The Patio – Deming, New Mexico

The Patio in Deming, New Mexico

Drive past Deming on the interstate and you’ll be bypassing one of New Mexico’s little known gems, a city once bestowed the nickname “New Chicago” in anticipation of its burgeoning growth with the surge of railroad usage.  Although the population boom never happened, there is still much about Deming to enjoy as rock hunters, history buffs and anthropologists will attest.  One of its charms are the duck crossings on the main street through the city.  Deming is home to the great American duck race, an annual event for more than three decades.

One thing for which Deming has not been known is its burgers.  In fact, other than the ubiquitous LotaBurger,  there wasn’t a single burger joint representative on the New Mexico Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail in either 2009 or 2011.  Perhaps…no perhaps about it…there should have been.  The Patio, just east of downtown Deming, serves one of the very best green chile cheeseburgers in New Mexico.  The green chile cheeseburger is just one of fourteen burgers on the menu, not counting the innovative burger of the month.  May’s monthly honoree was a Salisbury steak burger complete with your choice of white or brown gravy and sauteed onions.

Green Chile Cheeseburger with Fries

The Patio is very much an old-fashioned mom and pop restaurant which still serves old-fashioned malts and milkshakes made with real ice cream and served cold.  You’ll find more than just the ubiquitous chocolate, vanilla and strawberry varieties here.  In fact, The Patio could probably challenge Sonic for the largest number of malt and shake flavors of any restaurant in New Mexico.  In terms of flavor, it would be no contest.  The Patio’s chocolate malt is the best I’ve had in years.

Each burger starts off at half a pound (eight ounces) of fresh 85% lean beef ground fresh daily and hand formed.  You’ll be hard-pressed to select from the menu of tempting burger choices, but if you don’t want a burger, you have your choice of sandwiches, hot dogs, homemade soups, salads, homemade desserts (such as Boston cream pie) and ice cream confections.  The Patio belies its size in providing a full-service restaurant with outdoor patio dining.  The Deming location launched in 2006, eight years after The Patio opened in Columbus, New Mexico

All beef hot dog
All beef hot dog

One of the requisite qualities to a great green chile cheeseburger is its moistness and The Patio’s version has plenty of juices.  Prepared at medium unless otherwise specified, this is not only a five napkin burger, it’s the type of burger for which a bib might be in order.  The green chile has a freshly roasted flavor and there’s plenty of it.  At about medium on Gil’s piquancy scale, it’s got just enough bite to be discernible, but not enough so you’re begging for a fire hose.  A generous amount of white cheese melts atop the green chile.  Tomatoes, onions, pickles and lettuce are provided on the side, but this is one burger which is best left unadorned so you can enjoy the interplay of beef and green chile. The burger is served with golden brown hand-cut fries.

The all beef hot dog is another winner.  Sliced in half and served two wieners per bun, you get plenty of all beef flavor grilled to perfection.  The bun is lightly toasted and soft with a sweet-savory flavor.  Served on the side so you can apply as much or as little of them as you wish are onions, relish and mustard packs.  The hot dog is so good you’ll want two or six of them.  Hot dogs are served with a side of Lays classic potato chips. 

For me, a side of row might be in order for all the times I’ve flown by Deming (at the posted legal speed limit, of course) and not explored its culinary offerings.  If The Patio is any indication, Deming diners are a happy lot.

The Patio Cafe
1521 S Columbus Road
Deming, New Mexico
(575) 546-5990
Facebook Page
LATEST VISIT: 28 June 2013
COST: $$
BEST BET: Green Chile Cheeseburger, French Fries, All Beef Hot Dog, Chocolate Malt, Chocolate Shake

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2 thoughts on “The Patio – Deming, New Mexico

  1. Even in a historical perspective what I am about to write sounds unbelievable. Everyone knows that all McDonalds are identically bland due to running all food through their patented flavor extractor. In the mid 70’s I hsd to attend a council meeting in Lordsburg and being hungry I asked the city administrator where he would recommend I eat.
    He asked, ” Do you like Mexican Food?” to which I replied in the affirmative. He hesitated then said “It is Friday night and you are from out of town and you would have to park several blocks away” You would be mugged before you got there. You should go to Deming”
    When I got to Deming I could find nothing open but the Holiday Inn so I stopped. The waitress told me that the kitchen had just closed. I asked what was open and she hesitated “I have lived here all my life and there isn’t any place.” I made a sandwich hours later in Albuquerque.
    A few weeks later I was back in Deming at a reasonable hour and stopped at the McDonalds for a Big Mac. To my stunned disbelief it was very good, far outside the formula and I made a point of stopping there several more times. I had not been back for years and cheerfully went by again. Apparently a McDonalds quality control enforcer had dropped by and enforced the corporate rules on mediocrity. I also found an exception to the McDonalds “quality” in Needles California because everything except the McDonalds looked revolting. The McDonalds turned out to be worse than the others looked.

  2. Looks yummy and must be good if it warrants the use of “ubiquitous” not once, but twice! *smile* thanks, Gil!

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