New Mexico Restaurant Index

To visit a restaurant review, simply click on the restaurant name below and you will be magically transported to that review. Restaurants rated “25″ or higher are noted in capital letters.

Abiquiu (3): Bode’s Mercantile | Cafe Abiquiu | Mamasita’s Pizza

Alamogordo (1): Rockin’ BZ Burgers

Arrey (1): Arrey Cafe

Arroyo Seco (2): | Sabroso | Taos Cow

Artesia (1): Henry’s BBQ |

Belen (4): Big Mike’s Burgers & More | Circle T Burgers | Greg’s BBQ Pete’s Cafe |

Bernalillo (9): Abuelita’s | Antojitos Lupe | Bosque North Brewery & Taproom | The Chill Zone | Kaktus Brewing Company | Los 6 Hermanos | The Range | Ruby’s TortilleriaStuffed Lust Sopaipilla Company | Tio’s Kitchen |

Bibo (1): Bibo Bar & Grille

Bosque Farms (1): Benny’s Mexican Kitchen

Capitan (1): The Oso Grill 

Carlsbad (3): Danny’s Place | Red Chimney Bar-B-Que | Yellow Brix Restaurant |

Cedar Crest (2)😐 Burger Boy |Greenside Cafe |

Cerrillos (1): Black Bird Saloon

Chimayo (1) | Rancho De Chimayo |

Cloudcroft (1): Mad Jack’s Mountaintop Barbecue |

Corrales (4): | Apple Tree Cafe  |Indigo Crow | Perea’s Tijuana Bar & Restaurant | Village Pizza |

Cuba (1): El Bruno |

Deming (1): Patio Cafe

Edgewood (2): Katrinah’s East Mountain Grill | The Pizza Barn

El Rito(1): El Farolito |

Embudo (1): | Sugar’s BBQ & Burgers |

Española (6): | Dandy Burger | El Paragua | El Parasol| JoAnn’s Ranch O Casados | Mariscos La Playa | Stop & Eat|

Farmington (3): Clancy’s Pub | Juniper Coffee & Eatery | Pioche Food Group

Gallup (3): El Rancho | Jerry’s Cafe | Sammy C’s Rock ‘n’ Sports Pub & Grille |

Hatch (2): Pepper Pot | Sparky’s Burgers, Barbecue & Espresso

Hillsboro (1): Hillsboro General Store

Jemez Springs (1): Los Ojos Restaurant & Saloon

La Mesa (1): CHOPE’S

Las Cruces (1): Nopalito’s

Las Vegas (3):  Bar Castaneda |  Charlie’s Spic & Span | The Skillet

Los Lunas (2):  Europa Food. Fun. FestivalTeofilo’s Restaurante

Madrid (2): The Hollar | The Mine Shaft Tavern |

Magdalena (1): Magdalena Cafe |

Mesilla (2): Andele’s Dog House | La Posta

Peñasco (1): Sugar Nymphs Bistro

Pinos Altos (1): Buckhorn Tavern

Placitas (3): BLADES BISTRO | Placitas Cafe | Placitas Pizza

Ranchos de Taos (1): Ranchos Plaza Grill

Red River (1): Texas Reds |

Rio Rancho (36):  A&W All American Food | Aldo’s NY Pizzeria | Alicea’s NY Bagels & Subs | Best Lee’sBurrito Express | Cafe Bella | Cazuela’s Mexican Grill | Dagmar’s Delectables | Davido’s Pizza & More | Dulce River Bakery & CoffeeFederico’s | Heaven Dragon | Hot Tamales | Joe’s Pasta House | K’Lynn’s Cuisine | Lily and Liam Bistro | The Local BrewhouseM’Tucci’s Moderno | Namaste Restaurant | No Te RajesO’Hare’s Grille & Pub | The Paleta Bar | Pho Bar | Pho Garden | Saigon 2 Restaurant   | Slate Street Bistro Bar & GrilleStripes Burrito Co. | Tap N Taco| Thai Cuisine | Turquoise Desert Tap RoomTurtle Mountain Brewing Company | Upscale Burgers & ShakesURBANO Pasta Kitchen | Viet Rice | Weck’s |Whiptail

Roswell (2): Big D’s Downtown Dive | Chef Toddzilla’s Gourmet Burgers |

Ruidoso (2): Cafe Rio | Cornerstone Bakery & Cafe |

San Antonio (3)The Owl Cafe | San Antonio Crane Mexican Restaurant | San Antonio General Store |

