The Grill – Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Grill at its new home (as of February 8, 2017) on San Mateo

I’m not telling you, ‘Never eat a hamburger.’ Just eat the good ones with real beef, you know,
like the ones from that mom-and-pop diner down the street, …
And it’s so good that when you take a bite out of that burger,
you just know somewhere in the world a vegan is crying
Homer Simpson

America’s favorite everyman philosopher may have had The Grill in mind when uttering that pithy pearl. What, after all, is a burger if not the celebration of meat, a pulchritudinous beef patty sandwiched between glorious golden orbs and festooned with ingredients intended to bring out flavor combinations that dance on your taste buds? Made properly–personalized for taste to your exacting degree of doneness and with your unique choice of ingredients–a burger can elicit tears of rapturous joy among burgerphiles.

Though the corporate chains offer convenience and consistency (a boring sameness), few would argue that their copycat burgers could elicit raw delirium when bitten into. Cynics, like me, would argue that chain burgers aren’t even made with real meat, USDA definitions for meat be damned. No, my friends, it’s solely the bounteous burgers at your local mom-and-pop diners down the street that elicit the carnal cravings and libidinous lust that make you want to rush over to visit your preferred provider of meaty happiness with great regularity.

The Grill’s Capacious New Digs Are Easily Four Times Larger Than Its Previous Home on Menaul

For Duke City diners one of the best the mom-and-pop diners down the street has a burger which just might elicit swoons of joy as it quells the most rapacious of appetites. It’s a burger that had Rudy Paul Vigil waxing poetic when he told me about it. An advocate of homemade tastes, Rudy is the guy who introduced me to Lumpy’s Burgers shortly after it opened so he’s got plenty of down-the-street burger cred with me. In describing The Grill, he expounded about a unique wood-firing contraption that imbues each burger with enchantment.

The Grill is the brainchild of veteran restaurateur Phillip “Phil” Chavez, a man who knows and likes burgers as much as he likes bussing, or at least that’s the impression you might get in reading the menu’s claim of “food so good, you’ll wanna kiss the cook!” Before opening The Grill, Chavez operated grill-oriented family restaurants in Gallup as well as Shiprock and Farmington.

Phil Chavez (right) and assistant tend to The Grill’s unique mesquite-fired grill

The Grill launched initially on the far western fringes of the Duke City just east of 98th Street and was then called “Grandpa’s Grill.” From the restaurants east-facing windows you were treated to some of the very best views of the Sandia Mountains and downtown Albuquerque. At night, the panoramic view of the city lights were absolutely inspirational.  Alas, the location made for a rather lengthy drive for all but residents of Albuquerque’s West Mesa.

In July, 2011, Grandpa’s Grill moved to Menaul (next door to Jennifer James 101) and rechristened itself “The Grill.” The Grill remained on Menaul for nearly six years before relocating to much more capacious digs on San Mateo, a venue easily four times larger than its predecessor. Interior walls are festooned with thematic pieces–everything from kitchen related bric-a-brac to sports memorabilia. Much of it donated by patrons of the popular restaurant. Old-fashioned coffee makers, blenders and other appliances make for interesting reminiscences among us seasoned diners and for strange curiosities among the Y-generation crowd.

The Salsa and Toppings Cart

The most interesting period piece, however, is the restaurant’s signature grill. White hot and throbbing red embers of mesquite coals lay on a steel tray atop of which sits a metal grated grill which Chavez raises and lowers via a hand-crank. He’s mastered the art of temperature control to prepare your burgers and steaks to the level of doneness you specify.  It’s a contraption those of us who agree with Homer Simpson’s contention would love to have in our own kitchens

An old-fashioned burger fixings bar, complete with sneeze guard, hosts sliced tomatoes, pickles, mustard, ketchup, lettuce and onions which means you truly can have your burger your way. A deep metal serving tray holds salsa which you can ladle onto plastic ramekins. Another holds crisp, homemade (but excessively salty) chips, both free with each order.

