Kaktus Brewing Company – Bernalillo & Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Kaktus Brewing Company in Bernalillo

Most of us have known a wine snob or two. You know the type. They refer to themselves as oenophiles, a fancy way of saying “connoisseur or lover of wines.” They believe themselves to possess refined palates and won’t drink a wine that isn’t as cultured as they are. Even then, they first have to check the color and opacity of the wine. Then they twirl their glass for ten minutes or so before sticking their nose into the glass (like anteaters at an ant hole) and sniffing the wine noisily. They then proudly proclaim the wine has notes of oak, berries or butter. Their next step is to gargle with the wine, sloshing it between their cheeks and gums before finally imbibing of its delicate flavors and proclaiming it worthy.

In recent years, another adult beverage snob has arisen to give oenophiles some competition in the haughtiness department. They’re called “cerevisaphiles,” a term that refers to beer enthusiasts. Cerevisaphiles turn their nose up at Pabst Blue Ribbon and other “pedestrian swill.” As with their oenophile counterparts, the cerevisaphiles pride themselves on their discerning palates. They will drink no beer before or after its time and are careful to note its appearance (color, head density) and aroma before sipping (yes, sipping) it and contemplating its worthiness. Where the snobbiest and most well-heeled of oenophiles pride themselves on wine cellars, cerevisaphiles (like my friend Ruben) take pride in brewing their own.

The artsy compound
The artsy compound

That, my dear readers, is this gastronome’s feeble attempt to use humor and stereotypes to exploit the misconceptions behind the much maligned, much misunderstood talents and passions of oenophiles and cerevisaphiles. Most oenophiles and cerevisaphiles I know (including some of my best friends) are actually very down-to-earth and uncommonly modest. They’re justifiably proud of their bona fide gifts and abilities to discern and appreciate wine and beer in ways plebeians like me aren’t fully capable of doing. Where I’m mildly jealous is that sometimes their gifts and abilities extend to the culinary realm. With their enhanced taste buds and olfactory senses, they can discern nuances and subtleties in foods better than I can. For all I know, they even have better vocabularies, too.

Dana Koller is one such person. Born into a family which included talented chefs, Dana couldn’t help but develop a passion for quality foods. He parlayed his passions and precocious experiences in the food and beverage industries toward entrepreneurial channels, founding a marketing platform for local restaurants, bars, breweries and wineries throughout central and northern New Mexico. He also launched indulgenm.com, a Web site celebrating the Land of Enchantment’s wines. Although wine is his true passion, Dana’s refined palate also appreciates good beer.

Sit with the cast of Breaking Bad
Sit with the cast of Breaking Bad

Seeing an untapped opportunity in Bernalillo, Dana partnered with brew master Mike Waddy to launch Kaktus Brewing Company in October, 2013. In the vernacular of the brewing industry, Kaktus is a nano-brewery in that it brews only about 500 total barrels a year. Kaktus, named for the German spelling of the word “cactus,” is also unique in that all beer is brewed on steel, flat-bottomed German-made equipment which allows for lighter style lagers without compromising on the quality of other beers. This Lilliputian brewery uses all natural and organic ingredients in its beer. As you enter Kaktus, you can take a self-guided-tour of the brewery.

You have to get there first and that can be a bit tricky. Kaktus is located on South Hill Road, a lightly trafficked, relatively unknown two-lane west of and which essentially parallels I-25. It’s about half a mile from the Railrunner and lies in what seems to be part industrial complex, part residential area with a couple of trailer parks along the way. A single sign depicting Kokopelli points the way to the brewery. Signage not withstanding, you might still wonder if you entered a kitschy art compound instead of a brewery. Then there’s the brewery itself. There’s none of the pristine veneer or effusive, over-the-top flamboyance of the typical brew pub to lure in patrons.

All Natural Buffalo Frito Pie
All Natural Buffalo Frito Pie

Instead, Kaktus resembles a somewhat austere converted home to which is attached a canopied patio, ostensibly for use when weather permits it. If you choose not to take the self-guided tour, you’ll step into a brightly illuminated room where you’ll espy Dana Koller manning the brewery taps behind the bar. What will almost immediately catch your eye are the chairs and stools. Carved onto the chairs on one six-person table is the cast of Breaking Bad. The four stools on another table (which will probably be most popular among male patrons) pays tributes to the “dollys:” Salvadore Dali, the Dalai Lama and of course, Dolly Parton. The Dolly Parton stool is a bit uncomfortable because of a couple of a couple of wooden “protuberances” that won’t let you sit up straight.

