Oak Tree Cafe – Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Oak Tree Cafe is now on Alameda as of April, 2013

This isn’t Burger King!
You can’t have it your way.
You get it our way or you don’t get it at all.

For some reason, human beings seem inclined to level criticism by the shovelful while apportioning praise and plaudits by the thimbleful. We seem genetically predisposed to put more stock into negativity than we are to believe the best of others. We consider compliments to be based on insincerity or ulterior motives. Even our television viewing preferences gravitate toward gratuitous depictions of misbehavior and depravity. We consider unwatchable any movie or television show portraying kindness and humanity.

That grim indictment of humanity is, by virtue of its own unflattering characterization, itself an example of misanthropic pathos. In the spirit of John 8:7, I will cast the first stone at myself. For years, I heard about a humble little sandwich shop in which customer service was said to be more than a slogan; it was a way of doing business. Instead of embracing this supposed people-pleasing panacea, my first inclination was skepticism and a willingness to lump the Oak Tree Cafe with any number of other eateries which provide good service, albeit with transparent insincerity.

Affable proprietor Rob Carson at the counter where you place your order

You’re no doubt familiar with the type of restaurant of which I’m talking (chains are especially good at this). The minute you walk in, a painted-on smile approaches you and begins the well-rehearsed wait “schtick” that typically begins with something like, “I’m Julie and I’ll be your server tonight.” Periodic visits to your table (usually when your mouth is full) include perfunctory chit chat as well as refills and more napkins. Though typically not unpleasant, this type of service is still rather impersonal and unmemorable. It’s essentially a game of reciprocal expectations between customer and client; both parties know what to expect and fulfill their respective roles. It’s basically harmless.

Unfortunately, as feedback to this blog will attest, for some restaurants, harmless would be a vast improvement. Some restaurants, it seems, don’t seem to understand that good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. All too often, customer service appears to be of the “This isn’t Burger King! You can’t have it your way.” variety. This type of service is characterized by a haughty disregard for the axiom that the customer is always right. Its rendition of the golden rule stops at “do onto others” as in “do ignore them,” “do belittle them,” do patronize them.” Quite naturally it dissuades return visits.

The Taos

Since most customer service seems to fall somewhere between the impersonal and well-rehearsed wait schtick and the “you get it our way or you don’t get it at all” approach, you’ll forgive me if I was skeptical about the Oak Tree Cafe. It really is too easy to be cynical about a restaurant which has made its reputation not only because of its great sandwiches, but because of its genuinely warm, personable and attentive service. Though I’m not from Missouri, Oak Tree would just have to show me.

The Oak Tree Cafe was founded just over a quarter century ago by the father-son duo of Michael and Rob Carson who worked side-by-side until Michael’s death at age 86 in 2009. Today Rob is ably assisted by a kitchen staff which abides with the cafe’s long-standing tradition of excellent customer service. In the tradition of Cheers, television’s friendliest bar, it seems everyone–or at least Rob–knows the name of all regulars as they walk in. He also knows each regular’s “usual,” what those regular patrons like to order when they visit. If my first few visits are any indication, the regulars outnumber new visitors undoubtedly eager to find out if the cafe’s reputation for outstanding food and exceptional service is well deserved.

Hot Corned Beef on Rye With a Side Order of Chips and Fresh Fruit

In April, 2013, the Oak Tree Cafe relocated from its Uptown location to a new shopping center at 4545 Alameda, N.E. (just west of Jefferson). The Oak Tree Cafe’s digs are 2,500 square-feet of welcome to west side diners whose sandwich options were primarily chain restaurants which blight their neighborhoods. An outdoor patio with umbrella-shaded tables accommodates another forty guests or so. At its expansive new location, the Oak Tree Cafe now serves burgers, beer, wine and appetizers.