Complimentary Chips and Salsa

The salsa is exceptional–as in so good it should be bottled good. It’s so good that properly pureed, it would make an excellent bloody Mary mix. It’s so good, it would make the the key component of a great gazpacho. It’s so good, you’ll eschew ketchup and dunk your fries in it. It’s so good, you’ll finish two or three trays of chips before your order is up. Seriously, this is good salsa. Its components are rather typical–tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, garlic, salt–but Chavez mixes each batch up in perfect proportions. The salsa is pleasantly piquant, not so incendiary you won’t be able to taste anything else.

You’ll definitely want to taste the burgers! Prolific eaters will opt for the Papa Burger, a whopping eight-ounces sure to sate hearty eaters. A six-ounce Mama Burger and a four-ounce Little Rascal Burger are also available. The beef patties are hand-formed and thick. You can top them with green chile and your choice of Cheddar, American or Swiss cheese. The buns are lightly toasted. More than any other burger in the Duke City, this one reminds me of a burger perfectly prepared over a campfire. That’s courtesy of Phil’s unique mesquite grill and the masterful manipulation of the mesquite coals. All burgers are available in combination with a drink and Fries.

8-Ounce Papa Burger with Green Chile and Cheese With a Baked Potato

18 January 2020: The Papa Burger with green chile is terrific, a true compliment to the grill master and his deft manipulation of temperature! The beef patty is imbued with the kiss of mesquite heat, but not so much that the usually acerbic grilling wood imparts its characteristic bitter aftertaste. The green chile is a bit on the mild side, but the other ingredients from the fixings bar are all fresh and delicious. Fries aren’t much to write home about, but they’re much improved when you dip them into the salsa instead of ketchup.  Rather than fries, ask for a baked potato which goes oh, so well with the burger.

18 January 2020:  The menu also includes an insanely low-priced sixteen-ounce Ribeye served with your choice of fries or beans and tortilla. Also available are a chicken breast platter, a chicken sandwich, a Southwest chicken sandwich (with green chile and cheese wrapped in a tortilla) and chicken strips with fries. Hot dogs, in either jumbo or regular sizes, with or without chile and cheese, can also be ordered. Deep-fried sides include French fries, fried zucchini, fried mushrooms and onion rings.

Green Chile Cheeseburger

The Ribeye prepared at medium is too good to pass up. Ribeye tends to be a well-marbled and tender cut of beef that is well-suited to dry-heat preparation style. That means The Grill’s unique mesquite grill brings out the optimal flavor profile in this steak. Not quite fork-tender, the Ribeye cuts easily, juices flowing not quite copiously but enough. The only seasoning discernible is salt and pepper, but sometimes that can be enough. It is in this case. Value-priced means sixteen-ounces of steak for just over a dollar an ounce, a good deal by any standard. My Kim believes this ribeye is one of the best steaks in the city and questions why anyone would pay exorbitant amounts for steak elsewhere.  In its annual Food & Wine issue for 2018, Albuquerque The Magazine awarded The Grill a Hot Plate Award signifying the selection of its ribeye as one of the “delectable treats that are must-haves for any foodies.” Considering the thousands of potential selections, to be singled out is quite an honor.

The steak is accompanied by your choice of French fries or beans and a tortilla. At first glance, the beans look inviting, a hearty portion topped with shredded cheese, but as they approached our table, the malodorous emanation of cumin wafted toward us. As usual, I whined vociferously, urging our attentive waitress and Phil Chavez himself to take the beans and dispose of them at a nuclear waste dump site. Phil indicated 99-percent of his customers appreciate the beans, some even asking for the recipe…but I’m not crazy; everyone else is.

Ribeye with Baked Potato

On the counter gracing your visage is a domed cake platter holding the delicious cake of the day. Fortune was with us during my second visit because the cake under glass on that day was a gorgeous red velvet cake. Red velvet cakes have been popular since the 1920s, experiencing a resurgence in the 1990s, but it’s never really gone out of style. Essentially not much more than a chocolate cake with a dark red-brown color and layered with a creamy white icing, it is beautiful to look at and generally delicious to consume. This decadent dessert isn’t prepared in-house, but you will want to take a piece home with you. Even better is the coconut-vanilla cake pictured.

