Fat Squirrel Pub & Grill – Rio Rancho, New Mexico (CLOSED)

The Fat Squirrel Pub & Grille

The quaint names given to English pubs are sometimes nearly as interesting as the reasons for which those names were bestowed. Take for example what is arguably England’s oldest pub, the Trip to Jerusalem. Built into the rock face under Nottingham Castle, the brewhouse has been offering sustenance and sanctuary to weary sojourners since before 1189. The genesis of its name comes from the fact that the inn served as a travel lodge in which crusaders relaxed–no doubt with a pint or eight–before heading off to battle the Saracens in the Holy Land.

Thee Fat Squirrel Pub & Grill in Rio Rancho, which launched in 2008, explains the genesis of its name this way: “The name Fat Squirrel comes from the old Turtle Mountain days. One of the brewers discovered that a squirrel had been stealing the grain from the alley and by the dumpster after brews were done. Gorging on the spent grain, the squirrel quickly became so fat that she had a hard time running around the parking lot and had taken to lying on her belly in the shade under cars. After the first winter she returned with her babies for the free and easy meals. In the English pub tradition, we decided to name this restaurant after her and serve a namesake English style IPA that we contract with Turtle Mountain.”

The bar top has 21,000 pennies
The bar top has 21,000 pennies

No trip across the English countryside would be complete without the entertaining travel game of finding the most unique pub name–or even better, the name with the best double-entendre, It’s easy to go into the gutter with suggestively connotative pub names which I won’t mention here since this is a family-friendly blog. You’ll find some of the same double-entendre within the cozy confines of the Fat Squirrel.

The Fat Squirrel Pub & Grille is located on Southern Boulevard just a few blocks east of Rio Rancho’s most popular microbrewery, the Turtle Mountain. In fact, the Fat Squirrel occupies the location which once housed Turtle Mountain. Where the original Turtle Mountain was crowded and cramped (compared to a fraternity house basement by the Albuquerque Beer Scene blog), the completely revamped edifice is spacious, upscale and classy (and not just in comparison to its predecessor). The Fat Squirrel was founded and operated by Rico and Liz Ortiz until 2011 when Greg and Nicole “Nicky” Villareal became co-owners. Nicky is also the heart and soul of Nicky V’s Neighborhood Pizzeria, a West side institution.

Fried Deliciousness: Black and Tan Onion Rings, Mushroom Caps, Pickles

The Fat Squirrel is patterned like an upscale English style pub. It is appointed with rich, dark oaks. The decor includes squirrel themed signage warning patrons to protect their nuts from the furry, long-tailed rodent for which the pub is named. Libation loving patrons might belly up to the penny bar (yes, a bar whose surface is covered in some 20,000 pennies) while guests wanting their favorite pub grub might choose to sit in one of the comfortable booths. Laminated maps of the United States festoon each of the tables in the booths. This would make Miss Teen South Carolina very happy because of her concern for people in our nation who don’t have maps and therefor can’t find the United States on a map of the world.

The Fat Squirrel has undergone some changes since Nicky V took over, but for the most part, the restaurant has retained the charm and personality which has made it a Rio Rancho favorite. A full bar menu now welcomes guests who enjoy adult beverages–guests such as the “Geeks Who Drink” who visit the Fat Squirrel on Tuesdays for some spirited trivia.

The El McGoldrick with black and tan onion rings
The El McGoldrick with black and tan onion rings

29 February 2016: The starters portion of the menu is intriguing and diverse with such unique offerings as schnitzel strips and a Southern favorite, fried vegetables (black and tan onion rings, pickle strips, mushroom caps). The fried vegetables are beer battered and served with a creamy ranch dressing made in-house. It’s an outstanding ranch dresssing. Quintessentially Southern, the pickles are not the small, thin-sliced brined dills the type of which you’ll find on burgers, but thicker, longer strips sheared from whole pickles. The batter is crispy and adheres well to the pickles as it does to the other veggies. The black and tan onion rings are excellent and even the mushroom caps are notable. While this appetizer may seem a bit anachronistic, a throwback to the 70s, the Fat Squirrel does such a good job with their vegetables that you’ll order them again and again.