As of my initial visit to the Alameda location on 10 May 2013, only the famous Oak Tree bell hasn’t made it to its new home. At the Uptown location, once you took your seat, conversations with your dining companions were periodically be punctuated by the tintinnabulation of a bell positioned by the cafe door. As customers exited, they were invited to please ring the bell “if the food was great and service was crazy.” Without exception, everyone exiting the premises rang the bell. Even if Rob doesn’t bring the bell back, the service remains great and the service as crazy as ever.

The Oak Tree Combo Sandwich

For a restaurant with a reputation for service, it’s surprising to find that there is no tableside wait service. Instead you’ll place your order at a counter, interacting with an affable server (maybe even Janet, Rob’s pulchritudinous bride as of August, 2016) who’s happy to answer any questions you may have or to make recommendations if you need them. When you first walk in don’t be surprised to be greeted with a friendly handshake and an introduction “I’m Rob Carson. Welcome to the Oak Tree Cafe.” It probably won’t be the only time you interact with Carson who’s a peripatetic presence at the restaurant, flitting throughout the premises with an ambassadorial flair.

The sandwiches warrant not only bell-ringing, but cheers. They’re that good! The sandwich and wraps menu is formidable, nearly two dozen different sandwiches crafted on fresh bread, (sub rolls, wheat, rye, white, Kaiser rolls and French rolls) either toasted or untoasted. Meat products come from Boar’s Head. Sandwiches are named for faithful customers, New Mexico landmarks and celebrities such as Monty Hall and Al Capone. Each sandwich towers with meats, condiments and ingredients, some of which are infrequently found at other Duke City sandwich shops.

Beer-battered “Black and Tan” onion rings, some of the very best in Albuquerque

5 July 2011: If you’re uncertain as to what sandwich to order, focus your study of the menu on those crafted with roast beef, a specialty of the house. The roast beef is slow-cooked on the premises from choice top round. It’s as tender as a marshmallow and as moist and delicious as any roast beef you’ll ever have anywhere! The Taos–hot USDA choice top round roast beef, melted Monterey Jack, grilled onions, grilled green chile, tomato, mayo and lettuce on a fresh-baked Kaiser roll–showcases layer upon layer of roast beef, so juicy and unctuous it resembles a hamburger patty until you taste it. That’s when you gain an appreciation for how wonderful roast beef can be. It’s especially wonderful when its flavor profile melds with the other ingredients which make this my choice for best roast beef sandwich in town.

5 July 2011: During my inaugural visit to the Menaul location, the special of the day featured an ingredient combination–hot corned beef on rye toast topped with grilled onions, Monterey jack cheese, banana peppers, lettuce, tomato and deli mustard–that made my taste buds very happy. The combination of banana peppers, deli mustard and grilled onions was especially notable, a complementary mix of sweet, savory and tangy flavors. This sandwich is piled about twice as high as many other sandwiches you’ll find in local eateries. It also stands tall above the rest in terms of pure deliciousness.

Fried green beans with green chile Ranch dressing
Fried green beans with green chile Ranch dressing

The sprawling Alameda location is every bit as accommodating and friendly as its previous home. Even the menu bespeaks of friendliness with the slogan “A warm, friendly atmosphere full of camaraderie and congeniality.” Location aside, the biggest difference between one location and another is the menu which now includes three gourmet burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads and appetizers. Sandwiches are the Oak Tree Cafe’s raison de’etre and will probably always be the most popular draw, but burgers and chicken sandwiches will beckon, too.

Although all sandwiches are served with a pickle spear and your choice of homemade apple coleslaw, homemade macaroni salad or fresh fruit, you owe it to yourself to try some of the other sides on the menu: hand-cut fries, sweet potato fries or beer-battered onion rings. The beer-battered black and tan onion rings are among the two best in the city (the others being from Flamez Burgers & More). These golden hued beauties are served on a tree-like apparatus, just ready to be plucked. Bite into them and onion juiciness squirts out, a wonderful departure from the usual desiccation you experience with out-of-the-bag onion rings most restaurants serve.

