communicated to you by a very reliable carrier pigeon.

    2. Grayce and I are available 7/18,19, then 7/23 thru the end of the month. Thought that “Mob rules.” I don’t think anyone said they wouldn’t be there if they didn’t get their way.
      Anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to dine there can make that decision. Ours will based on the date. Simple as that. No conundrums.
      Maybe future FOG outings can be less democratic and then there will be no conundrums. K.I.S.S. Don’t want anyone bogged down by cunundrums.

  3. A simple question:
    Is there ballot box stuffing going on?
    First Larry announces 4-votes for Piatanzi
    Second Dazzling Deanell announces a vote for Piatanzi
    Third Dazzling Deanell announces that Delightful Darren votes for Piatanzi.

    The simple question being: Is this 4 or 5 or 6-votes? (Not that anybody could possibly oppose Piatanzi.

    1. A simple answer: 4 for me and two for the Dazzler.

      I have voted for myself and three other friends who will be accompanying me.

      This does not include Dazzling Deanell and Delightful Darren who are speaking for themselves.


  4. Well, I have to make our votes:
    Two for Nexus and a very close second for Piatanzi,
    Third would be Vic’s Vittles
    Tenth would be El Patron.

  5. Why did you pick my most unflattering picture?
    It destroys the old, fat and ugly image that I have been trying to present.

  6. Two votes for El Patron or Vick’s Vittles as a second choice.
    Mack and I have tried Piatanzi and were not impressed at all.

  7. 1. Piatanzi
    2. Vic’s Vittles
    3. El Patron (OMG! Had a heart flutter cuz 1st read as El Pinto!)
    4. Nexus (No offense. Not sure of group setting.)

  8. Only heard good things about Piatanzi so that’s my choice. Jim is remarkably similar to my S-I-L just a foot shorter and a tad heavier.
    We return from CA on July 16th and hope the FOG IX dinner is after that.

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