8 January 2012: When we lived in England, we grew to love mussels steamed in cider (the hard stuff), but have yet to encounter that unique flavour combination anywhere in the colonies. White wine seems to be the most common agent used in New Mexico where it’s paired with anything from saffron to garlic to green chile. At the Fat Squirrel, Belgian style mussels–an entire pound of them–are steamed in beer and garlic butter with green onions, tomatoes and onions served with Parmesan crostini. The most prominent flavor notes are of saltiness, oft a consequence of cooking with beer. We also missed the fun and deliciousness of dunking soft bread into the broth. While the crostini reconstituted when dunked into the broth, it also broke apart.

Fish and chips

15 October 2013: Sandwiches and burgers play a prominent role in the menu. All burgers are Angus beef, cooked to your desired level and served with your choice of French Fries, Coleslaw, Side Salad, or Black and Tan Onion Rings (for a pittance more). Lettuce, tomato, and onion served upon request at no charge. Burgers are available at third-pound or half-pound sizes. My favorite Burger is the El McGoldrick, named for my friend Larry McGoldrick, the professor with the perspicacious palate and an avowed burger aficionado. This burger is prepared “competition style” meaning it isn’t adorned with anything but beef, cheese and green chile. The patty is prepared on the flat top, topped with Cheddar cheese and roasted Hatch green chile, just the way Larry likes it. You can have extras if you’d like, but it’s a darn good burger just as Larry likes it.

13 December 2008: It seems most English styled American pubs serve fish and chips, but it’s a rare find whose fish and chips have a modicum of semblance to what you’d find in one of the thousands of fish and chip shops in the United Kingdom. Like many of those, the Fat Squirrel deep fries battered haddock filets and while they’re not quite like we were used to when we lived in England, they’re pretty darn good. For one thing, when your fork punctures the golden sheened beer batter, you actually encounter light, flaky and delicious haddock, not more batter. For another, the batter is crispy yet thin enough to allow good penetration from malt vinegar. You can ask for one, two or three fillets (you’ll want at least two). The Fat Squirrel’s fish and chips are the favorite of Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos, a frequent and valued contributor to this blog.


The “chips” component of choice in the fish and chips combination served in most American pubs seems to be French fries, usually out-of-the bag which means thin, desiccated and tasteless. Some American pubs serve steak fries which are thicker and larger than the chips served in the United Kingdom, but which offer little in terms of taste. The Fat Squirrel’s chips aren’t quite steak fries, but they’re thicker, more substantial and much better tasting than French fries from a bag. They’re also perfect hosts for malt vinegar.

30 September 2009: Fittingly, the quintessential English comfort food is also available at the Fat Squirrel. That would be shepherd’s pie, sirloin tips served with vegetables and gravy topped with homemade red-skinned mashed potatoes and Cheddar cheese. On the one instance in which I had this entry, the vegetables were slightly undercooked, but otherwise this dish has some semblance to shepherd’s pie we’ve had in England. My preference would have been for lamb or mutton, but the sirloin tips are tender and delicious.

Shepherd's Pie
Shepherd’s Pie

8 January 2012: Jaegerschnitzel isn’t something we saw often during our frequent forays into British gastropub dining so it was a pleasant surprise to see the “hunter’s cutlets” on the menu. The breaded and pan-fried pork cutlet is fork-tender and perfectly prepared, but what makes Jaegerschnitzel special is the “hunter sauce,” variations of which usually make this dish an adventure. The Fat Squirrel’s hunter sauce is replete with chopped mushrooms in a tangy brown gravy. The Jaegerschnitzel is served with housemade red-skinned mashed potatoes and a smoky apple cabbage. We didn’t get much of the “smokiness,” but thoroughly enjoyed the sweet-tartness of the apple cabbage.

29 February 2016: Another anachronistic dish Fat Squirrel does very well is Beef Stroganoff, which has largely gone the way of such 70s terms as groovy, spaz and far out. There are probably fewer than a half dozen restaurants in the Duke City area that serve this dish which was so very popular in the 70s. A large bowl brimming with tender, chunky beef in a sour cream sauce with mushrooms and egg noodles will remind you why Beef Stroganoff was such a popular comfort food favorite throughout the decade. The noodles are buttery and delicious, but it’s the bite-sized bits of beefy deliciousness which evokes feelings of nostalgia among those of us who loved this dish in its halcyon days and continue to love it today.

Beef Stroganoff

A few visits to this Rio Rancho pub and grill just might have its guests resembling the well-fed Squirrel for which the pub is named.