Janet's Bacon Green Chili Burger
Janet’s Bacon Green Chili Burger

10 May 2013: Much as the burgers and chicken sandwiches beckon, chances are you’ll succumb to the stronger calling of a sumptuous sandwich. One of the best is the Oak Tree Combo, a sandwich honoring the years spent at the San Mateo (Uptown) location. This is a sandwich’s sandwich, a meaty behemoth on a Kaiser roll. The ingredients–USDA top round roast beef, turkey breast, corned beef, melted Swiss cheese, melted Cheddar cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes–go very well together. It’s such a good sandwich, you may mourn finishing your last bite.

13 June 2013: On the day of my second visit to the Alameda location, it did my heart good to see more cars parked in front of the Oak Tree Cafe than there were in front of Panera Bread, a chain restaurant five miles away which also serves sandwiches. It goes to show Duke City Diners can be a discerning lot that recognizes the superiority of locally owned and operated restaurants and home-grown touches such as the Oak Tree Cafe’s green chile Ranch dressing which accompanies the fried green beans. While no dressing is necessary for these perfectly breaded, perfectly fried green beans, a little piquancy and roasted flavor goes a long way.

The Father Paul Sandwich, “Heaven in a Sandwich”

13 June 2013: The best new green chile cheeseburger I’ve had in 2013 is the quaintly named Janet’s Bacon Green Chili (SIC) Burger, a burger so good the Oak Tree Cafe can get away with the Texas-like spelling of New Mexico’s official state vegetable. The burger is named for the delightful Janet, Rob’s fiance and a partner in the restaurant. All the burgers at the restaurant are made from fresh ground beef from Nelson’s Meat Market formed on the premises daily and served on a fresh bakery bun. The Janet invites you to “Cowgirl It Up” (a phrase meaning stop being a sissy) with this half-pound behemoth topped with pecan-smoked bacon, Pepper Jack cheese, New Mexico green chile, red onions, lettuce and tomatoes. The green chile has a nice roasted flavor and just enough bite to let you know it’s there. The beef is moist and perfectly prepared at about medium. The bacon is terrific as is the cheese. It’s a burger which goes very well with the onion rings.

13 June 2013: If you’ve ever wondered what “heaven in a sandwich” tastes like, try the Father Paul Sandwich, named for a Catholic priest friend of Rob Carson. Although Father Paul is now in Florida, this sandwich is a terrific legacy to leave behind. The sandwich is constructed on a baguette which is ungashtupt (that’s Yiddish for overstuffed) with USDA top round roast beef, melted Swiss cheese, red onions, deli mustard, lettuce and tomatoes. The deli mustard pulls no punches, enlivening the sandwich with an eye-watering flavor that complements the tender as butter roast beef. If you’ve discerned a predilection for ordering roast beef sandwiches, it’s simply because The Oak Tree Cafe serves the very best roast beef in Albuquerque.

Mike's Chicken Sandwich: Six-ounce chicken breast, jalapeño bacon, Pepperjack cheese, honey mustard, topped with lettuce and tomatoes
Mike’s Chicken Sandwich

18 June 2013: While turkey is often blamed for post-meal Thanksgiving lethargy, chicken actually has more of the serotonin-boosting tryptophan than turkey does. Perhaps that’s why most chicken sandwiches bore me to the point of sleepiness. In the spirit that the Oak Tree Cafe can do no wrong, I didn’t put up much resistance when Janet recommended Mike’s Chicken Sandwich, a six-ounce grilled chicken breast, jalapeño bacon, Pepperjack cheese and honey mustard topped with lettuce and tomatoes. This is what all chicken sandwiches should aspire to. The chicken (no breading) is grilled to perfection, but what makes this sandwich special is the combination of smoky-piquant bacon, slightly incendiary Pepperjack cheese and the honey mustard. This is a multi-napkin affair, a very juicy and delicious chicken sandwich that won’t leave you sleepy after consuming it.