4 January 2014: Primarily a brewery in which patrons can gather together leisurely and enjoy high quality beer, Kaktus hasn’t neglected the gustatory needs of its guests, offering a small, but inviting menu. As with the beer menu (eight beers on tap), the food menu focuses on quality. The first item on the menu is a homemade all-natural buffalo Frito pie (Fritos corn chips, sour cream, onion, Cheddar cheese). It’s not a conventional Frito pie, at least from a New Mexico standpoint. The “chile” is black bean chipotle chile and it’s seasoned with bay leaf, oregano and coriander stewed with all-natural bison, cumin, sea salt and peppers.


If, like me, you’ve been so inundated with hot dogs obfuscated by everything but the kitchen sink, Kaktus is your hook-up, offering build-your-own hot dogs and brats. Build your own starts with selecting your own dog or brat from an alluring selection: buffalo chile dog; Elk, Cheddar and Jalapeno Brat; All-Natural Beef Dog; Duck and Cilantro Game Sausage; and Wild Boar Game Sausage. Next you select your choice of bun: baguette or pretzel and lastly your favorite toppings: mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut, garlic, onions and relish. You even get to specify whether you want your mustard or ketchup spread light, medium or heavy. Green chile and curry ketchup are available for a pittance. All brats and dogs are served with chips and salsa.

To ensure the quality he wants, Dana sources the brats and dogs from Colorado. Great choice! The three we sampled were “restore my faith in brats and dogs” good! They were “can’t wait to sample others” good! The brats are “Wisconsin good” and in the Badger State, brats are almost a religion. Kaktus’s brats are thick and meaty sausages incorporating a blend of old world German spices with the aforementioned contemporary twists. They snap when you bite into the casing, releasing moist, smoky deliciousness. These brats are so thick that even the chewy pretzel bun is challenged to hold it in, especially if you add anything more than mustard.

Duck and Cilantro Game Sausage on Pretzel Bun Hickory Smoked Wild Boar Game Sausage
Duck and Cilantro Game Sausage on Pretzel Bun
Hickory Smoked Wild Boar Game Sausage

4 January 2014: After only one visit, the wild boar game sausage has quickly become my very favorite exotic hot dog in the Land of Enchantment. Credit some of that to the hickory smoke flavor impregnating this behemoth between a pretzel bun. The hickory smoke is more than noticeable, but it doesn’t mask the feral, but fabulous flavor of the wild boar which, by the way, isn’t quite as sweet or as fatty as domestic pork. Boar meat is also a bit darker and more coarse, but otherwise shares a similar flavor profile to pork. If you love pork-based hot dogs, you’ll love the wild boar game sausage.

4 January 2014: We admire the monogamous commitment and beauty of ducks so much, it sometimes makes it difficult to fully enjoy the wonderful watery fowl, one of my very favorite proteins. The duck and cilantro game sausage means I’m no closer to giving up my guilt-edged enjoyment of duck. This is an outstanding sausage! It’s not nearly as fatty as some duck entrees tend to be while the cilantro lends the element of an invigorating freshness to the sausage. As with the other hot dogs, this one is long and thick, reminiscent of the “fifteen schnitzengruben” sausages in Blazing Saddles.

Curry Dog: All Natural Beef Dog with Housemade Curry Sauce
Top: Curry Dog: All Natural Beef Dog with Housemade Curry Sauce
Bottom: Wild Boar Game Sausage

3 February 2014: Throughout Chicago, using ketchup on a hot dog is considered a desecration akin to scrawling graffiti on Mike Ditka’s countenance. It just isn’t done! Customers wanting to exercise their freedom to choose ketchup are either refused (Superdawg Drive-In comes to mind) or gruffly handed a bottle and told to apply it themselves. One wonders if Kaktus’s curry sauce would even be given a shot. My Chicago in-laws will probably consider it heresy, but I believe this curry sauce would improve even the sacrosanct Vienna hot dogs. It’s a very nice curry with a good depth of flavor complexity.