Fat Squirrel Pub & Grille
3755 Southern Blvd, S.E.
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
LATEST VISIT: 29 February 2016
COST: $$
BEST BET: Potato Bread Pudding, The El McGoldrick Burger, Fish and Chips, Shepherd’s’ Pie, Jaegerschnitzel, Beef Stroganoff, Fried Vegetables, Black and Tan Onion Rings,

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39 thoughts on “Fat Squirrel Pub & Grill – Rio Rancho, New Mexico (CLOSED)

  1. Since this deceased Pub is now the location of the 1933 Brewing company it might as well be listed as “Gone but not forgotten.”

  2. Ditto on Gil’s note, but pardon and Larry (the professor with the perspicacious palate and Dazzling Deanell): it is due to “brewery construction”. Indeed, the plywood covering one area of the front windows (where the private party room was) looks ominous, but the dining side didn’t look cleared of furnishings as per last night. The posting also did not say anything about “Coming Soon” as if a new owner, but….

    1. Any updates on whether Fat Squirrel is still closed for construction or closed for good? Google and Yelp both have it permanently closed. If it’s just construction, any idea of what the approximate reopening date/month may be?

      1. Alas Marcia, drove by before 5 last night, but no one around. Same sign is on the glass front door about sorry for inconvenience RE under construction of brewery. Noticed a single garage door built into the side which I don’t think was there before. Chairs/tables continue to be stacked in the dining room.

        1. After indulging myself up the street at Joe’s Pasta House, I saw there was a worker herein, so I stopped.
          Indeed work continues, but I did see vats or whatever the big steel thingies are called for brewing beer seemed to be all set up in the former private party room.
          Alas the worker, being discrete as one finds less and less of in today’s world, could not elaborate where progress was, but did confim that Nicole and Greg Villarael continue as the owners! Nicole is the previous effusive owner of Nicky V’s on Coors that suffered the misfortune of having a landlord who dragged feet in getting repairs done due to a traffic accident closing use of the building.

  3. Drove by here this past Friday night. Place was dark and the parking lot was empty! Does anybody know what happened??

    1. I have it from the best of sources (my friends Larry McGoldrick, the professor with the perspicacious palate and Dazzling Deanell) that the Fat Squirrel is down, but not out. Larry and Deanell stopped at the Fat Squirrel today and read the notice on the front door indicating the Fat Squirrel is temporarily closed for construction work on the bar.

      It does appear, however, that the Fat Squirrel Facebook page is out for the count…and the Squirrel’s phone mailbox is full. I would certainly recommend that a pre-recorded message be posted to explain the current construction.

      1. I agree with you, Gil. Also they should have updated their Facebook page explaining the situation instead of getting rid of it altogether. When you Google this place you’ll see that it says “Permanently Closed.” So other people have been left with the wrong impression as well.

  4. Alas, it had been several weeks since I had my first Non A-one plank of Fish, which I noted to my waitgal as having been overcooked. While she offered to replace it at the time, I had muddled through enough of it to not accept the offer. I know, perhaps I lapsed too much in thinking ‘mistakes do happen’.

    Upon a return several days ago, there just didn’t seem to be the size of a crowd for a Friday night nor the craic “of years gone by” that was part of what I thought and touted was the best Fish n Chips in Metro ABQ. Not sure what was up with several of the screens being gone either. Alas, the appearance/texture/taste of my one plank Fish had even changed completely. When asked if Nicky V was around, I was told she wasn’t known by the waitstaff as the owner.

    Sadly, I must remove my Incomparable rating of 8 years, while hoping someone might challenge my experience with their fresher experience.

    1. Sorry to hear the fish & chips weren’t up to par when you visited, Bob. A friend and I were there this afternoon and really enjoyed our fish & chips. Had the El McGoldrick a couple of weeks ago and it was excellent! A big part of that was the green chile actually had enough heat to get one’s attention. Maybe it was an inept cook when you visited who has since been replaced.

  5. OMG…Slainte! and Happy 7th Anniversary of my enjoying ‘my 1st’ Fat Squirrel Fish n Chips….with a PBR… per my initial visit of 12/08. WOW! The same incrustation of a batter-fried piece of fish continues as in days of RR’s yore as I enjoyed (almost) as from in my youth!
    Alas, times have changed: Casey (the Mr. Carson of Downton Abbey*) now continues his “service” at Indigo Crow! Whoa! My Jennifer Garner-Affleck Doppelganger has returned from her “adventures” up North…that I’ve “discovered” her a few days ago at Scalo’s!
    * (Remember, and how sadly, the Final Season of DA premiers Jan 3rd on PBS!!!)

