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Vic’s Daily Cafe on Osuna

When you wake up in the morning, Pooh,” said Piglet at last, “what’s the first thing you say to yourself?”
What’s for breakfast?” said Pooh. “What do you say, Piglet?”
I say, I wonder what’s going to happen exciting today?” said Piglet.
Pooh nodded thoughtfully.
It’s the same thing,” he said.”

Unlike the great philosopher Winnie the Pooh, many Americans, it seems, don’t equate breakfast with excitement. Studies show that far too many of us fuel our bodies with a “gobble and go” mentality that typifies our frenetic lifestyles. In 2007, one food service industry research firm concluded that most Americans spend no more than three minutes shopping for breakfast (at such paragons of nutritional virtue as McDonald’s and Starbucks).  Too many of us it seems would just as soon wait for lunch, our hunger being reason enough to overindulge.

Baker’s Rack With Bric-a-Brac

A food and health survey of Americans showed that 92 percent of respondents consider breakfast the most important meal of the day, yet fewer than half (46 percent) of them ate breakfast seven days a week. The most frequently cited reasons for not eating breakfast every day include “not being hungry after waking up” (59 percent) and “not enough time” (54 percent).  If you see yourself in either one of those responses, you’re obviously not alone.

One of the Most Homey Dining Rooms In Albuquerque

Yet another survey, this one commissioned by a bread manufacturer, revealed that breakfast is such an integral part of our daily routine that three-quarters of us say we would opt for a good breakfast over fifteen minutes of extra sleep. The operative word which jumps out from that finding is “good.” Perhaps the reason many of us don’t share Winnie the Pooh’s excitement over breakfast is that we don’t often have a “good” breakfast.  I’m not talking “good” as in meeting the recommended daily allowance of whatever nutritional standards are in vogue, but “good” as in delicious, good as in worth getting up for…good as in Vic’s Daily Cafe, a long-time Duke City favorite first thing in the morning and during the lunch hour.

Pulchritudinous Pastry Case

Although it seems Vic’s Daily Cafe has been around forever, founder Victor Pandazis didn’t launch his eponymous restaurant until 1998. The likely reason it inspires familiarity and nostalgia for many of us long-time residents is because for years previous we frequented Andy’s, a bustling breakfast restaurant owned by Vic’s father until closing in 1997. Andy (86 as of this writing in March, 2022) is no longer a ubiquitous presence at Vic’s where he once greeted guests, escorted them to their tables and sometimes ran the cash register.  

Long-Time New Mexicans Will Recognize the Inimitable Work of Weatherman Howard Morgan, an Albuquerque Legend

Andy’s legendary customer orientation isn’t lost on his son Victor.  When we noticed that the restaurant was fully staffed just scant months after “it was safe to get back into the restaurant,” the cashier raved about Victor’s loyalty to his employees.  Even during all the months in which the Daily Cafe operated in a reduced capacity, Victor took care of all his employees–wait staff, busers, dishwashers.  Is it any wonder his employees are so loyal.  So are frequent diners who have long made the Daily Cafe a dining destination unlike any other.

The marquee at Vic’s also inspires nostalgia for anyone who grew up reading Superman comics.  That marquee features a banner emblazoned with the name “Daily Cafe” encircling the planet Earth, very similarly to the Daily Planet’s logo.  The Daily Planet, as fans of the Man of Steel know, was the newspaper for which Superman’s bespectacled alter-ego Clark Kent worked.  Coincidentally but not at all surprisingly, the Daily Cafe is frequented by employees of the nearby Albuquerque Journal.

Greek Salad

Similar to other popular breakfast destinations in town (Milton’s, Lindy’s and the Western View Diner come to mind), Vic’s embraces its Greek heritage.  Commemorative plates and framed posters from Greece as well as from New Mexico adorn the restaurant’s stark walls while the menu is festooned with Greek favorites.   One of the restaurant’s masterpieces is a colorful drawing on a slate board by legendary Albuquerque (KOAT TV) weatherman Howard Morgan, one of the most beloved media members to ever grace New Mexico’s airwaves.  Weatherman Morgan passed away in 2021.  It’s comforting to see his art hanging on the wall.  Good or bad, no one delivered the weather with such a broad smile and happy countenance.

The Athenian

14 March 2022: If you show up for lunch craving something Greek, choices abound. Envious eyes will trail the wait staff as they deliver a Greek salad to your table.  Nestled on a bed of crispy leaf lettuce are stuffed grape leaves, hunks of feta cheese, lip-puckering pepperonici, plump and juicy Kalamata olives, fresh cucumbers, thinly sliced tomatoes and shaved gyros meat (an amalgam of lamb and beef), all drizzled with olive oil.  Wedges of warm pita bread on a plate complete this luscious salad.  My Kim constructs small gyros with the pita bread, gyros meat and feta cheese.  