8 July 2013: It’s entirely conceivable that if the 1982 best-seller Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche were to be rewritten for the new millennium, quiche would be replaced on the title by tortilla wraps or maybe quesadillas. It’s practically an XY chromosome expectation that real men order behemoth sandwiches overstuffed with ingredients. Real men certainly wouldn’t order a tortilla wrap with raspberry sauce of all things. That is unless real men are really comfortable in their own skin or who don’t want to miss out on a terrific tortilla wrap constructed with superb ingredients. The Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Wrap is bursting with roasted turkey breast, cream cheese, New Mexico green chile, spring mix, tomatoes and raspberry chipotle sauce wrapped in a tortilla. The combination of green chile and raspberry chipotle gives the wrap a piquant personality with a sweet kick. The turkey, and there’s plenty of it, is terrific, the antithesis of the boring turkey. Real men would love this sandwich…if only they would try it.

Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Wrap: Turkey Breast, Cream Cheese, New Mexico Green Chile, Spring Mix, Tomatoes, Raspberry Chipotle Sauce Wrapped in a Flour Tortilla
Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Wrap

Contemporary culinary culture is so competitive (forgive the alliteration) that a purveyor of sandwiches can’t just slap some meats and cheeses on bread and expect to stay in business for long. The very best restaurateurs are constantly reinventing their menus, looking for exciting new options with which to entice their diners. Since the Oak Tree Cafe moved into its commodious new digs, the opportunities for tinkering with an already outstanding menu have been more readily available. A number of new burgers (including an excellent blue cheese burger) show up in the menu of daily specials. The most successful among them will hopefully make it onto the everyday menu

27 March 2014: Call it audacious if you will, but the Oak Tree Cafe serves the very best fish and chips in the Duke City area. Yes, better than the fish and chips at Fat Squirrel Pub & Grill and the Two Fools Tavern. Rob Carson and his crew didn’t just decide one day to start serving fish and chips then immediately started doing so. They worked on the batter for two months (going through boatloads of fish) before considering it worthy of the guests they value so much. It’s a light and crispy beer batter that sheathes two large pieces of tender and flaky haddock. The light batter allows for excellent penetration by malt vinegar and pairs well with the superb tartar sauce with which the fish are served. The fish is delicate and delicious and because it’s virtually grease-free, you can eat it with your hands. The fries have a twice-fried texture and also absorb malt vinegar well. An accompanying coleslaw is crisp, fresh and delicious.

Possibly the very best fish and chips in the Duke City area
Possibly the very best fish and chips in the Duke City area

28 August 2015: My friend Franzi, Albuquerque’s most beauteous barrister, books time with a “personal shopper” at Gucci when she flies into Chicago. I can one-up her by having my very own personal sandwich advisor every time I visit the Oak Tree. Not only are reservations not required to book this service, anyone can avail themselves of getting great sandwich advice every time you visit. All you’ve got to do is ask Janet for a recommendation. She’ll ask some questions to discern your tastes and desires before recommending your next favorite sandwich at the Oak Tree.

My Kim is eternally grateful to Janet for recommending the Don Juan (which isn’t named for the legendary libertine, but for John who conceptualized it). The Don Juan (ham, pepperoni, melted Provolone cheese, Balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, red onion, artichokes, lettuce and tomatoes on a baguette) is a concordant masterpiece of ingredients which work so very well together. The Balsamic vinegar and artichokes are a very nice touch, lending a tangy contrast to otherwise savory ingredients. The baguette is the perfect canvas, lending the properties of chewiness and staff-of-life deliciousness to the meats and cheeses.

The Don Juan

13 November 2015: Most sandwich restaurants tend to have a turkey sandwich and invariably it lives up to its name, turkey being a term used to describe something that is extremely or completely unsuccessful. The Oak Tree Cafe’s version of a turkey sandwich is the antithesis of every boring turkey sandwich out there, second in my estimation only to the turkey sandwich at the legendary Smokehouse. The canvas for this terrific turkey is toasted sourdough bread topped with green chile, melted Monterey Jack, homemade guacamole, lettuce and tomatoes. The turkey breast is moist and delicious, a natural complement to the other ingredients and a perfect foil for the incendiary green chile and rich, buttery guacamole.