  6. Just a reliability note, i.e. re consistency: Deliciously Fried Fish! & the Chips continue up to par. PS: the F & C are served every night, not just Fridays!

  7. Pardon a bit of the Nostalgia per having Commented…OMG now 6 years ago…12/08!!! lest I forget per a visit a week ago…Kudos to Fat Squirrel and now solely of Nicky V (of Nicky V’s Pizzeria fame http://www.nickyvs.com/)and her SO, for continuing to offer a superbly battered, fried Fish as in the genre of Fish n Chips! Salud and Cin Cin!!!

  8. Never say never! Checking up, I find the Chips now, while not the original ones, are a grand improvement to those of the recent past…a nice golden, firm, non greasy* crispness…to once again make this the A1 Fish & Chips plate. I also espied my old PBR is back on the beer list, but as noted elsewhere, I’m dropping it per it now being under Russian ownership. On a sad note, Casey, my long serving waitguy with an almost old world professionalism, has moved on to what I’m sure will be the delight of those who dine at….. Indigo Crow!…Saludos a su éxito!
    *(Orange Julius in LA used to have the best, non-limpy, greasiest of fries!)

  9. Was going to make this my 5th year anniversary note of exuberant reliability. Alas something is amiss. Albeit I haven’t been in a couple of months, didn’t recognize any staff, which I’d previously noted was a welcomed consistency at FS, particularly including a guy with a manner akin to professional waitstaff of years ago. (In essence, robots have replaced the prior crew, IMHO.)
    – What? PBR is No More in their multitude of ‘Taps’? Is that ‘code’ for we don’t want a certain clientele…The “Hipster”? Google ‘PBR popularity’. E.g. “Basically, as Chuck Ellis, the head of Restaurant Sciences, put it, PBR has become “quite fashionable.” This has allowed bars and restaurants to get away with charging more for the beer’s low-price peers.” (5/13)
    – Lighting: Maybe this is a new trend in ‘pubs/bistros’ I’m not in on, but what’s with the lighting over the bar underneath which I could easily do micro- neuro or vascular surgery?
    – Chips: So sad; I noticed a couple of months ago they’d changed from what looked like ‘home’ sliced (that were in fact needing help as they were getting a tad unctuous/limp) to ones you’d get a fast food…alas, after waiting for them to come up to speed in how to fry, I’d have preferred to stop and gotten a bag of Mickey D’s on the way over! The Plank: still a pretty good batter and size, but…something was lacking. While I found a buck increase acceptable after 4 years, the current platter lacks the Gestalt it once had.
    Bottom line: my enthusiasm for FS has dimmed which is a bit sad especially in light of what new (sole) owner Nicky has offered in another restaurant venture. On the other hand, folks seem to be blithely chowing down mid-week which goes to question my taste…LOL

  10. Tried this place yesterday after an ill-advised Black Friday trip to Cottonwood Mall. The El McGoldrick was fantastic! I will return and try the fish and chips. The service was excellent – not a thing wrong with this place!

  11. I have only had the Fish & Chips here, it has been some time since i visited, but I would say they are the best I have ever had. I can only echo Bob’s positive review earlier in the thread.

