Buckhorn Tavern – San Antonio, New Mexico

The world famous Buckhorn Tavern in San Antonio, New Mexico

Dusk is falling on the western town at the very edge of the parched plains.  Fewer than a dozen buildings line the dusty main street.  Howling winds impel tumbleweeds forward with no regard for obstacles in their path.  Even though neither of the protagonists has uttered the old western cliché “this town ain’t big enough for the two of us,” the scene is always ripe for a confrontation between the two long-time rivals.  You can cut the tension with a knife and fork and it would be utterly delicious.

This confrontation isn’t between the black-hearted, black hat wearing villain of western lore and his rival, the clean-cut, white chapeaued cowboy. It’s a rivalry between the Owl Cafe and the Buckhorn Tavern, two heralded hamburger havens separated by less than a block yet inextricably bound by national publications which champion them as among the best of their genre (in westerns, this would be the fastest guns in the west).

The cozy, comfy restaurant interior

The Owl Cafe is among the most celebrated restaurants in New Mexico, touted for its incomparable green chile cheeseburger.  In 2003, Jane and Michael Stern, rated the Owl’s green chile cheeseburger on Epicurious.Com as one of the top ten burgers in America.  GQ magazine may have done one better, in 2005 naming  Buckhorn Tavern the seventh best burger in America.  Alan Richman who authored the article trumpeted the Buckhorn Burger as “the ultimate in a burger with a burn,” adding that the “Buckhorn makes the best green-chili cheeseburgers in a tiny town devoted to little else.”  Not to be outdone, in 2009, Marlboro.com’s “Nightlife Flavor Roundup” named the Buckhorn’s green chile cheeseburger number three “baddest burger in the land.”

Confrontation has become commonplace in San Antonio–and not just between the most prolific purveyors of burgers in town.  On May 14th, 2009 “bad boy” Bobby Flay, one of the world’s preeminent grill masters and a celebrated Food Network glitterati made his way, camera crew in tow, to challenge the Buckhorn’s proprietor Bobby Olguin, not to an old west style draw, but to a green chile cheeseburger “throwdown.”  The concept of his show “Throwdown With Bobby Flay” is based on Flay challenging chefs from throughout the fruited plain to prepare the specialty for which they are known and to have judges decide which is tastier.  The episode aired for the first time on July 22nd, 2009.

The Dude-Friendly Patio

The Owl Cafe and the Buckhorn Tavern have proven over the years that there is more than enough room in San Antonio, New Mexico for two outstanding practitioners (three if you count Bobby Flay) of the fine culinary art of crafting among the very best green chile cheeseburgers in the universe. Every ingredient complements the green chile which most burger aficionados say is every bit the equal of the one served at the world-famous Owl Cafe, if not better.  As the restaurant’s affable proprietor Bob Olguin put it so succinctly on the Throwdown With Bobby Flay episode, “the green chile cheeseburger should taste like going to heaven or being married to somebody that you love and want to be with the rest of your life.  It’s just indescribable.”

In between utterances of appreciation, the Food Network judges actually did describe the burgers very well.  Rating the green chile cheeseburgers on three criteria–green chile flavor, authenticity and overall taste–the judges praised the combination of heat and flavor on Olguin’s entry.  One judge found the green chile so hot he had to wipe his brow.  In the final judge’s tabulation, Olguin’s burger reigned supreme, but the real winner was the Land of Enchantment which Flay praised effusively.

Rated Seventh Best Burger in the Country

In recognition of Olguin’s victory, Governor Bill Richardson declared Friday July 24, 2009 “Buckhorn Tavern Day.” “Congratulations to the Buckhorn Tavern and its owner Bobby Olguin for the impressive victory over one of the world’s most recognized chefs,” Governor Richardson said. “Through his win, Mr. Olguin did an excellent job of showcasing one of New Mexico’s culinary treasures, the green chile cheeseburger.”

Manuel “Manny” Olguin relocated the Buckhorn Tavern to its present location in 1943 when, after leaving the service, he took over the family business from his father who started the family tradition in 1918.  Although Manny passed away in 1998, the business continued to bear his name and was managed by Manny’s son Bob since a few years before his father passed away.  Bob, who is burly and brawny enough not to catch any flack for wearing an apron in a manly western town, is a larger than life personality, an effusive and bombastic character who gave his Food Network namesake more than he could hand handle in terms of banter.