13 November 2015: In her terrific tome American Sandwich, my friend Becky Mercuri explains that the origin of the Reuben sandwich is hotly contested with at least three sources claiming to be its progenitor. None of those sources credit the sandwich as being named for Baroque painting genius Peter Paul Rubens, but an argument could easily be made for his cause. That’s especially true if you consider his preference for plus- or real-sized women, the genesis for the term Rubenesque meaning plump or voluptuous. Those terms could apply to the sandwich as well, especially its homonym, the Rueben sandwich. The Oak Tree’s rendition is a triple-decker beauty constructed of housemade lean corned beef (cooked in Guinness which imparts a dark, rich, complex flavor); tart and tangy sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese and housemade Thousand Island dressing on a beautiful light rye. It’s one of Albuquerque’s very best!

Triple Decker Reuben

29 December 2016: There are thirteen specialty sandwiches on the menu, but dispense with any notion of triskaidekaphobia (fear or a phobia concerning the number 13) you might have. That’s because the Oak Tree also offers a daily special which may mean upping the number of specialty sandwiches to fourteen. Daily specials are listed on the white board you encounter as you wind along the queue path to the counter where you’ll place your order. Some of the daily specials are so good they’d be the starring attraction at other sandwich shops across the Duke City. One such special is the Turkey Pesto Sandwich (turkey breast on toasted roll topped with basil pesto, melted Provolone cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Add green chile and you’ve got one of the most invigoratingly flavorful sandwiches in town. The basil pesto practically pops with its sharp freshness while the green chile lends just a bit of heat. As we’ve come to expect from Oak Tree, the turkey is plentiful and plenty good, too.

Turkey Pesto Sandwich

10 August 2017: Because you can never have enough chile, the Oak Tree Café recently added battered and fried green chile strips to an already formidable appetizer menu. Lightly battered in a Sierra Blanca ale (brewed in Moriarty), it’s got just enough heat to ramp up your endorphins. Served golden brown and inviting, these green chile strips are served with a ranch dressing, the perfect complement to a savory starter which (wishful thinking here) should replace French fries as a burger accompaniment. My Kim assessed these as the best she’s ever had. Me, too.

Fried Green Chili Strips

10 August 2017: Having judged many a culinary competition, it’s galled me to discover that dishes served during the competition aren’t necessarily the ones a restaurant serves its customers on a daily basis. I’ve experienced this duplicity only a handful of times, but that’s enough to have diminished my respect for the purveyors. Rob and Janet are absolutely committed to serving their loyal customers the very same dishes they might serve persnickety competition judges. That means the green chili (SIC) cheeseburger on their daily menu is the same green chili cheeseburger judges at the New Mexico State Fair competition will sample during the 2017 event. It’s a great burger! How could it not be? The canvas upon which this masterpiece is constructed is a bun flecked with green chile. It’s made locally at Sergio’s Bakery and Café. The fresh ground beef—a whopping half-pound of never frozen deliciousness—comes from Nelson’s and the chile is New Mexico proud with a pleasant piquancy. Unless otherwise requested, burgers are prepared at medium where their juiciness shines. Then there’s a thick slice of Cheddar draped lovingly over the beef patty. Red onion, crisp lettuce and ripe tomatoes somehow manage to fit in between the buns, too. It takes two hands to handle this beauteous behemoth, a green chili cheeseburger you’ll love.

New Mexico Green Chile Cheeseburger

The Oak Tree Cafe has made a believer our of this cynic who often laments the absence of truly sincere, truly personable service coupled with excellent sandwiches. This cafe is an anachronism, a throwback to the days in which the customer was always right and you could get things done your way.