The Kalamata olives are among the best we’ve had in Albuquerque.  That makes sense because Andy Pandazis came from a village near Kalamai, Greece where the potent olives are grown.  Over the years he’s cultivated a network of suppliers who provide high quality products like these olives and the wonderful stuffed grape leaves (dolmas) infused with a pleasant citrus influence.  The dolmas are served cold–not to my Kim’s liking so they’re destined for my plate.  

Huevos Rancheros with Carne Adovada

1 November 2018: More breakfast-like is the Athenian, an omelet engorged with feta cheese, spinach, gyros meat, tomatoes and onions.  This is one of the most flavorful omelets in town with each forkful delighting your taste buds.  Vic’s doesn’t scrimp on ingredients.  You’ll be surprised at just how much gyros meat each forkful will reward you with.  Wash it down with Farmer Brothers Coffee, a mellow breakfast blend replenished faithfully by the attentive wait staff.

26 June 2018: My Kim craved carne adovada so much one bleary morning that she forgot to ask whether or not the carne adovada is prepared with cumin.  She found out afterwards that carne adovada is indeed seasoned with cumin, a spice she loathes.  (By the way, neither the green or red chile is made with cumin if that matters to you).  There couldn’t have been that much cumin on the carne adovada because she didn’t notice it at all.  Even more telling, she proclaimed the carne adovada “absolutely delicious.”  Thick chunks of pork marinated in a luscious red chile are served with huevos rancheros.

Chicken Tenders with housemade mashed potatoes and gravy and vegetable medley
Chicken Tenders with housemade mashed potatoes and gravy and vegetable medley

Vic’s does a booming business for both breakfast and lunch, but Sunday is when getting a seat is most challenging, especially after the nearby mega church concludes its services.  Get there at about 1:15PM (45 minutes before closing time) and you shouldn’t have to wait…long.  Rather than perusing the menu while you wait, train your eyes upon the dishes destined for other diners.  It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll order something you see headed to someone else’s table.

21 April 2013: That approach is how we wound up ordering chicken tenders. My fifty-something friend and former Intel colleague Mike Muller considers chicken tenders a last great act of defiance against growing old. They’re one of his favorite dishes.   My Kim and I, on the other hand, tend to equate them with McNuggets, a nasty amalgam of sheer, shameful yuck.  When we saw large pieces of boneless chicken headed to an adjacent table, we knew these were not of the Golden Arches ilk.  Vic’s slices chicken breasts into strips and coats them with a very flavorful batter that renders the exterior crisp while leaving the chicken moist, tender and absolutely delicious.  They’re better than the fried chicken at most restaurants.  The chicken tenders are served with real mashed potatoes and gravy.

Gyros with a Greek pasta salad

21 April 2013: While the nearby mega church may warn against coveting anything that is your neighbors, at Vic’s Daily Cafe it’s a daily occurrence.  Whether you call it covetousness or sheer lust, watching a plate of gyros make their way to your neighbor’s table will probably mean you’ll order gyros yourself.  It’s a good choice.  A large pita is the canvas for a thinly sliced beef and lamb amalgam, chopped tomatoes, red onions, lettuce and tzadziki sauce.  It’s a very good gyro with high-quality ingredients.  The gyros are served with your choice of one side.  Ask for the Greek pasta salad which is made with feta cheese, olive oil, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and pepperoncini.  It’s a winner.  

26 June 2018:  The lunch menu is broken down into several categories: New Mexican Favorites, Daily Blue Plates, The Daily’s Burgers, Salads and The Daily’s Sandwiches.  There are nine burgers listed on The Daily Burgers including red-headed step cousin, the patty melt. All burgers and sandwiches are served with your choice of French-fried potatoes, Greek pasta salad, potato salad, garden salad, or cup of soup of the day.  All burgers are constructed from certified Angus beef.  The smallest burger (and it’s still a behemoth) is called “Just a Burger, Yea Right!.” Sarcastic..maybe. Delicious…yea!  

Santorini Burger

My favorite among the Daily Cafe’s burgers is the Santorini which is named after a Robert Duvall movie. Oops, no, wait, that’s The Great Santini. Santorini is named after a Greek island where there’s no shortage of white paint and the teal Aegean Sea beckons.  The Santini…er, Santorini is constructed from a freshly-ground beef patty, cooked to order with garlic, Greek spices and a squeeze of fresh lemon, topped with feta cheese.  It’s a good burger, but not quite as good as another burger constructed with a more fetid fromage.  That would be the blue cheese burger.  Fortunately there’s a blue cheese burger on the menu, too.