  12. Slawncheh! (as in Slainte!) i.e. Salud! Skol! Na zdrowie! JM&J has it been that long in getting back to Two Fools for a 2nd time comparison of Fish n Chips??!! I’m sorry.
    – Whoa! going for lunch? Best a few minutes B 4 as this obviusly appreciated place on Route 66′s in Nob Hill fills up quick for The Craig, food, and munificent offerings of brewskis (pardon more mingling of ethnicities.) As my daughter was fronting the feast and I didn’t have to watch me dollars….I opted for a Carlsberg brew from long ago instead of me usual PBR or Hamm’s…afterall, ain’t they all the same? Whoa, besides producing fine Blonds and furniture (Ok, I’ll throw in my Danish Ex), them Danes produce a superbly tasty as well as hearty/full bodied brew!!! Quite a contrast to a smooooooth Guiness.
    – But I digress: Chips/Fries: don’t know what they be thinking….McD’s beats ‘em hands down! Slaw: nice, but needs a bigger ramekin thereof. Fish Batter and tartar sauce: fine if ya live on the Eastside, but if U B really honestly “into” FnC, ya gotta take 528 up to Southern in Rio Rancho to go left 2ish blocks to The Fat Squirrel to try at least a one planker (add more later per appetite if ya agree)…tell ‘em ya came all that way as I sent ya. (I’m neither akin, nor having a tete-a-tete, nor un affaire de coeur with any of them!!!and stand to be corrected.) Took a bite of my offspring’s Reuben…nice. At least could get my mouth open for it. (Alas, doesn’t beat the NY Stage Deli’s!!! Eeek! I now see they’re closed after 75 years http://tinyurl.com/d5e3v6l …Shalom! Hopefully, its offspring that started at the Forum Shoppes in Vegas is fairing well having had to move to the MGM nowadays!!! (As stated elsewhere, I envision their Reuben approximates for a Guy, what a piece of chocolate does for a Gal at times!!!!)
    – Be all that as it may and again, I’d really welcome 2s into the Village if not reviving the old Cooperage West (Elliot’s now)at 528/Coors-Corrales, as I’m sure some of The Visionary Gumbas would come down from the hilltop at night for good Craig and food! as well as Pocket-Protector types from Intel at Noon.)

  13. Say, have I mentioned the Fish n Chips per the batter, prep, and tartar sauce? FS continues (almost 4 yrs.) as my Go-To Place for FnC.

  14. Some nights the Corned Beef is very good, and some nights it is excellent. Always tasty. Forget potatos and double up on the great cabbage with apple. Unusual, and fine tasting.

    Fine beer selection.

    This is one of our Friday night comfort places. ♥

  15. Freebie Alert!

    The Fat Squirrel admonishes us on their Tees to “Watch Your Nuts” like any good squirrel should. As such, they offer whereby after 7 Acorns (entrees) noted on your Squirrel Rewards Card (ask for details) you get a FREE acorn!!! As such (after paying only a buck difference beyond the limit) I was lured away from my Fish n Chips to enjoy their 6 oz Filet. Ok Ok! it’s not Morton’s (oh come on, what IS and who wants to pay such a bounty, let alone find an M in The Q?) Alas, this be my first venture from the Tried n True, I found this entrée offering was a) Sabrosa as only a Filet should be (along with my choice of a garlic butter dollop), b) “perfectly” pink (and Oh… uncharred!), c) well complimented with a melange of veggies and a Sweet Potato con Honey Whiskey Butter, and d) just the right size to sate my appetite! Oops! Did I say tender and mention I feared going home without a doggy bag for my Cat?

  16. Yo…as I’ve done a year end follow-up before…LOL…certainly can’t skip noting another great year of Consistency per Fish n Chips, PBR, and the Great Staff @ FS ! (Alas, for anyone looking for the Jen Garner look-a-like, she’s apparently off to Utah per a love interest.) Prospero Ano Nuevo!

  17. Sounds like a real bad experience Cornelius and I can understand and empathize with how burnt up you are…pardon the pun! Per your ‘work experience’ and Googling a trailer of “Waiting”, I hear where you’re coming from in getting things “corrected”. Alas, I’ve shivered when returning my car to a mechanic for “unfinished” work and hope I go gently into the night before having to confront a surgeon about an op gone wrong…LOL As I like to “share” my concerns about what a politician is up or not up to, I am always going around watching my back.
    Bottom line: sorry you had that bad experience as my many fish have been great.

  18. Bob, the steak was completely burnt on the one side. One side had nice grill marks the other side was completely black. We didnt have to cut into it to see that is well beyond well done.
    Have you seen the movie “Waiting”. I have worked in a restaurant and seen what happens to returned orders. I will never send anything back. I simply choose to spend my time and money elsewhere next time just as you are free to support FS.

  19. Yo Corny: (Disclaimer: I’ve neither a $$$ nor amorous relationship with owners or staff of FS. While I’m glad to read someone with Y’all had a “good” F&Cs, I’m disappointed to read about the steak experience, albeit I’ve never had one there. I will certainly stop spending my money there (after about two years of chowing down on great F&Cs), if you are to verify that you were blown away by Staff or Liz when you advised them of your partially burnt steak. While I’m no restauranteur, I’d think an excellent…not just good…product and service is what they aspire to in order to survive their business and career in these tight times! Alas, while a shoppe keeper may depend on a Cooker and a WaitPerson to assess their product, I think they also depend in part on US to let them know as no one can look inside of a steak, enchilada, margarita, etc. to judge the quality of the product….IMHO!!!! Looking forward to your follow-up!

