Breakfast Egg Stravaganza 2013: A Great Success!

Chef Paco Aceves prepares an omelet (green chile, bacon, chorizo, onions, cheese) for me
Chef Paco Aceves prepares an omelet (green chile, bacon, chorizo, onions, cheese) for me

On Saturday, July 20th, 2013, Meals on Wheels of Albuquerque hosted its twelfth annual Breakfast Egg Stravaganza. The event was held at the Northside Presbyterian Clinic, 5901 Harper Drive, N.E., in Albuquerque. A great time was had by all.

Omelet prepared by Chef Paco Aceves
Omelet prepared by Chef Paco Aceves

The breakfast was an all-you-can-eat plethora of deliciousness that included freshly made pancakes, build-your-own omelets, made to order waffles, a fresh fruit bar and much more. In addition to the breakfast buffet, the event included a kid’s zone with a bouncy house, face painters, a silent auction and much more.

Waffle topped with fruit and pecans
Waffle topped with fruit and pecans

The Breakfast Eggs Stravaganza is great fun for not a lot of money and it supports a good cause. Every penny of the proceeds goes to help our Low Income Medical Meal Program which provides a daily meal for those who need a medically specified diet but are unable to afford it for themselves – the only program of its kind in Albuquerque.

Carne Adovada, Bacon, Sausage, Papitas
Carne Adovada, Bacon, Sausage, Papitas

A recent report by the Meals on Wheels Association of America revealed that New Mexico ranks second for food insecurity among seniors. Nearly a quarter of the Land of Enchantment’s senior population doesn’t know where their next meal will come from. Over 67% of the organization’s clients say that Meals on Wheels is their main source of nutrition and more than 45% report that its volunteers are the only people they have visit them on a regular basis.

Cinnamon Roll and Pineapple Upside Down Donut
Cinnamon Roll and Pineapple Upside Down Donut

Meals on Wheels receives no federal or state funding, so their ability to serve those in need of this unique program relies on grants, donations and fundraising events like this. It costs $1,660 to feed one person for one year and every year, the waiting list keeps growing.

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6 Comments on “Breakfast Egg Stravaganza 2013: A Great Success!”

  1. Their budget is unfortunately safe from me this year. Saturday morning we will be crossing the Federation Bridge as part of a two week experiment to determine whether PEI Mussels and Lobster and Digby Scallops are actually safe for human consumption. I understand we are going to be too early for the blueberry harvest however.

  2. We went by for breakfast this morning and I now feel guilty. We ate so much that Meals on Wheels will not have enough to fund its program this coming year. a great turnout though.

  3. Off topic for this subject, but I don’t get how to use your site. If you click on June, 2011 you see the first few reviews and then where do you go for the r4est of the month’s posts? At the top, previous, 12345 and next don’t do anything. That’s true in both Firefox and IE.



    1. Hello Lou

      By design, unless you select one specific review by clicking on the restaurant’s name within the review’s header, all pages will display three reviews. At the very bottom of each page, you’ll see a link called “Older Posts.” Click on that link and you will see three additional posts.

      On the “Calendar” Web part on the site’s navigation panel, you can hover your cursor over each date highlighted in red and the name of the restaurant visited on that date will display. Click on the date and the review for that restaurant will launch.

      Clicking on the 12345 on the banner allows you to navigate through the five images used on the banner. By design, each will display for five seconds before transitioning to the next image.

      I hope this helps.


  4. I have attended this event for years. It is wonderful with amazing food, a great silent auction, fun activities for kids! Since it has grown, the tent will be a good change with room for more! Everyone should check this out! Best of all, the proceeds help homebound low-income meal program!

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