Conway’s Red Top – Pueblo Colorado (CLOSED)

Bigger may not always be better, but it can be pretty darn good. The gargantuan world famous hamburgers at Conway’s Red Top earn their “one’s a meal” reputation, but fell short in my estimation as one of the best hamburgers in America. A “people’s choice” mainstay in local newspapers, those humongous burgers earned acclaim as among the best hamburgers in America by no less than Michael and Jane Stern’s, America’s preeminent Roadfood experts.

These burgers of legendary proportion have–similarly to patrons who can actually finish them–grown larger over the years. A giant hamburger is an eight ounce ground beef patty prepared to order with lettuce, tomatoes and onions on a six-inch bun baked locally in Pueblo. It’s a no frills monstrosity that can be ordered in whole or half sizes with the half sized burger being as big as the largest burger on many restaurant menus.

Despite its prodigious patty, the gigantic burger and all its accoutrements is surprisingly thin. It does take two hands to handle it, but that’s in part to keep it from falling apart. As with Kincaid’s, another “top ten” burger, green chile would have crowned the burger better than the pepper jack, Swiss, Cheddar, Velveeta, American or Mozzarella offered.

Burgers aren’t the only thing on the menu, but they’re what the restaurant is known for. We didn’t see anyone order any of Grandma’s homemade soup, stew or chili, but we did see quite a few patrons down the old-fashioned shakes and malts. Conway’s Red Top has been a family owned and operated business since 1961 and until recent years could be found only in Colorado Springs. There are six locations in the Pike’s Peak area and all offer take-out or dine-in service. The Pueblo location is the most recent addition to the Conway’s restaurant family and has seen turn-away crowds since its launch.

Conway’s Red Top
112 West 2nd
Pueblo, Colorado
LATEST VISIT: 6 May 2005
COST: $$
BEST BET: Giant Cheeseburger, Chocolate Malt

2 thoughts on “Conway’s Red Top – Pueblo Colorado (CLOSED)

  1. Gil – If you ever find yourself in Pueblo, you have to hit The Pass Key. They have awesome grinders that the locals just eat up (pardon the pun).

    MMM – have to ride the HOG north now, for some reason I have a craving for some Pass Key grinder…

    1. At Coor’s Tavern, or The Sunset Grill. It is a burger smothered in green chile – a souplike consistancy. They use Pueblo Green, which is pretty good (Lemitar is better, but it is pretty close to Hatch Green). It is not the GCCB we are used to, but it is pretty good.

      One of them has a better burger and the other has the better chile. If you could combine the two, it would be fantastic! Don’t hold me to this, but if I remember correctly, Coor’s had the better chile and Sunset had the better burger.

      And yes, the Pass Key is still pretty good!

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