Coconut Cake

The Grill is an anachronism–a throw-back to the 1960s with prompt, courteous, unobtrusive service and a genuine spirit of welcome from the owner. Ask Phillip Chavez for a tour of the kitchen and he’ll gladly show off his unique grill, the contraption which makes some of the very tastiest burgers in Albuquerque. Somewhere on old Route 66, a vegan is crying. That’s how good these burgers are!

The Grill
3300 San Mateo, N.E.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
(505) 872-9772
Facebook Page
LATEST VISIT: 18 January 2020
1st VISIT: 17 August 2010
COST: $$
BEST BET: Papa Burger with Fries, Salsa and Chips, Ribeye Steak, Baked Potato, Onion Rings, Red Velvet Cake, Coconut Cake, Fried Mushrooms

23 thoughts on “The Grill – Albuquerque, New Mexico

  1. Face lifts shouldn’t cost a hundred dollars and hamburgers shouldn’t cost $2.99. I drive by the chains promoting two cheese burgers for five dollars and I think, ‘even a Chinese factory can’t do this.’

    To purchase a fine burger is to purchase a fine memory, and on my deathbed I will not care how I looked in the mirror, or to others, for that matter, but I will rehearse with pleasure the melted cheese dripping over freshly-ground meat accented by fruity, piquant green chiles.

    A height-adjustable Mesquite-fired grill? I’m in.

  2. I had to go back to The Grill this weekend to try the ribeye…WOW! That is a fine tasting steak. You are absolutely correct when you say ribeye lends itself very well to being grilled. 16oz.? Not so sure about that, this thing was huge. I’m thinking it was pushing 20oz…

    My only complaint is that I ordered it medium and it came to me medium-well. No biggie though, it was still moist and delicious. Baked potato was so-so. I think it needed to be cooked a little bit longer.

    All in all, a mighty tasty meal!

  3. No, not the Big Kahuna Burger – you know, that Hawaiian burger joint, but The Grill. I’ve been to The Grill many times (including when it was known as Grandpa’s Grill on Central). I got a to-go order today for lunch, and not only was the burger absolutely delicious, but they packed some chips and salsa. So glad they did that. I kept thinking to myself that I was going to miss out on the magnificent salsa.

    The fries did no travel so well, but they were sufficient…with a burger this good, any side will be good!

  4. I drove by the Juan Tabo location last week and saw it is closed. Today I noticed that the Menaul location also appears closed. Do you know if Phil has closed both locations. I found it to be the home of a good burger at both locations. I also loved the free chips and salsa while waiting for the hand formed patty to be cooked to perfection.

    1. Hello Roland

      On February 8th, The Grill held a grand opening–complete with special ribbon cutting ceremony–at a much more capacious San Mateo location. While the Menaul location accommodated only 40 guests, the new location serves as many as 150 guests. The Grill’s new address is 3300 San Mateo, N.E. You can reach Phil and his staff at 505-872-9772.


  5. It looks like The Grill is about to open on Juan Tabo at the location of a former “Deli” between Menaul and Candelaria that I never visited. I don’t kow if this is a second location or if it is moving again.

  6. Yup, this is a great burger! It reminds me of those cook-out burgers I used to have as a kid during Summers at the lake. Smokey, meaty, full of flavor…and the salsa bar was a nice feature.

  7. A fantastic, classic cook-out burger, WOW, the likes I have not tasted since my grillmaster dad passed away. Great onion rings, too. The ONLY drawback to this place is that you can’t get a side that isn’t fried. A salad or cole slaw on the side would be nice instead of having to choose among fries, fried zucchini, onion rings, etc.

  8. Today was my first time ordering at The Grill. I ordered a tortilla burger with cheddar and green chile, along with french fries and a soda. This was a take out order. Since both the fries and the burger were packaged in the same box, there was a lot of steam off the hot grilled meat. That being said, the fries sagged out- ugh!
    The meat was excellent in texture and grilled flavor. The green chile was hot. The tortilla had the texture and flavor of home made. If I were to do this over, I’d definitely make sure the fries were packed in a separate container to avoid being steamed to soggy perfection and ending up in the trash.