Not being a certified cerevisaphiles, I can’t vouch for what beer goes well with what brats or dog. What I can vouch for with much alacrity is that Kaktus Brewing Company has hot dogs which go well with any carnivorous appetite.

Kaktus Brewing Company
471 South Hill Road
Bernalillo, New Mexico
(505) 379.5072
LATEST VISIT: 3 February 2014
1st VISIT: 4 January 2014
COST: $$
BEST BET: Knockwurst, Duck and Cilantro Game Sausage on Pretzel Bun, Hickory Smoked Wild Boar Game Sausage, Curry Dog

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24 thoughts on “Kaktus Brewing Company – Bernalillo & Albuquerque, New Mexico

  1. B-A-L
    Was there something you, Schuyler, or I missed in the fifteen things we didn’t know about PBR which stated how good it was except they won a blue ribbon when there were maybe 3 beers in the competition?
    Cheese? So what, who cares? Do you actually read these reference sites or do you assume they support your point of view?
    Remember YOUR reference which stated “it (PBR) tasted like —t” and the increased popularity was the result of the swill being a cheap buzz for the young drinker being hurt by their elected officials doing nothing to help them?
    That was something not listed in the 15, now was it?
    It would clear things up if you’d come clean and admit cost comes before flavor.
    You can’t take it with you, might as well treat yourself better than save it for your afterlife, and I doubt they serve PBR where you’re headed………wherever that may be. Whoa, LOL.
    Man up, B-A-L, man up.

  2. Bravo! Kudos to the Schuy, a person of Taste! Oy vey, I see we already have a shot by you know who!!!
    ~ Site was great! Loved the Swayze vid. The Costanza pic was actually from a video too http://tinyurl.com/o6p2w98 . I’ve heard, speaking of Costanza, that he took a swig of PBR in the last scene where he showed his love of pastrami http://tinyurl.com/kpvauly, but it was censored cuz ya didn’t show beer before 9PM in those days!
    ~ Pardon lest I noted this before, but I grew up about a mile from this craft brew place http://tinyurl.com/n97zes7 which, in size and bombasticness, would put the current craft joynts to shame! Lo, what ever happened to such great serving trays http://tinyurl.com/nnhnjkd? Besides PBR, Ballentines (which Marty Crane endorsed) and Narragensett were great competitors! Ha ha, never had either as I went off to college where my first beer was something called KEG beer and then a malt beer I can’t remember…LOL.

  3. Whoa, OMG, albeit, LOL, Kaktus is a brewery not a swill joint catering to the youths of the area on very tight budgets looking for a cheap buzz.

  4. I made to Kaktus Brewery this afternoon. Interesting location. It certainly deserves the title “hidden gem”.
    It’s local to my home and after reading the comments on Gil’s I had to get over there.
    Besides all the accolades it’s also interesting way beyond the beer and brats.
    Interesting order taking. You circle your choices on a menu laminated with a plastic and when your order is complete and delivered it can be erased and used over and over.
    It seemed more like a working brewery than some of the huge spaces with giant vats that are restaurant/brewerys that I’ve been to in the past. Smaller batches of superior beers, happier beer drinkers.
    There are several types of beer with different makeups and flavors.
    And I was welcome to try any and all of them. Very guest friendly.
    It took me a while to select the beer but I was very happy with my final choice.
    On to the food. It took me a while to find the right brat.
    Elk, wild Boar, Duck and Cilantro, regular hot dog, a combo plate of the sausages over sourkrout. Curry Ketchup , mayo, regular mustard and ketchup. Frito Pie, Buffalo chili.
    I finally chose the Wild Boar with onions, mustard.
    Very good all around.
    And the nicest waitperson, server, beer authority, cashier, greeter, and everything in between you’d want doing those things for you, Alana.p

