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Dining in New Mexico means so much more than partaking of outstanding chile and incomparable New Mexican food. Many restaurants in several genres throughout the land of enchantment have received national acclaim. We’ve been fortunate to have visited many of those and while some didn’t make much of an impression, other nondescript restaurants with little acclaim blew us away. On the list below, I rank (by rating then alphabetical order) my very favorite restaurants in New Mexico. For a review of my rating system, please click here. By clicking on the name of the restaurant for which you wish to know my opinion, you will be magically transported directly to my review of that restaurant.

Restaurant Type Rating
Forghedaboudit  (Las Cruces)
Mary & Tito’s (Albuquerque) New Mexican 27
Chope’s (La Mesa) New Mexican 26
Geronimo (Santa Fe) Fine Dining 26
Blades’s Bistro (Placitas) Fine Dining 25
Budai Gourmet Chinese (Albuquerque) Chinese 25
Cafe Dalat (Albuquerque) Vietnamese 25
Jambo Cafe (Santa Fe) African 25
Joe’s Pasta House (Rio Rancho) Italian 25
La Boca (Santa Fe) Spanish 25
Luminaria (Santa Fe) Fine Dining 25
Saigon City (Albuquerque) Vietnamese 25
Artichoke Cafe (Albuquerque) Fine Dining 24
Burrito Lady (Albuquerque) New Mexican 24
Cafe Pasqual (Santa Fe) Southwestern 24
Campo at Los Poblanos (Albuquerque)
Fine Dining
Golden Crown Panaderia (Albuquerque) Bakery 24
Kakawa Chocolate House (Santa Fe) Chocolate 24
La Choza Restaurant (Santa Fe) New Mexican 24
La Guelaguetza (Albuquerque)
Mexican (Oaxacan)
Los Potrillos (Santa Fe) Mexican 24
M’Tucci’s Italian Restaurant (Albuquerque) Italian 24
Namaste Restaurant (Rio Rancho) Indian 24
Pollito Con Papas (Albuquerque)
Alqud’s Mediterranean Grill & Grocery (Albuquerque) Mediterranean 24
Seasons Rotisserie & Grill (Albuquerque) Fine Dining 24
The Shed (Santa Fe) New Mexican 24
Sparky’s Espresso, Burgers & Barbecue (Hatch) Burgers/Barbecue 24
Sugar Nymph’s Bistro (Peñasco) American 24
Sugar’s BBQ & Burgers (Embudo) Burgers/Barbecue 24
Talking Drums (Albuquerque) African/Caribbean 24
Teofilo’s Restaurante (Los Lunas) New Mexican 24

4 thoughts on “New Mexico Restaurants

  1. Gil,
    We love your blog! We are surprised though that you have never reviewed Antiquity. The place is so wonderful. Post COVID, you should go and get the Chateaubriand. You would both love it!
    Ben and Steve
    Sandia Park

    1. Yo Ben…Thanks for beating that dead horse once again that I’ve whined and cajoled about on several occasions. Obviously, there is some deeply buried quirk within Gil’s soul that eludes attempts to get him into Antiquity. I mean seriously, trying to go outside the ‘realm’ did not budge him.

      Elsewise, I must admit that I have not tried The Chateaubriand per being stuck on The Henry IV…a Classic. Picture a chunk of tender and moist, medium Filet (as being a King) seated on a bed of splayed artichoke leaves and then ‘crowned’ with the heart of the artichoke while Bearnaise is drizzled atop it all as a royal cape!?

      Indeed, the annihilation/decimation (are they OK to say?) of Covid will be so welcomed to be able to dine-in.

      PS Things have not always been faultless. Several years ago, one daughter refused to go for ‘an occasion’ as it rattled her that they did not always keep their plastic plantings properly dusted!


  2. Well Gil I see you never venture much to southern NM. If you did you’d realize that Forghedaboudit Authentic Italian restaurant brings truly amazing New York cuisine to NM. If anyone by chance would read our reviews on TripAdvisor or Yelp you’d be blown away with reviews from customers who live all across this nation. To experience Forghedaboudit is a must. National chicken wing winner and international pizza competitor in Las Vegas are a few accolades. A hidden gem is an understatement when reading the diverse menu. From frutti demare, traditional carbonara and spicy sausage parms Forghedaboudit isn’t just amazing pizza and wings. It’s in your face flavor and uniquely seasoned dishes do not disappoint. So start your journey and reserve your table today. Reservations’s only on Friday night!!!!

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