Double Meat Green Chile Cheeseburger, One of the Very Best in New Mexico

The restaurant is replete with eye-catching brickerbrack and haberdashery (okay, they’re just motorcycle tee-shirts), but most male eyes affix on a GQ cover featuring Jessica Simpson pre-Tony Romo in a barely there bikini.  Simpson was on the cover of the magazine in which the Tavern was named the 7th best burger in America, so it’s only fitting that her image graces the restaurant’s walls and tables.  Several racks (keep it clean, this is a family Web site) also adorn the walls.

When health concerns reared their ugly head, Manny Olguin put the Buckhorn Tavern up for sale.  It remains in good hands under owners Ernie and Stephanie Sichler with their daughter Morgen.  The Sichlers have longstanding ties with the community of San Antonio where you’ll find chile that bears their name for sale.  As the Buckhorn website indicates, the Sichlers are not “out-of-towners” looking for some small town diner charm.  Ernie was born and raised in San Antonio and the extended Sichler family has deep roots in San Antonio with their famous chile.While the burger which helped make San Antonio the green chile cheeseburger capital of New Mexico remains the Buckhorn’s signature, the menu has expanded to include a number of New Mexican (although labeled “Mexican”) food favorites such as burritos, enchiladas and even an Enchiladas Suizas plate.  Though we have every confidence that they’re all quite delicious, we don’t get to San Antonio often enough to expand our repertoire.  Until (or if) we’re able to visit San Antonio more frequently, it’ll always be the state’s sacrosanct green chile cheeseburger for me.

Beans with Green Chile and a Buttered Tortilla

15 March 2022: For me, that means “The Mule,” a burger showcasing double-meat green chile patties weighing in at a whopping one-pound.  Each mule comes with mustard, tomato, lettuce, chopped onion, pickles, cheese and ostensibly, green chile that packs a kick. (tourists certainly seem to think so according to our server).  New Mexicans shouldn’t have any problem handling that green chile.  Each patty on its own makes for a huge burger, easily big enough to share though you won’t want to.  The beef used is 70 percent lean and 30 percent fat to give it a flavor as big as the stars that decorate night sky above the burger blessed town of San Antonio.  The meat has long been pressed under a dinner plate, a family tradition that accounts for each burger’s uniformity.

Ingredients are unfailingly fresh as each burger is plucked off the grill at the optimum time with cheese melted to the point that it drapes itself over the beef without any residual oiliness.  The Buckhorn Tavern uses only American cheese on their green chile cheeseburger and it drapes the cheese over chopped red onions.  The beef is seasoned with granulated garlic, a little touch that imparts a surprising amount of flavor without the sometimes overwhelming pungency of garlic.  The flavor combinations will make your mouth sing though you might sing a funeral dirge when the bottom bun falls apart after a bite or two.  This burger is much too good to eat with a fork; experientially it feels like an act of heresy.  For this reason along, I recommend ordering two Buckhorn burgers, single patty behemoths.

Salsa and Chips

Fresh-cut French fries and onion rings are popular accompaniment to the Buckhorn’s burgers.  A better, more New Mexican companion for any burger is a bowl of Ness Farms whole beans.  Add green chile to the bowl and you will have paired New Mexico’s two official state vegetables–frijoles and chile.  These frijoles come from Estancia, home to arguably (they won’t get any argument from me) the very best beans in the Land of Enchantment.  A flour tortilla on the side can be used to fashion New Mexican spoons with which to scoop up one delicious spoonful after the other.  The flour tortilla is flimsy, almost paper-thin, but it’s buttered and delicious.  

Of course, no visit to any New Mexican restaurant is complete without salsa and chips, probably worthy of being designated New Mexico’s official state snack, appetizer or even condiment (at least the salsa). The salsa features finely chopped chile, tomato and onion and has a nice bite to it.  The chips are thin and lightly salted, but they’re formidable enough for Gil-sized scoops.  My Kim couldn’t handle the salsa so being the dutiful husband that I am, I made the sacrifice of polishing them off single-handedly.

It’s a matter of opinion as to which of San Antonio’s highly touted green chile cheeseburgers is best.  Savvy diners will eat one at either the Buckhorn Tavern or the Owl Cafe then cross the street and have the other.   To me, these burgers are so evenly matched that it’s not even worth discussing.  Both are outstanding!  Both are a credit to the great village of San Antonio.  Both are on the New Mexico Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail!

In its June, 2010 edition, New Mexico Magazine celebrated New Mexico’s Best Eats, eight of the best dishes served in restaurants throughout the Land of Enchantment. Two versions of each dish–a downhome version and uptown version were selected. The magazine accorded the honor as  state’s very best downhome green chile cheeseburger to the Buckhorn Tavern. Whether or not that honor will quell any disputes as to the best in San Antonio remains to be seen.