26 June 2018: The New Mexican Favorites menu lists eleven items all served with beans, rice, lettuce and tomatoes.  Favorites is an apropos term.  That menu includes burritos, enchiladas, chili (SIC) rellenos, tacos, a tortilla burger and something called the S.O.B (South of the Border).  My favorite is the blue corn shredded beef enchiladas (with red or green chili sauce melted cheese, and egg of your choice) with an over easy egg.  Though the chile registers at “mild” by my personal Scoville scale, it did bring a “how can you eat that” reaction from my Kim who thinks I’m a masochist.  The shredded beef is roast beef quality and (not my imagination) includes gyros meat, a delicious surprise.  For rolled enchiladas, these are pretty good.

Blue Corn Shredded Beef Enchiladas

14 March 2022: “If we didn’t make them, we wouldn’t serve them” is Andy’s response should you ask if the pulchritudinous pastries encased under glass and the sumptuous strudel lounging on the counter are homemade.  Vic’s takes great pride in its dessert offerings, for good reason.  The banana cream pie is a little wedge of heaven…or at least Gilligan’s Island.  It’s thick, moist and absolutely delicious.  A word of caution, however, if you’re also going to have the superb cherry strudel (second only to the fabulous strudel at Dagmar’s Delectables in Rio Rancho) make sure to eat it before you eat the banana cream pie.  Otherwise the cherries will be lip-pursing tart. 

Banana Cream Pie and Cherry Strudel

When many Duke City residents wake up, the first thing they say to themselves in the morning is “let’s go to Vic’s for breakfast.”  Vic’s isn’t solely a breakfast destination.  The lunch menu is replete with comfort food favorites including several Greek entrees.  Whether for breakfast or lunch, Vic’s Daily Cafe can become a daily habit.

Vic’s Daily Cafe
3600 Osuna Road, N.E. # 105
Albuquerque, New Mexico
(505) 341-9710
LATEST VISIT: 14 March 2022
1st VISIT: 1 November 2008
COST: $$
BEST BET: Pecan Pancakes, The Vaquero, The Athenian, Greek Salad, Chicken Tenders, Santorini Burger, Huevos Rancheros with Carne Adovada, Blue Corn Enchiladas, Cinnamon Roll, Coconut Cream Pie, Cherry Strudel

22 thoughts on “Vic’s Daily Cafe – Albuquerque, New Mexico

  1. The one and only “Big Daddy” chicken fried steak. Hiding under that slab of tasty breaded meat are mashed potatoes, assorted vegetables and Texas toast (slathered with butter in case your heart is still beating after you finish the steak and gravy.)

  2. On your 26 June 2018 review of Vic’s Cafe, you say that the burgers are made with “anus beef” – hope that’s a typo!

    1. Thank you, Jesse. That was definitely a typo. I may be a sesquipedalian but can’t spell worth a spit.

      My apologies to anyone I may have offended with that scatological error.

      1. That may have been a Freudian slip…maybe you didn’t like the burger… 🙂 😛

        1. I may have been lamenting the mighty Penasco Panther girls basketball team losing to the Escalante Lobos last week. I bet your Penasco born-and-bred wife still hasn’t spoken to you since that huge upset.

          Condolences, by the way, on Escalante losing in the championship finale. You can bet the Panthers wouldn’t have lost.

  3. I am a Vic’s fan. Turns out a lot of the physicians I frequent are in that part of town, so I reward myself by going out before or after an appointment. I’m curious if Sr Plata has experienced their chicken fried steak? It is truly an experience in addition to a good meal, as it doesn’t quite fit on the plate! It took me awhile to get to it as I had to work my way through all of their scrumptious Greek dishes first. Then periodically they would trip me up with a special not on the regular menu. Being spoiled for choice of good food is a wonderfully Pooh type of problem to have.

    1. Sr. Plata did indeed visit Vic’s with me. Here’s his feedback on the chicken fried steak: Made it to Vic’s on Sensei’s recommendation since he knows how much I love chicken fried steak, well, it was great! I was borderline on ‘low carb’ so I had the flour-based gravy on the side but I had to cheat. The bummer was that I learned when I paid that I should have had the green chile gravy that would have made it totally awesome.

      I hope you caught Deidre’s recommendation to visit Blades Bistro in Placitas for the corned beef and cabbage. Chef Kevin is one of the very best chefs in New Mexico. You can rest assured his corned beef and cabbage will be superb

      1. Thanks, Gil, I missed both of those things! I’ll try to keep up in the future. 🙂
        By the way, please share with your Kim how much I appreciate her feedback in your reviews. She and I seem to like a lot of the same things, and share a similiar tolerance (or lack thereof) for the fiery foods. It gives me great guidance if I’m visiting a restaurant for the first time.