Oak Tree Cafe
4545 Alameda, N.E.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
(505) 830-2233
Web Site | Facebook Page
LATEST VISIT: 10 August 2017
1st VISIT: 5 July 2011
COST: $$
BEST BET: The Taos Sandwich, Hot Corned Beef Sandwich, Oak Tree Combo, Onion Rings, Fried Green Beans, The Father Paul Sandwich, Janet’s Green Chili Burger, Mike’s Chicken Sandwich, Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Wrap, Apple Coleslaw, Fish & Chips, The Don Juan, The Pauley, Triple Decker Reuben, Turkey Pesto, New Mexico Green Chile Cheeseburger

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22 thoughts on “Oak Tree Cafe – Albuquerque, New Mexico

  1. Gil, once I saw that photo of the green chile strips, I knew I just had to have them. And you’re right, they’re the best, certainly better than The Range’s. I feel I should warn your readers, though. Apparently they’re not a permanent fixture on the menu. I didn’t see them on the menu, so I asked about them, mentioning your blog. “I don’t think we have any today,” Janet replied. NOOOOO!!!!! “But I’ll check.” They had enough for one order. Whew! So if anybody else out there has their heart set on trying these, maybe they ought to call ahead and check to save themselves from potential trauma.

    I also agree with you that these should be a side choice for any of their yummy sandwiches, but alas! ‘Tis wishful thinking!

    1. I’m so glad you liked the Oak Tree’s green chile strips. They’re even better than the Oak Tree’s black and tan onion rings and those are the best in town.

    1. Forgive me, Franzi

      As my personal fashion sense extends only as far as the Husky Boy collection at J.C. Penny’s, I don’t know much about couturier. I do know, however, that you look fabulous in everything you wear.


      1. You are too kind! We keep saying it, but a meal is in order. I say we try to tear Nikko away from work and break some bread!

  2. Made it to the Oak Tree Café for their fish and chips-which they only serve on Fridays. The fish was terrific-well battered, flaky and flavorful. The coleslaw that came with it was also quite good-creamy and the bits of apple a nice touch. The chips we so so.

    We also had a side of onion rings. (There were no black and tan rings on the menu.) The rings were disgustingly greasy. When I picked one up it dripped grease on my shirt. When the owner came by and asked how we liked the food–a nice touch–Kay and told him the fish and slaw were great but the onion rings were really very greasy. He said I guess you didn’t like the taste of the beer in the batter–were we speaking the same language? Kay said the taste of the beer in the batter was fine but we found them very, very greasy. He walked away.

    We’ll go back for the fish but forget the rings.

  3. Alas, I can’t say the F&Cs tops FSP&G, albeit I haven’t been to FSP&G for a couple of months per their switch to flaccid fries…let alone d/cing PBR…LOL Indeed, OT’s batter is aaahsome in it’s textural presentation and crunch, and the generously sized fish may be perhaps a tad more moist. However, admittedly, besides gustatorial “memory” lapses, my taste may be befuddled by FSP&G’s ‘especial’ tartare sauce vs OT’s more traditional and fine offering. Chips (aka fries) are much better than FSP&G’s, but could go a degree crispier…IMHO, the now retired Pop n Taco by old ABQ High, had the best: crisp outside, soft (but not mushy!) inside!…I’ve heard a bath of ice cold water prior to frying is supposed to help, but I’ve never had the op for a side-by-side comparison verification. Cole slaw: Yes! it’s the creamy,(and appropriately)slightly sweet kind which is great.
    Service: these Folks are hyped up (not syruply so tho) about your being there. Albeit it’s a counter-order service, a staff brings your plate and checks up during your dine. (Adult beverages and patio are indeed appreciated.)
    Alas, being out of the everyday loop of work related lunchtime occupancies, OT is apparently seen as a top selection and while this Friday (11-1) F&C Special drew some, other items are obviously sought after.
    A Thumb’s Up alternative for F&Cs.
    PS: I’ll never understand what makes folks tick to induce them to put vinegar on fish, let alone Fries. http://tinyurl.com/kkw9bkk or http://tinyurl.com/a92kpd4

  4. Best food hands down. Best customer service hands down. I started eating at Oak Tree cafe when they were located across the plaza from japanese Kitchen. I have followed them in all their moves because the food is THAT good and the service is even better. Sadly, i have not been to the new Alameda location because it’s so far from where I work and live. I’ll get out there and guaranteed Rob will know my name when I walk in the door. He’ll ask me about my family because he knows his customers and all about them. It’s true he knows what the regulars order. It’s also too bad that new customers won’t know Rob’s Dad. He was always in the shop, sometimes behind the counter, sometimes cleaning up and a lot of times pulling up a chair and visiting with all the regulars. He knew them as much as they knew him. He and Rob made a great team and Rob is carrying on all the traditions. Again, it’s not just the great service, the food is top notch. High quality ingredients. Try it once and you’ll keep going back. We miss you in the Uptown area Oak Tree Cafe !!!!