Buckhorn Tavern
68 US Highway 380
San Antonio, New Mexico
(575) 835-4423
Website | Facebook Page
LATEST VISIT: 15 September 2022
COST: $ – $$
BEST BET: Buckhorn Burger, Salsa and Chips, French Fries, Onion Rings, Rio Grande Special, Beans with Green Chile and a Buttered Tortilla

54 thoughts on “Buckhorn Tavern – San Antonio, New Mexico

    1. Hi Sarita

      The Buckhorn’s closure is sad news indeed, but I’m happy to hear Bobby Olguin has beaten cancer. Spending time with his family is the right priority.

      Though restaurant closures are a fact of life, we should always celebrate the passion of restaurateurs like Bobby Olguin who give it their all every day. The Buckhorn Tavern brought a lot of honor to the Land of Enchantment.


  1. My buddy and I traveled near 400 miles to to try these famous burgers. First of all, we call this place and they take forever to answer the phone. And when they answered he was freaken rude and sarcastic. Just because you made a tv show you now think your a big shot. I could not believe a well known place does not do take out on Friday and Saturdays. Are you that cheap or is it that hard to make a to go box. I read the last commet and they are right. The owner can be rude. I guess you were kissing Bobby Flays butt to make your place a wonderful place to eat. Terrible service. I called my order around 130pm. Are you that busy to put it in a box.

  2. My buddy and I travel 400 miles and call this place to place an order to go. First of all they took for ever to answer the phone. And when they answered. They were freaken rude. What just because you made a tv show you are a big shot. Are you that cheap to make a to go burger. I could not believe you don’t do take out at 130pm. Well put it on your darn website you don’t do take out on Friday and Saturday. Next time when I go down I 25 again. Won’t stop at this place for there rude service on the phone and being sarcastic and hanging up. That’s terrible.

  3. Made it to the Buckhorn this past week and I have to agree with Ryan Scott.
    Good, not great, a 7 to a 7.5. My overall impression can be summed up in one word, damp. Or wet, or moist, or messy, take you pick.
    I would have appreciated a more charming owner, Bobby.
    He looked like a man with a gas bubble.
    Onion rings were pedestrian at best.
    The best part of the meal was the waitress, very nice, very accommodating.
    On to Sparky’s.

  4. Awesome green chili burger. Bob and everyone there are far beyond friendly and attentive. Great place, wish we had been there on “jam” night but alas the snow kept us from getting south of Socorro!

  5. I recently visited the Buckhorn for the first time a week ago with three friends. We soon discovered the warmth and friendliness of the staff. The food was awsome. We all agreed this was our kind of place to stop. Keep up the great food and service. I also left my black, long sleeve hoodie on the back of my chair. I have called several times during the open hours but am only getting hang ups. I am passing through San Antonio tomorrow afternoon (Oct. 28) and would like to pick up my hoodie if the Buckhorn is still open.

  6. Visited the Buckhorn Tavern yesterday June 28, 2011 and it exceeded my expectations. The burger truly was the best burger I have ever eaten. It wasn’t just the green chili that was delicious it was the hamburger meat itself, it was cooked to perfection!!! Juicy juicy juicy!!!!!!! The owner was extremely nice and his staff were very friendly. I will be heading to San Antonio more often… it’s worth the 70 minute drive. Being I live in NM green chili is a staple in our home, so I make my own version of the green chili cheeseburger, but guess what…. not anymore!!! I’m heading to the Buckhorn!! Have a great day…. and enjoy your drive or ride to the Buckhorn, it’s worth the trip.

  7. Visited there on June 15,2011 and was pleasantly surprised. Saw the episode on Diners Drive-ins & Dives and planned my vacation thru there. Bob sat at the table with us and talked a long while, very nice person. Waitstaff was very friendly & the Green Chile Cheeseburger to me was the BEST I ever ate. Look forward to going back on my next visit to Ruidoso. Thanks Again Bob & all the Staff

  8. I finally got to see a rerun of the Green Chile Cheeseburger throwdown with Bobby Flay.
    Finally a chef who gives proper props to “American Cheese”.
    No cheddar, colby, jack, etc but good old American Cheese.
    And the Buckhorn’s method of making the patty was eye opening and I’ll try that method at home.
    I MUST get me to the Buckhorn soon!