  5. We finally made it by last night and (remembering your warning about Google maps) almost went to the wrong place. Then I remembered that Mr. Village Person had sent in a correction. The maps are now correct. We loved is except for one word of warning. We ordered the Buffalo Frito Pie and, even though I use and like cumin myself, for or the second time in 6-months and the second time in my life (the other being the enchiladas-Christmas tree-at the otherwise wonderful Nexus Brewery) we were overwhelmed by the level. It was the only thing we could taste.
    The Child Bride ordered a Buffalo Chile Dog with Duck and Cilantro Game Sausage. My brain was firmly turned off and I didn’t realize that the chile was the same cumin laden black beans as the Frito pie. Once again only the cumin could be tasted. When we brought her usual leftovers home for breakfast I just ate the sausage bare-wonderful. I had the Cheddar and Jalapeno Brat, mustard garlic & onions. I would highly recommend Kaktus but avoid anything with buffalo chile as and ingredient unless you love cumin more than I can imagine.

  6. El Brute! Re Kapusta: As today’s Gen say: YOLO… or in your case, Twice…Yo, you only try it on-the-side…I’d never douse my Pierogies “in” it! Kapusta is just a more sophisticated version of your plain old sauerkraut you exalt putting on a Nathan’s Dog!!! Geesh…I gather you ain’t even going to try that nice cute, healthy-looking Irish gal’s Haluski!!!!
    I guess what they say is true!!! You can lead a Mule to water, but….
    Be Safe!

  7. I always thought Kemo Sabe meant “what do you mean WE, white man?” usually said by Tonto when the tribe of native Americans has both of them, Tonto and the Lone Ranger, in an untenable position and the LR says , “Tonto, what do WE do now?”

    BOTVOLR, I’m taking a pass on the kapusta, it doesn’t seem like I would want my sautéed perogies doused in a sharp tasting kapusta, but many thanks for the suggestion. Ever since having them at Junior’s in Brooklyn as a youngster I’ve always preferred a good sour cream for my perogies.

  8. Jim: I remember seeing Joe Lewis once in the ’70s at Cesar’s Palace as a “Greeter”. Initial reaction was thinking it was a bit ‘sad’, but it was great of them to employ him as he seemed to delight in the recognition and greetings he received from patrons. He was an ‘impressive’ looking guy, even in a suit as I’m sure Marciano would be! LOL
    ~ B4 TV, did you listen to the Lone Ranger on the radio? If so, were they on MWF at 7 for 15 minutes or was it just Fridays for a half hour? Did you eat Cheerios while watching and ever send in for a telescope ring in the radio days, seen here on the right http://tinyurl.com/m8bkx78? LOL (Imagine, for many kids, Tonto taught us our first words in another language, i.e. that being “Indian” ala Kemo Sabe! More than that, imagine Eastern kids trying to visualize a gulch, an arroyo, a cactus, or a mesa listening over the radio! With TV, who wasn’t impressed there was never any underarm perspiration to be seen on The Ranger’s shirt or Tonto’s buckskin per it being a “dry heat” out here!)
    ~ I’m thinking you meant to reserve the whole side room at Joe’s. If you don’t have the 20, would it be better (per noise) to just reserve in their rather than the main room. I swear I’ve seen large parties of just 12 seated at a couple of pre-set tables abutted together.

    El Brute: I’m sorry man, I’d almost go without before putting ice cubes in beer let alone wine. If memory is correct, I think Total Wine has a couple of forms of things you can freeze that are enclosed to plop in ‘beverages’ e.g. http://www.totalwine.com/eng/search/stones E.g. give to the bartender to store in his/her frig for when ya return to the 19th hole.
    ~ Kapusta! Good for you for making some! I just called my Sis in MA but she is in the throes of making a stash of Golompki… (Cooked) Cabbage “wraps” filled with a mix of hamburger/rice)…and can’t get me a recipe right now. Otherwise, Google ‘kapusta recipe’ where you will see there are several variations of this sauerkraut/cabbage concoction. (I used to cringe with it being served a couple of times a week in the school cafeteria, but have come to enjoy its tang over the years…LOL) Be prepared for its aroma to fill the nooks n crannies of your home! By the way, as it may appear to be complicated for you, you can Google videos!
    ~ Re pierogies: if you’ve bot frozen ones and never had ’em before, I suggest thawing them before you slow-fry them in butter to heat (i.e. like ravioli, inside ingredients should already have been cooked prior to stuffing) basting from time to time; minding not to overcook leading to too crisp edges. Other folks prefer heating by boiling them.
    I think such food is also best enjoyed with a good beer too…Hey, there’s a already a good Polish word: Brewski. Na Zdrowie!
    PS: While I’ve never had this as it was not heard of in my hometown ethnically, check out this cute, healthy-looking Irish lass making some Haluski which looks to be delicious in this genre of comfort food experiences! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-eL8u7SrlM