  5. Went there today, after reading about the place here. Excellent food and very good service, Rob was a pleasure to meet. We went there instead of trying Panera’s. I had the Janet’s green chile burger and my wife had the NM green chile burger. Very good, we’re definitely going again.

  6. Ate at Oak Tree today with Nick, who produces Break the Chain. I had the Janet burger, which was really, really good, along with the onion rings. Nick had the extreme roast beef. We were both happy, and I am looking forward to trying this place again. It is only 3 minutes from my office, so the location is perfect!

  7. Compadre, just tried this place on your suggestion. Wow! The burger was fantastic, the staff were super warm and brought some fruit out for my kid, the beer suggestions were perfect…and those onion rings! This was one of those rare places where you visit the first time and wish you were a regular.

    I loved this visit!

  8. Ate here for the first time ever since at the old location they weren’t open when we could get there.

    Met Rob Carson who seemed like a great guy. He saw we were eating the onion rings and we mentioned we’d read about them in Gil’s blog. He told us Gil had the black & tan onion rings (? not sure what this is) and that next time we visit the Oak Tree Cafe to ask for him and he’d make us an order of the black & tan rings on him. Pretty darn nice!

    Our sandwiches were excellent, everyone was friendly and helpful and the interior of the new cafe was very nicely done. We will be back for sure!

  9. Hey guys! I live close to Alameda and I heard there was a new Oak Tree opening! I am so excited and ready to eat and hang out after work! I also heard they are going to have a good selection of beers and wine. Me and my friends are really looking forward to hanging out on the patio!:)

  10. Hey guys 4545 Alameda is in the NE not NW. I cant wait for the good food and service. Sounds like this might be a place I would like to hang out at. Im curious what owner Rob Carson has up his sleeve on this cafe!

  11. Wow i seen where Oak Tree Cafe is coming to Alameda.Cant wait ! great food and friendly staff . The food is so fresh you can taste it also found out that they are going to be adding fresh burgers to the menu.And also going to have a patio.

    1. That is indeed great news, Joseph. The Oak Tree Cafe is an outstanding alternative to Jason’s Deli and Subway, the two sandwich shops which dominate Albuquerque’s northwest area. The Albuquerque Business Weekly confirms the Oak Tree Cafe will expand to a new Westside shopping center on 4545 Alameda, N.W. The 2,500 square-foot eatery should open in seven months or so and will include a large outdoor patio. The menu will include burgers, beer, wine and appetizers.

  12. I tried this place out today based on seeing your review. Fantastic sandwiches. I got the Mike’s Special, which gives you a whole speciality sandwich and a half speciality sandwich. I got the Taos and the Chicken of the Sea tuna sandwich on wheat. Both were great, particulatly the Taos sandwich. While I admittedly eat more than the average person, I was glad I ordered 1.5 sandwiches as they could be a little bigger…but it’s hard to critique a place with food this good and very friendly service. I will be returning to this place regularly.

  13. It’s “Monterey” Jack, after the city in California (not the one in Mexico).

    Otherwise, it sounds wonderful: most roast beef sandwiches are of the wood-chips-in-yucky-sauce variety, so I’m delighted to hear about a place where the roast beef tastes like (and is) real beef.

    1. Thank you, Paula. You are absolutely correct. I believe every instance throughout my blog in which I mention Monterey Jack cheese, Monterey is spelled as it is in Mexico. I’ll clean up this error as I find it.

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