Superdawg Drive-In – Chicago, Illinois

Superdawg’s second Chicago area location, this one in Wheeling

Some of today’s Marvel comic book heroes such as Captain America and the Submariner had their genesis in the 1940s where they crusaded against oppressive regimes fighting to subjugate America’s freedoms.

Maurie Berman (himself a recently returned G.I. from World War II) and his wife Flaurie looked no further than the superhero genre when naming their unique roadside hot dog stand, on the roof of which stand statues of well defined male and female anthropomorphic hot dogs attired in leopard skin togas. Today, while serving as both beacons to the restaurant as well as vigilant guardians protecting its south vantage, those hot dog icons beckon passers-by with their winking and blinking eyes.

The distinctive Superdawg superheroes welcome one and all

Superdawg has become America’s premier hot dog restaurant–a restaurant which has received acclaim from both print (New York Times, Roadfood, National Geographic Traveler, Zagat) and broadcast (ABC’s Nightline, Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, the Food Network) media. It’s not just the kitschy Americana that draws hundreds of patrons. Superdawg serves an outstanding hot dog, maybe the very best in the country!

A juicy pure beef dawg is nestled within the inviting confines of a poppy seed bun and formerly dressed with all the trimmings you might want, including green tomatoes, celery salt, the best relish we’ve ever had and sport peppers that will bring your taste buds to attention. The dawg snaps when you bite into it as most outstanding dogs do.

The colorful carhop attended, drive-up menu under a parking canopy

Your Superdawg is escorted by Superfries, crinkled potato slices that were the only thing we didn’t find super about this restaurant legend. The Superburger, especially when served on rye, might make your list of favorite burgers; it’s that darn good.

Libations are also super as in Supermalts and Supershakes served thick and cold. The Blackkow, part beverage and part dessert, features chunks of ice cream floating in a foamy sea of root beer. I’ve been told that you really haven’t been to Chicago unless you’ve been to Superdawg. I can now say I’ve been to Chicago and found it to be super!

Superdawg Drive-In
Milwaukee Avenue at Devon & Nagle
Chicago, Illinois
LATEST VISIT: 9 June 2004
COST: $$
BEST BET: Superdawg, Superburger, Blackkow, Supermalt

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