    1. AS far as the room I gave Joe plenty of opportunity to give us a smaller space but he must figure he can rent the whole room. One other merit besides the menu is that prices are a little lower in the main room but I have never had so much difficulty making a large reservation.

      You never met the Rocklike one? He was one of your homeys. You should have run across him at the grocery store. I am amazed.

      I heard the Lone Ranger on the radio but I don’t think it was before TV. My dad bought a 10″ RCA which was the size and weight of a Mac truck for the 1949 Michigan State/Notre Dame game. I am not sure why as I don’t think he was a real fan of either team. He liked Missouri and Minnesota. As to your foreign my Spanish teacher (from whom I learned absolutely no Spanish except how to conjugate verbs that I did not understand) was adamant that “Kemo Sabe” was, was a screwed up version of “Quien Sabe” (Who knows).

  9. Yo BOTVOLR.,
    I need to know what kapusta is.
    I have some perogies ready to go and you always mention kapusta in the same comment.
    What is it and how is it made?
    Thanks in advance
    El Brute

  10. BOTVOLR ,
    Here is my solution to warm beer.
    As previously stated I drink one beer at a time, only in the heat of the summer, and almost exclusively after golf with my regular foursome. The method I prefer for keeping beer at a cold temp for the time it takes me to finish the bottle is have it over ice.
    Yes I know that usually creates an uncomfortable situation for the purists but that’s their problem not mine.
    My regular group has become used to my transgression.
    My beer of choice over ice is Stella Artois, a fine brew that stands up to the ice very well.
    As an added comment regarding my beer drinking. I was with friends at Farina Alto and asked the waitperson which bottled beer was available. After making my selection I asked for my regular tall glass of ice.
    She returned in a few minutes with the tall glass of ice and a can of some beer I had never heard of.
    I said “That’s not a bottle.”. She replied “I know.” It wals a curious answer at best,leaving me wondering why she didn’t take the time to give a better answer like we are out of bottled beer?????

  11. Jim: Alas, I thought it was the “Friday Night Fights” @ 10 ET when my Dad would watch ’em on the B/W TV. Can’t remember Mon. fights tho. Of course Gillette was a sponsor of fights too. Me? Not a big fight fan even tho Walberg/Bales/Adams* did a great job about a hometown fighter…er boxer… while filming it right in his/my hometown! A bittersweet career as an option for some, e.g. Johnny Tapia. Without being meant as a Dis on woman nor Holly, just don’t understand our Holly Holm!
    *(Interesting how Adams transitioned from one role genre to another compared to Cyrus.)

    El Brute:
    Yo, with all due bro-luv this V-day knowing yer dancing as fast as ya can with rehab, ya gotta keep up Bro!!! I signed up down on 2/7 for The FOG, but it was under the DH at that early time https://www.nmgastronome.com/?p=261#comments Otherwise, you obviously have been imbibing one too many of those elite brewskis you enjoy! LOL
    Speaking of which: the reference link in my above email is now going to a 5/16 online link instead of the 5/13 one I read/posted…weird! Thus, leaving out a quote was not my mischief as some cable Bobblehead Commentators, e.g. on MSNBC, might do to spin the news. I.e. I always stay reality based!!! LOL
    ~ Admittedly, I am not a beer aficionado. I will typically use a “cheap”, beer to give a respite from heat of good NewMexican* fare. Presently I have a 6pac of Foster’s in the frig (i.e. for when I get a Stuffed Sopapilla con chicharrones y beans “out the back door” of Casa de Benavidez just up the street in The Villlage). Others might include Schlitz or Hamms…LOL… and occasionally I’ll upgrade to Carlsberg. Not sure if your reference to ’12 or 24′ refers to a “packy” or ozs. If ozs, I suggest when at a craft brewery, e.g. Il Vecinos Brewery on Aztec off Comanche, get the smaller size. I.e. the bigger size eventually “warms” for us non-guzzlers, and it’s WORTH the extra cents to order another ’12’ to have a COLD beer! I swear, if one is going ‘to do’ beer, don’t make it just frig cold, but taken out of a tub of iced water!!! IMHO (The same, ice cold, goes for a well made Mai Tai (recipe upon request) or Margarita!)
    * Just as the State has legislated The Chile and Pinto bean as the State Veggies and “Red or Green?” as the official State question, I’m thinking of getting them to legislate “NewMexican” as the official spelling of “stuff”, e.g. food, restaurants, artifacts, etc. unique to New Mexico.