  4. 11:20 and the place is packed, our wait was ten minutes. Coffee and Iced Tea, I ordered the Sausage and green chile omelette, wish they had sausage patties or bigger links, came with hash browns, biscuits and I asked for a side of white cream gravy. The little sausages were sliced for my omelette which was nicely cooked and covered with a green chile sauce. Hash browns really good, could be a little more crisp. Biscuits are excellent but they don’t offer biscuits and gravy so you have to order a side of the white cream gravy that they put on the chicken fried steak or mashed potatoes. Me companion order the chicken fried steak which sat on top of steamed mix vegetables and mashed potatoes along with two pieces of thick cut bread nicely buttered and toasted. She had to ask for an additional plate to put the steak on which seemed to be the norm as we saw other diners doing the same. The steak was not pounded too thin and the batter wasn’t too think and it was peppery and flavorful. She took half home as it’s really that big. I like the food at Vic’s, I want bigger sausage links or patties, would like to see them server a sausage gravy over their good biscuits, but I will continue to eat there. Really good service, food always fresh and hot off the stove. Good value for the price, if you’re like me and like to start your day with a good breakfast, this is the place.

  5. Ate breakfast this morning at 7:45. Eggs, hash browns, three sausage links that were small and two biscuits. everything was cooked as ordered. My sister was with me and she had the huevos rancheros, eggs served on a flour tortilla, covered with red chile, hash browns, whole pintos and a flour tortilla on the side. I requested a side of white gravy for my biscuits for an extra charge, it was decent. I’m guessing its the same gravy they put on the chicken fried steak and the biscuits and gravy, no sausage in it. Waitress was friendly and attentive, they weren’t busy. We weren’t offered water but she kept the coffee coming. Vick’s is better than average and I’ve mostly had breakfast with lunch once. I’ll go back.

  6. Made it to Vic’s on Sensei’s recommendation since he knows how much I love chicken fried steak, well, it was great! I was borderline on ‘low carb’ so I had the flour-based gravy on the side but I had to cheat. The bummer was that I learned when I paid that I should have had the green chile gravy that would have made it totally awesome. I had a side salad to be healthy. I recommend Vic’s to those that have a hankering. Those that wrote negative comments a few years back should recheck it out…

  7. Had lunch with two of my office mates. One had the Greek salad and liked it except he did not like the mint in the Dolmades.. The other had the chicken salad sandwich and fruit cup and was happy with it. Large chunks of chicken and lots of it on good bread. I had a patty melt, good bread well cooked, classic cheese and onion but the patty could have been a little larger to accommodate the size of the rye. I’m often surprised by restaurants that will pass a patty melt off on whole wheat or some other bread instead of a good rye. It came with a dill pickle spear and fries. The fries we above average and they gave me the thousand island dressing I asked for to go with them. The greeter was friendly coming and going and the waitress was nice and took good care of us. We also order a Ruben sandwich to go for a guy at the office and he licked it as well. My experience was good and I plan to go back and try breakfast next time.

  8. I used to go to Vic’s very often – I would give the food a B- grade – nothing outstanding. I will no longer go into the restaurant because of how I was treated by the owner – Andy’s son – I believe. I had a meeting with a couple of people and asked for a table when I arrived 11:20 AM – I was shown to a 2 seat table. I explained that I wanted a larger table since I was meeting 2 others. I was told the tables with 4 seats were for the lunch crowd – I was there for lunch and I explained that I was meeting a few others. The waitress told me to wait and called for the manager who asked me to explain why I needed a larger table. I repeated myself and was seated at a larger table after being told once more that the larger tables were for their lunch crowd. One person had to cancel lunch and trying to be nice we told the waitress we would be happy to move to a smaller table – again the manager was called and more crap from him. We left the waitress a tip and left – going to the Village Inn – we were promptly seated at a good sized table without asking and had lunch. I would not recommend Vic’s to anyone and will never eat there again.

  9. I found a bug in my food and asked to speak with the owner. I can’t believe how rude and unprofessional this peson Vic was. I did report to the heath dept and it sounds like it not the first time they have been reported. What a horrible and disgusting experience. I can’t begin to explain how awful this experience was. It’s a shame when the owner displays such a disregard for his customers.

    1. I do enjoy this restaurant but I have to agree with you on the owner. He is the kind of guy you like to take outside and have a personal discussion with

  10. I live in Phoenix and have since 1992 but I was a huge fan of Andy’s and now I still eat at Vic’s every time I come to town. I remember taking a car full of kids down to Andy’s on Montgomery during lunch from Eldorado and they would take our order as we walked to the table so they could get us food quickly knowing we were on a short lunch break. I would buy Vic’s sauce via the internet and could be delivered. I try to pick some up each time I go.

  11. This is my favorite place to eat breakfast…or lunch. Always have a hard time deciding….want to take one of each.

  12. Vaquero! What a breakfast! Too bad more than one a year will kill you. It’s really good. It is everything your doctor warned you about. It’s really good!

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