Sugar’s BBQ & Burgers – Embudo, New Mexico

Sugar's--one of America's best diners

Sugar's--one of America's best diners

The winding highway meandering alongside the murky Rio Grande through Embudo is among the most scenic in the state. You’ll want to drive slowly to take in the foliage, but especially to make sure you imbibe the hazy smoke plumes emanating from Sugar’s BBQ & Burgers which waft into your motorized conveyance like a sweet Texas smoke signal beckoning you to try a combo platter.

The first time we met Nancy and Neil “The Rifleman” (as in originally from Rifle, Colorado) Nobles, we were blown away by their genuine humility. Until we told them, the genial proprietors of this corrugated tin trailer kitchen only a couple of hundred feet from the meandering Rio Grande had no idea that they were showcased on Their giddiness was unique and refreshing. While Neil prepared our meal, Nancy looked up Michael Stern’s eloquent review on the Roadfood Web site.

Neil Nobles serves the best barbecue in Northern New Mexico

Neil Nobles, the genial proprietor of Sugar's

That review is now framed and posted on the walls of the restaurant’s kitchen. Another glowing accolade–recognition as one of America’s ten best drive-ins by no less than Gourmet magazine–is posted on the restaurant’s exterior wall. That recognition came in May, 2005, culminating five years of growing acclaim.

Although Sugar’s has made the big time, it remains in every way the modest, unassuming roadside kitchen named for a darling, drooling bulldog who lounged on the front lawn until her passing in 2004.  Today Sugar rests in her favorite place just west of the restaurant, an excellent vantage point where she can keep watch over the family and restaurant she loved.  The Sterns, by the way, also have bulldogs.

Sugar, the darling, drooling bulldog for whom the restaurant is named

Sugar, the darling, drooling bulldog for which the restaurant is named.

Neil’s preferred name for his drive-in would have been “Two Fat Guys” but he figured that was just “too red-necked” for the area. Neil is one of the most down-to-earth and genuine people you’ll ever meet.  He’s traveled all over the world and is conversant on just about any topic, but retains an endearing folksy and homespun humor.  He’s in love with his riverside venue, but will also tell you that he’d be happy just about anywhere.

Like the Sterns, we quickly became enamored not only of Sugar’s proprietor, but of the brisket burrito in which tender brisket is piled on a tortilla and ameliorated by green chile and shredded cheddar cheese. Those folded treasures are truly wonderful with a smokiness that remains on your hands when you’re done (you may never want to wash those hands again).

Sausage Burrito with green chile

Sausage Burrito with green chile

The green chile is of the mild variety, but where it lacks in bite, it makes up in taste. It is some of the best low and slow ‘cue you’ll find in the state.  Equally sublime are the tortillas encasing some of the very best smoked sausage you’ll find anywhere. The sausage isn’t overly spiced as some sausage is apt to be and it’s more lean and far less fatty than most.

Behind the ramshackle kitchen is a huge black smoker in which meats are slow cooked to perfection.  That means sausage and brisket in the winter and the addition of ribs in the summer.  The brisket is cooked low and slow to imbue it with just a hint of smokiness.  It’s as tender as any brisket in New Mexico.

Sugar's brisket burrito

Sugar's brisket burrito

Barbecue dinner plates are served Friday through Sunday all summer long where you have your choice of pork spare ribs, sausage, brisket or a combo plate–all smoked on the premises and hand-cut.  The combo plate means ribs, sausage and brisket–the tantalizing Texas triumvirate no barbecue loving man or woman can resist. The ribs are of the meaty variety Fred Flintstone loves and the brisket is melt-in-your-mouth tender, but it may be the sausage that steals the show.

If your experience with sausage results in the spewing of such adjectives as greasy, tough and tasteless, you’ll have to expand your vocabulary with such superlatives as tangy, brimming with flavor and mouth-watering to describe Sugar’s sausage.  The barbecue is slathered with a tangy, maybe even slightly piquant Texas style sauce. The Nobles once owned and operated two successful restaurants in Texas so they’re well acquainted with sauces that complement meats.

Green Chile Cheeseburger

Green Chile Cheeseburger

While their meats need absolutely no accompaniment, the sauce is so darn good, you might want to drink some of it. Fortunately you can buy a small or large container of the stuff.  All dinners are served with homemade corn muffins, pickles and onions as well as your choice of two sides: potato salad, bbq baked beans, onion rings, corn on the cob, coleslaw or French fries.