  9. Phils burger joint “The Grill” has the BEST burgers I have ever tasted. With or without condiments, cheese, bacon (and believe me I’ve tried) the flavor of the meat is soooo gooood you wont want to stop eating. My suggestion, buy two hamburgers, one to eat at the restaurant (or both) and one to eat later once your food settles. I also happen to think that the salsa is out of this world and can be purchased by the bottle….AWESOME!

  10. The Grill is now open on Menual. The burgers are great-like the green chili to have a bit more punch to it but they may have replaced the Little Red Hamburger Hut as a favorite burger place.

  11. Made it to the new locale, corner of Madison NE
    Yup, the mesquite adds a nice flavor. Not being a purist however, I still proceeded to add the fixins from the do-yourself-bar e.g. some mayo and ketchup to make me a faux thousand island. This worked well with Phil’s effort at uniqueness, besides the memorabilia decorating the walls, which allows for the choice of Swiss!!! If only he had chopped peanuts and a lightly toasted (for bun strength) Kaiser Roll and I could say “Surf’s UP!!!!” while munching my CA Woody’s Smorgasburger of the ’60s!!! Another nice amenity for a burger “joynt”, is the complimentary chips n salsa. Never met Phil before his hospitable checking up on his offering.

    (As it was only 5, took a peek into Jennifer James’ 101 next door. Indeed, must get there for a more formally casual dining ‘happening’ which is clearly stated, if not promised, simply by the “haute decor” of the inviting ‘room’. By-the-by, for a sampling of JJ, she’ll be doing ‘Cooking in the Village with Chef Jennifer James’ with her team at the Village of Los Ranchos’ Growers’ Market, Saturday am, 8/13…by the Village Hall/Fire Station on Rio Grande.)


  12. FYI Grandpa’s Grill is now officially re-opened As The Grill at 4615 Menaul NE. He’s had some difficulties getting a good sign up so you might miss it driving by but it’s located next to Jennifer James 101. Gil, you should drop by and make a visit again and let the folks know they’re back in business and are still making great burgers!

  13. Gil,

    Just wanted to let you know that Grandpa’s Grill recently closed down. I guess business was slow for them. At one point they had even tried serving breakfast.

    You can add it to your Gone But Not Forgotten category…..



    1. Grandpa’s Grill isn’t closing after all. In a few days, Grandpa’s Grill will reopen as “The Grill” in a brand new location– 4615 Menaul, between Washington and San Mateo on the north side (between Mac’s steak in the Rough and JJ’s Pizza.)”

      Thanks to Larry McGoldrick for passing on this bit of great news.

  14. I finally visited Grandpa’s. I went all the way and ordered the Grandpa combo..WOW that was a lot of meat. But it was worth every bite!! The Green Chile was just the right spiciness, bacon just nicely crisp. The only thing the bun was too small, and promptly fell apart on me. I suggested to Phil he needed larger buns for them, or amybe wrap them in a tortilla. He thought that was a great suggestion.. Either way, I enjoyed it, loved the views and the old-school decor. Next timeI go, I think I’ll try the steak w/ beans, just to try their other items.. Thanks Phil, great job.

  15. This is my new favorite restaurant on the WESTside (southwest, that is) of this big city.

    Right on Route 66, you wouldn’t think you’d find perfectly tender, juicy, amazing steak from a primarily hamburger/fries-related menu; however, I swear you’ll never need to add steak sauce or salt or pepper to their steak.

    I like mine with the fried zucchini on the side and I try to have it several times a month. Afterall, I gave up sugar and caffeine and chocolate and high carbs etc. so I WILL indulge in Phil’s steak at Grandpa’ Grill.

  16. Excellent burger!! The mesquite wood grill and hand made patties are definitely what make it so special.

    The burgers are very generously sized too.

    The fresh chips and salsa are pretty good, but the salsa could use a little more jalepeno…the green chili needs more bite too, but that is very typical.

    I might have to try the steak cooked off that grill soon, too.

    2 thumbs up for a great burger!!

  17. The burgers are made from fresh ground beef handmade patties, grilled on a wood fired grill. Great flavor!…. steak fries would go good with this burger…
    The complementry homemade salsa and chips are good too. On my next visit, I’ll have to try a steak.

    Thanks Gil! for this website…. you do a great job with all your reviews!

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