  20. Fish and chips were good but our medium steak was burnt on one side. Not sure how a chef could send that out. Staff looks like they are on parole. Service was spotty. Maybe we caught them on a bad day.

  21. At a gathering of La Familia for brunch following the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, a niece and her Squeeze gave a thumbs up regarding dining at Two Fools in general which reminded me that “Jen” would have given them a best-around for their Fish n Chips until trying Fat Squirrel’s (FS). Trying to be Fair n Balanced, I hit 2 Fools last night.
    Hands down, I’ll give 2 Fools a huge A+ for their interior setting AND colorful facade for adding a nice touch to the funky (are we still using that word?) neo-deco of Nob Hill’s stretch of Route 66. As an early evening venture in mid week, t‘was a lite crowd which still let me feel the craic, as Gil noted. I’d love to have 2 Fools 2 close by in the North Valley. Mature folks might feel intimidated to venture in per it seeming to be a college crowd place as its close to UNM, i.e. as they fondly remember Casa Luna or Jacks or…OMG, Oakies!….LOL. They need not hesitate however, as there were several of us on-scene. Alas, re the Fish n Chips: a nice size piece, but a bit on the thin side. The batter: doesn’t come close to The Squirrel’s for taste, thickness, and texture which makes this classic what it is. In contrast to Jen’s note re “greasy”, I’d checked once that they do use ’healthy’ cooking oil and besides, I’d rather not have a dry batter. (At another local place, I swear on me mother’s gravestone, that the batter they used was what you find on a typical corn dog….oooeee!)
    To me, haddock, cod, whatever tends to be a bit blah which is why, I suspect, the batter comes in to play as an inducement to eat the fish. In addition, there is the tartar sauce. Alas, I don’t know what accompanied mine at 2 Fools; I would’ve even preferred having brought a jar from a store. FS’ is like no other and with a tang of New Mexico. And the Chips? Again, FS’ hand-cut Chips with the skin, stands supreme. The Apple-Cole Slaw at 2’s is a nice touch however. Nevertheless, and with a Thanks to me niece, I will have to go back to try another of Two’s fun-looking fare as well as for the craic. Slaan-cheh

  22. I have been going to Fat Squirrel since they opened, and have never had a bad meal there. I liked everything I have tried, including the Monte Cristo, which you can’t find at too many other places anymore. My favorite is the (don’t remember exact name of the sandwich) a french dip type roast beef sandwich. I recommend the Fat Squirrel.

  23. Today, Sunday, I gave the Fat Squirrel a try at 11:46 am. The place slowly filled with patrons on a Sunday. I tried the Fish & Chips with Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) tap. PBR one might think. Well, yes, PBR light enough for the Fish & Chips. Delicious. Previously, I would have recommended Two Fools for Fish & Chips, but so bland compared to the Fat Squirrel. A bit more greasy, but much more flavorful. Will give it a second try. The atmosphere is one of olde ironish England with tasteful eighties music–the ones cool enough to rock to without being in your face. The staff asked for i.d. but I felt like asking for the staff’s i.d. because they appeared to be a couple of years out of high school. Will give a second and third try.

  24. Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos

    Well Gilly, I thought it only appropriate…as I approach my one year anniversary of dining at The Fat Squirrel (a short jaunt up in Rio Rancho)…to update the reliability of my experience (see above) over the past year. Alas, except for an acknowledgement to my roots in March by having the Corn Beef n Cabbage…and not wishing to cast aspersions on the other offerings people seem to chow down on while sitting at one of the two community counters instead of their tables n booths …I’ve stayed with about 24 to 36 offerings of Fish n Chips. As such, I can only wonder if they spike them with some “secret” ingredient. Going beyond that, I found that their least expensive serve of beer, inexplicably, is Pabst Blue Ribbon which brought back memories of my Dad watching the Friday Night Fights of yore…that’s not to take away from there secret daily beeya (price-wise) Specials. Eh…to me, a non connoisseur who albeit lived within a stone’s throw of the Harvard Brewery, I still find it to be a great beeya, as one might say back in the Baastan area. (Yo…a six pack is also an unbelievable bargain at the take out of the Quarters!)
    In addition, IMHO, the Squirrel owners must compensate Staff respectfully, as Staff have remained consistent throughout the year and now graciously accost me with “Hey, How are ya? One Plank and a PBR tonight?” Reminds me of my old days stopping in to Cheers.
    Eh, did you know that: 1) in addition to their regular delightful staff, they’ve employed a Jennifer Garner look-a-like there? 2) there is no way you can count all the pennies in the counter of the bar in one sitting? 3) they have wine tastings every other week? 4) the au-reality view of the chefs cooking is just the latest in hi-tech, 3-D video produced at Los Alamos Labs? 5) One of the hottest, NewsCasterettes of The Q sups there on occasion? 6) There is an El Dia de Fiesta sin un Nombre tree currently on display there? And 7) most importantly, your waitperson does not ask you “Do you want change?”, but as wait staff of yore said, “I’ll bring your change back in a moment.”
    Oh heck….pardon my break with PC convention….Feliz Navidad Gilberto!