The sides are terrific–so good that each one would make a wonderful meal all by itself.  The best of the lot are the bbq baked beans which are perfectly baked so they’re neither mushy nor chewy. Even if you don’t like barbecue baked beans (or if they don’t like you), these will win you over with an equal pronouncement of sweet and tangy flavors complemented by shards of beef brisket.

A combo platter with baked beans and corn on the cob

A combo platter with baked beans and corn on the cob

An outstanding alternative to barbecue is the green chile cheeseburger, a monster sized burger with monster sized taste which doesn’t require a monster sized budget to purchase.  Featuring lightly toasted buns, a half pound sphere of ground chuck and unfailingly fresh ingredients, it’s a two fisted burger that will quell the heartiest of appetites. The green chile cheeseburger is among the top ten in New Mexico, so good it was selected for inclusion on the exclusive New Mexico Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail.

Another terrific alternative is the Frito pie which is replete with well seasoned chile, beef, cheese and Fritos corn chips which, in New Mexico, have found a new life and purpose.  The menu may be abbreviated, the seating sparse to non-existent but the ambience is unbeatable and the barbecue worth the drive from just about anywhere in New Mexico.  Sugar’s is open every day but Tuesday from 11AM to 7PM.

Sugar’s BBQ & Burgers
1799 Highway 68
Embudo, NM
LATEST VISIT: 21 March 2010

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BEST BET: Brisket Burrito, Green Chile Cheeseburger, Combination Plate, Baked Beans


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  • Lakeney Walker

    Best Food In New Mexico….. My family and i eat there eveytime we go to New Mexico and it is always amazing

  • Teresa

    The sugar burger is THE best burger ever. Better then any burger I have tried.

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  • Sara

    On a recent trip to Santa Fe to visit my husband, we struck off north on Sunday afternoon – glad we didn’t wait till Monday as they are closed Mon-Wed! After a lovely drive, we actually passed Sugars and had to back track a mile or so. There were several groups at table or sitting on the porch waiting for their orders. My husband and I both ordered the combo BBQ plate and then grabbed a table on the grass. Soon a couple of women asked if they could join us and struck up a conversation. They were delightful company and shared their delicious onion rings with us. They had driven down from Penansco, I think, as a way to cheer up on of the friends. Sitting with them made this experience all the more delightful and memorable! After a longer than expected, but pleasant wait, our order was ready. MMMMMMM! While my ribs were not as tender as my husbands, they sure were tasty, and the sausage and brisket were some of the best I’ve had! My husband’s potato salad was really good, and he really enjoyed the baked beans too. It was a very lovely outing and dinner, but arrive early as they tried to close before their stated time on the night we were there, which is 6:00. This one definately goes on our list of repeats

  • TravelPath

    What can I say…we have passed Sugars for years on the way to Taos…this past Thursday we actually stopped and had a brisket burrito and a piece of millionaire pie…Oh My Gosh…it was wonderful…the brisket was nicely smoked and the burrito grilled with just enough green chile for flavor…I now feel depressed for not having gone all these years! This is just another stellar N.M. treasure!!…Mrs. TravelPath and I can’t wait until our next visit.

  • Hi Gil,

    I remember eating (take-out) at Sugar’s a few years ago, before I met you. It was delicious and very large portions. As I recall, I got one of the ‘dinners’, brisket, I think, complete with meat, cole slaw, beans, etc. I was able to make 2 good-sized meals with all I got.

    I arrived about 10 minutes before closing time, and all of a sudden, the parking lot was filled to the brim with local pickup trucks and people getting huge bags of takeout food.

    It’s practically next door to one of my all time favorite NM places, Johnnie Meier’s Classicalgas Museum, a veritable treasure trove of all things relating to cars and gas pumps, etc. Johnnie was (is?) President of the NM Route 66 association, and is very knowledgeable about travel in NM and all along Route 66.

  • Linsley

    Sugar’s is a treasure! I’m so glad to see it getting such recognition. One of the best burgers I’ve ever had, and such a funky, down-home atmosphere in such a unique setting! I’ve got to try to BBQ, but it’s hard to pass up the burgers, fries & onion rings, the memory of which is making me want to grab the car keys and take a little road trip right this minute!

  • Barb

    This place looks great Gil, I will have to make the trip and try that burrito. Speaking of burgers I ate at 5 Star Burgers this weekend in Albuquerque located near Wyoming and Academy. They just opened and are originally from Taos. I had the Taos burger, delicious! Crispy green chile, never had that on a burger!

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