  9. Was in there a couple of days ago and im wondering if Bob Olguin is married. Oh yeah. It was a great hamburger too. Im looking forward to showing up some night when the music begins. Love the blues! Sure wish it was on a weekend cuz i’ll be driving from Alb. No matter. I look forward to it.

    1. I can’t comment on Mr. Olguin’s marital status, but can certainly attest to him being one of the nicest celebrities I’ve ever met. I got to spend some time with him during the press conference in which the New Mexico Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail was introduced and found him very kind and self-effacing, a true gentleman. He’s also got a wicked sense of humor and an intense pride in New Mexico’s fabulous chile (which, by the way, will be showcased in the September edition of New Mexico Magazine).


  10. From our visit in December 2010, had to blog on FB about it! TERRIBLE!

    Okay, I am one *sad* and *cranky* foodie right now! First, let me say that I take my food, wine and spirits seriously when I’m spending our hard earned cash on a menu item. I’m not one to pass on info on a great restaurant if they suck. Not to mention the fact that while I call myself a foodie, I don’t make judgment on an establishment based on looks or star ratings. Rick and I have eaten at some DIVES that have the most amazing food and some expensive places that I wouldn’t recommend to my dog, so yeah.

    I was sorely disappointed by the Buckhorn Tavern in San Antonio NM. Now, I really can’t tell you if the owner, Bobby Olguin was cooking in the kitchen, but Rick and I didn’t see him back there and you can pretty much see EVERYTHING in the place from the bar area. So, it could have been an off day or maybe Bobby needs to be cooking.

    First, we arrived around 1:20pm on a Friday afternoon, which we were hoping would get us past the lunch rush. The sign clearly states that if you want a fast lunch, then maybe the Buckhorn is not for you, but really? An HOUR to get the burger to our table? The tavern was full, but this was a bit much, not to mention the fact that some folks two tables over had their order taken AFTER ours and they were eating before us. Anyone who knows me personally knows that this drives me absolutely BATTY!

    So, okay, our burger has arrived and I’m pretty hungry and I’m not one to splurge on greasy burgers that often. I’m too old for that and it’s not good for my cholesterol. The burger doesn’t seem like anything better than the Hi-D-Ho Tiger Burgers home in Alamogordo (which, by the way, is the BEST BURGER I’ve eaten) not to mention that the green chile has NOT been grilled, which is supposed to be the big thing about the Buckhorn Burger. It’s a little on the pink side, but I’m all for a medium burger, but not usually on one that is so thin. Bun, soggy; the onions that I asked to be grilled, barely so; and I really think that Rick got the heels of the tomato on his burger 🙁 The green chile is not only NOT GRILLED, but it’s hotter than hell. Now, I’m a NM native and many of you know that I can handle a super spicy green or red, but it’s not good when it’s HOT and NO FLAVOR *sighs* and the burger wasn’t even seasoned *sad face*.

    So, here I am in ‘burque, with a full tummy, but a heavy heart as the Buckhorn Green Chile Cheeseburger was not nearly what we were expecting and I’m not sure in what universe that this burger would even come close to beating Bobby Flay’s ANYTHING (when we all know he’s one of the BEST at Southwest Cuisine). Maybe we’ll have more luck at the Church Street Cafe in Old Town.

  11. I visited your store recently and I must say your food was delish, but your customer service was not outstanding. I observed a huge man walking around looking like an employee who made nasty comments and nasty jokes when he was talking with two women I thought surely he doesn’t work here, but I found out who this man was. I am sad to say the women whom I talked to said he was the owner. I think you have a great establishment but your social skills are not the greatest. You need to learn to respect yourself and others. Quit being arrogant and treat people the way you want to be treated. Remember the golden rule. You should be making us feel welcomed trust me otherwise I can find a burger just as good and not as expensive somewhere else.

  12. Visited the Buckhorn on Feb. 5, 2011 @ approx noon. The place was packed. After our experience though I have no idea why. It was vile. We should have left after finding out that both restrooms were out of order and the young man waiting on us said we could go across the street to the gas station. What was the staff using for sanitary purposes? Did they even have running water? So we sent a quiet prayer to our GI tracts in hopes to shore up against a case of C. Diff. The food was foul. The burger buns were stale and crumbling and not from being kissed by the grill. The cheese wasn’t even Kraft singles but a super mega generic glop of orange dye and soybean product. The meat had no flavor; no salt, no grease, nothing. The photos above of their fries and onion rings is missing the 1/2 inch pool of oil ours were presented in. Was the fryer @ 250 degrees? Most likely. The interior was plastered with a variety of Food Network posters. I guess that was their 15 minutes of fame never to be had again.