    PS El Brute: Whoa, tho embarrassed (where is La Gloria when ya need her?!?!), much appreciation for not labelling me “Unpatriotic” for my keeping $182.50 out of Yahoodie’s attempt (if ya can call it that) to get the Economy off square one! I.e. I put it into what I call my personal Safety Net Fund for when Social Security goes Kaput or the COLAs get smaller or eliminated by either the Ds or Rs! Otherwise, I’m “doing it for the kids!”, i.e. mine, lest I have to be put/placed/transitioned into ‘A Home’!.
    PSPS: For those interested in sampling a variety of LOCAL craft brewskies, here is, albeit already ‘dated’, a map, i.e. it doesn’t have Kaktus as yet: http://tinyurl.com/n8ggmrs
    PSPSPS…per “cutting life expectancy”: For example: http://www.eatright.org/Public/content.aspx?id=6442463947 or Google e.g. ‘beer health benefits.
    Chow y Salud!

    1. You may be right about Friday. Remember I was very young then unlike some others whom I can’t think of at the moment and remembering an exact day of the week is difficult other that Monday for “I Love Lucy” and Thursday for the “Lone Ranger.” The first Monday/Friday? fight I remember was when Jersey Joe caught Ezzard Charles with that famed left hook.Later Rocklke Marciano brutalized poor Jersey Joe. I haven’t watched a fight in many years and probably never will again.

      What’l you have? Pabst Blue Ribbon!

  12. BOTVOLR,
    First, are you in or out for the FOG dinner?
    Second, upon further review (reading you web reference) you left out, seemingly intentionally, the quotes saying PBR “tastes like s—” (thats how it was written on your reference web site) and the reason it was so popular was “it’s cheap” therefore popular with the young drinkers. Hip doesn’t mean cheap, cheap is kinda stand alone in the vocabulary world, it doesn’t equivocate.
    So as I see it PBR allows those 20 somethings on tight budgets to get an inexpensive buzz on with a cheap swill but because there are so many price conscious folks in that demographic those swills become more expensive defeating the purpose of buying the beer. Supply and demand, not the great flavor of the beer is the driving force.
    Unless I was the kind of beer drinker who consumed a 12 or a 24 I am content with one (1) better beer abd I’m willing to pay more. Saving .50 or even a buck isn’t worth beer that “tastes like s—” to quote your research source. But I do realize that saving .50 per day over one year, $182.50, and investing it in a passbook account would double my money in about 100 years. On the other hand drinking that poison probably would cut my life expectancy so dramatically that it might only mean a few bucks in accrued investment.
    So are you in or out for the FOG dinner?

  13. Regarding: “Cerevisaphiles turn their nose up at Pabst Blue Ribbon and other “pedestrian swill.” Hogwash to them I say!
    Aah, the world confronts us everyday with its paradoxes, conundrums, oddities, and exceptions. Do REAL ‘Cerevisaphiles’ taste the world differently? Did Fast Squirrel fall off the track by stop serving PBR? Read on!!:

    Hmmm…per this 5/13 article: “They are the reason why “sub-premium” beer prices in the city have climbed 9.4% in the last seven months, say Restaurant Sciences, which tracks food and beverage sales nationwide.