  25. I’m from England. The fish and chips are very good. The steak lunch is the right price for a good size portion. Better then Outback and much cheaper. Go try it.

  26. Have been to the Fat Squirrel Pub & Grill one time, about two weeks ago. I had the Reuben sandwich, and the Turtle Mountain Pale Ale. The food was good. The service was good. The portion sizes were large, everyone (three of us) had take home food.

    We were actually looking for a light snack, and we all overate.

    We will be back…

  27. I must say the atmosphere is quite nice & the food is just great! I grew up in a town with very few chain restaurants, where I was used to personalized menus & great “home-made” food. I live very close by the Fat Squirrel & it reminds me of home! I can’t wait to try everything the Squirrel has to offer. Now, for the fun stuff!! My wife & I ate there for the first time recently. We were in a quite pleasant mood, nothing could bring us down!! Our server was a woman, probably in her mid forties, who seemed as if this was her first ever job in the front-of-the-house or perhaps first ever job in a restaurant! Including our table she had 2 other tables & she really was having a time of it! It was actually quite entertaining! We ate our appetizers & were served our entrees, I with my Montecristo & my lovely wife with the RoastBeef sandwich (I forget the name). This is where I really got a kick out of it! My Montecristo was served cut into 4 pieces, nicely laid on the plate. Just as I finished the first piece of my sandwich our server came to the table and asked if there was anything else we needed, or if we needed boxes for our food. We both replied no, not yet at-least and then she gave us our check! I told her we were still eating & were just served about 5 minutes prior. She mumbled incoherently as she was walking away: “I just wanted to know if you needed boxes”. Poor ol’ girl! She must have been overwhelmed with her 3 tables!! It was dinner & a show for the price of one!! Anyhoo, it was great & we will definitely be back!

  28. While I’m constantly on guard for hawkers trying to set me up for The Lucy-Holding-Football scam when it comes to “This place has the Best Fish & Chips”, your reputation suckered me into giving you your one and only chance at being an expert in regard to ‘Fish ‘n Chips‘.

    Before I forget, I had no trouble parking out front….well OK, it was in front of the salon next door and it was about 5:30, well before the mall would be closing with only 5 days to Christmas or El Dia de Fiesta Sin Un Nombre.

    First off, my anticipation was heightened by an extra cold glass served for my bottle of beer. Then Geesh….I’ve never seen 2 planks of fish that big before ! What ? 3 by 6 inches? Alas and Kudos… the crispy deep fried batter approached what I’ve been searching for since my youth a hundred years ago in a hole in the wall shoppe in Massachusetts. It was soooo good the guy only had to be open on Fridays apparently in those Meatless Friday days of yore, to make a living. In contrast to you, I’d prefer a more overall thickness of batter tho….come on Gil, that’s half the fun, otherwise why not just get a piece of haddock that’s naked….LOL

    Yes, the tartar sauce was good and while I’d prefer it a tad thicker, its uniqueness countered that.

    Normally I have a conservative appetite and thus can take a portion of dining outings home to my cat. Sorry Kitty, no Styrofoam box tonight.

    Kudos for keeping the skin on the Chips….a major source of nutrients of potatoes.

    Next stop for sure….The Reuben and then The Pastrami!

    Lastly, a Mega Kudos to my wait_Dude…for not asking “Do you want change?” …the most pushy of Tip Scams of late that really needs to go in order not to reduce my gratuity.

    Feliz Navidad & Bon Appetit

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