  13. My wife and I recently had our first Buckhorn Tavern green chile cheeseburger (GCCB) and we loved it. I have eaten at the neighboring Owl Café from time-to-time since the summer of 1958 and have always felt a loyalty to it. It is difficult to comment on one without mentioning the other and making comparisons. So …

    Both burgers are both delicious, yet they are very different. The Owl has an almost fast-food assembly line process; it turns out medium sized burgers real fast. The Buckhorn, which serves burgers sized nearly twice that of the Owl, takes their time to cook each burger, so expect to wait. At the Owl Café, it is the assemblage: meat green chile, cheese, lettuce etc., that makes the burger (except I always “hold” the mustard which camouflages the green chile). At the Buckhorn, for me, it is much more about the meat and its preparation. The fries at the Buckhorn were a little oily for my tastes, but they tasted very fresh. The green chile is reasonably piquant on both burgers.

    I think our plans for the future will be to drive to San Antonio, eat a green chile cheeseburger at the Buckhorn, take the 10 minute drive to the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge and observe the sand cranes, geese, eagles, and ducks—then return to San Antonio and have an Owl burger for dessert. Or, maybe … go to the Owl first and get a double-meat, then return to the Buckhorn and split a GCCB. Either way, it is a great day.

  14. After visiting New Mexico last week and eating at the Buckhorn for the second time I can’t wait to go back – the food is delicious! My husband and my son both love the chili cheese burger. If you’re a vegetarian like me and don’t go for burgers, try their bean and green chili burrito, it’s great! Our friend George, who lives in Socorro, turned us on to this little hole in the wall. Yes, the wait is long, but ever so worth it!

  15. Ate at Buckhorn for the first time last night on the way back from a business trip to Las Cruces/El Paso. Good GCCB, not great. I’d give it a 7.5 or so. Nice, friendly service. Bobcat Bite is better, as is the Owl.

  16. We had the opportunity to go to the Buckhorn when we were in New Mexico visiting my parents. I was never one for mushy green food, but I swear to all that is holy this green chile cheeseburger is THE food that made me start eating it again. Now I eat guacamole and everything! 🙂 I like the fact that he passes the green chiles on the flattop so they get a little drier than they would otherwise be. DEEEEEELICIOUS!!

  17. Congrats Bobby & Debbie!!!! My family has been visiting the Buckhorn since Bobby’s father ran it! It is welcoming, fun, and has an personality all it’s own : )………Not to mention that the food is outstanding! I love BUCKHORN GREEN CHILE BURGERS!!! I highly recommend it!!!! We have taken many out of town guest’s to sample the best green chile burger in NM and we/they have never been dissapointed! Congrats again on your success!

  18. I LOVE THE BUCKHORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its the best food anyone can ever have….home made, hand cooked,the delicious green chili!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we miss you bobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have fun keep up the good work and see u this summer..im bringing guests!

  19. Hello, we are on the road and would like to try your chili burger. We’re coming from Texas on the 30th or 31st of December. What are your hours? Are you open on New Year’s Eve? Please let us know soon! Can’t find your hours or holiday schedule anywhere on your website.

    Can’t wait to try your luscious chili burger . . . .


    1. Hello Maria

      The Buckhorn Tavern’s Web site (http://www.socorro-nm.com/buckhorn.htm) does not currently list the restaurant’s hours of operation which are Monday through Friday from 11AM to 8PM. As with the Owl Cafe, I recommend you call ahead to make sure the restaurant will be open when you travel through. You can contact them at (575) 835-4423.


  20. I was just there today. The waiting was incredible, even though there was not a lot of people in the restaurant, from the time I order to the time they serve me an hour went by, I almost lost my appetite. The green chile burger was ok, but not really worth the wait. If you are in a hurry, I’ll recommend go across the street to the Owl Bar.

  21. How about posting your hours? Is anybody reading this blog? Yoohoo? I’ll be driving through San Antonio next month and would love to eat the green chile burger. Please post your hours.

  22. I am dying to have one of your cheeseburgers but my husband is a vegetarian/healthfood freak. What do you have on your menu that he could eat? Please help! I really want to check you out!

  23. We live in Alto,NM and have never driven by the restaurant when it was open. We are having guests this weekend from Dallas. We will be at the Crane Festival Saturday morning and hope to at the Buckhorn when you open at 11am on Saturday. We are all foodies and are looking forward to the best burger.