    “I believe the single biggest driver in sub-premium beer price increases is indeed specifically PBR,” said Chuck Ellis, who heads the research company. “It has become quite fashionable.” http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/pabst-blue-ribbon-blame-cheap-beer-price-hikes-researchers-article-1.1346440
    I relish and rest my case for PBR per that last sentence!!! OLD is IN!!!

    1. Mr Village person, You still drink PBR, the old sponsor on the Monday night fights? That explains so much, especially why Ms Gloria is so certain that you need her help.

  14. Just wanted to truly thank you all for coming in. My goal is to make this a place where people have a great time and really get to know each other and with this type of interaction there is no way we will fail. Can’t wait to service you again! Thanks!

  15. Joe & I finally had a chance to visit Kaktus Brewing yesterday for Superbowl Sunday & had a great time! We went with the all beef, grass fed hot dogs (not your average little dog) – they were great & came with the options of small, medium or large amounts of spice mustard and/or ketchup. Joe is a huge fan of IPA & said it was probably one of the best he has ever enjoyed. Me; I am a stout, porter, bock kind of gal & enjoyed the seasonal bock immensely. Sorry to hear I missed out on the Peppermint Porter… just the sound of it makes my mouth water! I will be looking forward to it for the next winter holiday season. Be sure to take a look around; currently there are 4 different local artist featured & selling (wish I would had a chance to see the “Frida” chair but alas, it was sold). Congrats Dana on bringing something new & fresh to the Albuquerque Metro Area!

  16. Finally made it to this very intriguing place on the outskirts of Bernalillo. You drive my a bunch homes yet it seems industrial and then turn left into an extremly strong hint of Height-Ashbury meeting the desert and then once in you can take a brief self tour of their brewing processes and sit down in chair that have been modified to include left-handed Jimi, Robert Zimmerman and Joan Baez some Breaking Bad folks and Dolly of course. This is not a place I expected to experience here and I always get surprised what I find in the cracks and crannies of New Mexico.

    They have very non-boring HotDogs, Vegan Frito Pie and Homemade Beer, what more can you ask for. Of course I had the All Beef, no bun with their curry and it was really good, yes back on relative low carb. My send was an Elk dog on whole wheat baguette with mustard, onions unsweetended relish. Both were extraordinary and a must for those how are Hot Dog aficionados. It was served with chips and salsa.

    I had a wholistic Blue Sky Root Beer but made it clearly known, they must start Fresh Brewed Root Beer. Not sure where that is on the list but the owner made it clear they want to keep it pub first, then food. so … a Philly Cheese Steak is not so bad suggestion with Beer/Root Bear, is it?? The owner was very excited about his place and it made us feel even more excited about the place.

    Also, the owner didn’t know about this blog, I shared it with him and he was very excited there are reviews by people who have attend and a write up by Sensei. I am now a strong encourager of all of you sharing with owners/workers that they are being watched and enjoying good food (or not) thus maybe our suggestions can become a reality. Good Food, probably Good Beer and weekends must be fun, some Blended Wine in the future might be very nice. Congrats to the owner for only being open less than 6 months and caring about what he does for his customers…

  17. I have to get by here. Since you say he gets his dogs from Colorado i strongly suspect that the source is the same a Biker Jim’s in Denver. Stop by there if you are on Larimer Street. We did a couple of tears ago based on Gil’s old buddy Anthony Bourdain’s statement that it was the only place in Denver which didn’t disappoint him. It is very good and has a far larger selection of unusual tubes, think reindeer, rattlesnake & pheasant, elk jalapeno cheddar and more, but Bourdain is nuts. I can find many far better places within 1/4 mile of Biker Jim’s.
    I even ran across a waiter in Miami who is an old drinking buddy of Tony’s when he comes to town (often) and told him about it. He said probably so but I should remember that Boudain is very bored.

    If he is bored I will take his job and not be bored, flying all over the world free, eating free, drinking far more than anybody ever should and such things. I am certain that there is a tight schedule and not all is free time but the paycheck is far above any I ever received. In fact the waiter said he met Bourdain when he came in one evening and left a $300 tip. I have never done that and never will.

  18. Visited Kaktus a couple of months ago. Tasty brats and beer. Very friendly staff. Have not returned of late because of the I25/550 construction. Will have to make the effort soon.

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