  24. I think consistency in work hours would be nice. Buckhorn was closed on my way to Ruidoso after I told the family we would stop in for a burger. It was closed in the middle of the day. On our way back, same thing. I took the family to the Owl Cafe instead. I live in Albuquerque and do not want to drive over an hour for a maybe they will be open. I was very disappointed in having watched “throwdown” I was kind of excited to eat there. Not telling them how to run their business, but I wouldn’t do that to my customers.

  25. I lived in Las Cruces while attending college there and fondly remember the wonderful green chile burgers I lived on. This brings back memories that force me to find this restaurant and relive this wonderful burger once again. My kudos to both chiefs.

  26. Called the Buckhorn Tavern on Wednesday and inquired if they were open for lunch on Saturdays or Sundays. “Sure, we’re open everyday” was the response. I drove from Albuquerque to San Antonio this past weekend, just to have one of their burgers. When I arrived there was a sign on the door saying they were closed and would be all weekend. In honor of Columbus? Too famous to have to work on holiday weekends anymore? Whatever.

    Save your effort for something worthy of that effort. Head down the road to the Pie-O-Neer Cafe in Pietown and have something really special! You WILL NOT be disappointed!!

  27. Please post the Buckhorn’s hours.

    I’ve know about the Owl for years. And only recently heard about the Buckhorn.

    Unfortunately, the Buckhorn has never been open when I’ve been passing through the area.

    Sooner or later, I will get to try the Buckhorn Burger.

  28. Talk about disappointment. After a long weekend spent traveling with my son to Carlsbad Caverns, Roswell and White Sands/Alamogordo the main thing we were looking forward to was stopping and trying a Buckhorn burger on our way back to Albuquerque. Much to our disappointment it was closed. We got to San Antonio at 3:15 and the sign on the door said closed from 3:00-4:30 pm! God love locally owned restaurants they are one of the only places worth actually going out for a meal, but this is one of the things you contend with. I played it safe and called the day before to make sure they would be open the next day and was told yes they would. Thank goodness we had an option across the street to satisfy our craving for a GCCB. Well I guess we will have to plan a trip that way another time soon. Can’t wait to compare to Bobcat Bite.

  29. There is nothing better than a chili cheese burger from the Buckhorn. I don’t get to San Antonio often, but when a do the Buckhorn is a MUST!!!

  30. Having lived in New Mexico for almost my entire life, I am proud to say that I have sampled the fine burgers of both establishments on several occasions. And bravo, Food Network, for bringing them where they belong – into the limelight as the best burgers around.
    Congratulations, Bobby!

    – a sometime San Antonio resident

  31. I really want to do a throwdown for an upcoming event I am catering……so I’d like to do the Flay burger and the Buckhorn burger – will you share the recipe?

  32. Hey Bobby-


    We are headed to Santa Fe from Las Cruces this weekend (8/7-8/9) and you are on our agenda!!!

    Fire up the grill, we are a comin’!!

    Alice & Ken

  33. As a New Mexico expatriot I almost jumped thru the TV screen when I saw the recent Throwdown episode – wonderful!!!

    One question – does Buckhorn have a website? Even a photo of the GCCB would be better than what is offered in my current town!

  34. I am new to NM and all it has to offer. After seeing the victory over Bobby Flay this is our next stop 🙂 Can’t wait to try that burger!

  35. Bob, congratulations on your well-deserved victory against Bobby Flay. Your BUCKHORN BURGER is a “Must” on my monthly trips to and from Las Cruces from Santa Fe (sometimes both going and coming!). I enjoyed chatting with you recently and regards please to your siblings. Continued great health and great cooking. Gracias, y nos vemos pronto !!

  36. Bob, congratulations on your well-deserved victory opposite Bobby Flay. You are a “MUST”

  37. Hey Bobby! Good Job Cuz! Great show! My co-workers were really excited about your show. Hopefully I can drop by soon to visit!

  38. How nice it was to see a Food Network show that actually featured New Mexicans. It seems that most of their shows feature Brooklyn, or San Jose natives decked out in concho belts, and blue velvet dresses, slickly, sold to them at the square in Santa Fe. All the while they claim to be locals, while mis-pronouncing chile relleno. Is that really what is clogging up Santa Fe these days?

  39. Hi! Are you guys open on Sundays? We are headed from Albuquerque to Las Cruces tomorrow and want to stop in for a burger–My husband has never had one of your most scrumptious burgers and I wanted to take him there!!!

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