Sandia Crest (1): High Finance Restaurant

Santa Ana Pueblo (2): The Corn Maiden | Santa Ana Cafe

Santa Rosa (1): Comet II

Socorro (4): Bodega Burger Co. & Lounge | El Camino Family Restaurant | Socorro Springs Brewing Company |Yo Mama’s Grill

Taos (8): The Alley Cantina | Antonio’s | Gutiz | THE LOVE APPLE | MedleyMichael’s Kitchen | Orlando’s |  Taos Pizza Out Back |

Taos Ski Valley (1): Stray Dog Cantina 

Tijeras (1): Ponderosa Family Restaurant & Grill

Truth or Consequences (3): A & B Drive-In | Latitude 33 | Los Arcos

Tucumcari (1): Watson’s BBQ |

White Rock (1): Pig + Fig Bakery & Cafe |

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  1. Just a kinda annual heads-up: At Le Chantilly Bakery (and possibly other such places), Buche de Noel, aka Yule Logs, are now being made/ordered, for when your Festivity or Gift Giving time is set.
    Lest you might think them expensive, consider they are, IMHO, somewhat labor intensive, e.g. or
    While Chantilly’s may not be quite as detailed as the first link, my log was just under $30 last year.
    [Full Disclosure: No, I do not have a financial/kin/romantic affiliation with Le C!]
    Joyeux Noël

  2. Has anyone heard if ML-G is considering this “Los Angeles’ ban on gas stoves could spell the end for many Korean BBQ, Chinese restaurants” ( ) as becoming a thing in New Mexico as part of her being in sync with the President?

    1. Ah, how sadly misguided can we get! It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if our guv went down that path. Let’s hope she’s scrutinizing her actions closely given that it’s an election year. Thanks for sharing this news item, Bob; totally flew under my radar.

  3. To: Y’all
    From: BOTVOLR
    As sent to me from: New Mexico Restaurant Association

    URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Tourism & Hospitality Funding Bill S.B. 191 to be Heard in Indian, Rural & Cultural Affairs Committee TOMORROW @ 9 AM
    Please go here to send your support/read need:

    1. FYI: Per my E-request to the NM Restaurant Association re yesterday’s hearing before the
      Senate Indian, Rural and Cultural Affairs Committee:

      Good Morning,
      The bill did pass the SIRC and we are waiting to hear where it will be heard next.
      Lawrence Baker

  4. Morning Gil: I am using Chrome on my mobile. On the first page there is a blue bar at the top. In the middle of the bar is the three line symbol for site menu. When I click on the bars, that window drops down to show the menu. But then the preview window popes back up quickly covering the menu selection. Thank you.

    1. Hello Reid

      I believe the menu issue on mobile platforms has been resolved. As is often the case with development and design, what solved the problem shouldn’t have worked but it appears to have worked. I’ve tested it on a laptop and iPad using Safari and Firefox and the menu displays proudly–even the cascading sub-menu.



      1. Thank you Gil. Using my mobile or Kendle your menu choices are showing up just fine since you “worked out” the magic fix. And yes there is a story regarding my email.I am old 71 but still on the go & not slowing down!

  5. Gil: The new look of your blog came out really sharp. There a few quirks. If you select the three bar menu at the top of the first page, the window drops down (to show the menu) but pops right back up covering the menu. Also, some texts in this comment section are truncated. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Reid. I play around with the blog’s look and feel quite a bit, but may stick with this one for a while. I appreciate your feedback and love your email address. I bet there’s a good story behind it.

      With regards to the window that drops down to show the menu, are you talking about the “cascading menu” that emanates from the menu item named “Gil’s Highest Rated Restaurants?” If you hover over that menu item, a sub-menu displays showing links to nine other pages. Click on any of those links and a page (such as “Green Chile Cheeseburgers”) will display. The behavior you describe sounds a bit fishy. Please let me know what browser (i.e., Microsoft Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) you’re using.

      The “Your Feedback” page is intended to show excerpts from the last 50 comments submitted by readers. If you click on the name of the restaurant (in blue), a page will display in which the entire comment can be read. For example, the “Your Feedback Page” shows your comment: Reid McGregor on New Mexico Restaurant Index. If you click on “New Mexico Restaurant Index,” your full comment will display.

      1. Hello Again Gil: Wanted you to know how thankful I am accidentally running on to your blog. I was born and raised in the southern part of New Mexico (forty miles from Hatch). Now live in California but return every three to five years to eat authentic “real” New Mexican food. Last month, I was planning my New Mexico “red and green enchilada run” (leaving December 1st) when I found your blog. As I first read through your “New Mexican” restaurant section, I about fell out of my chair. Have not run across anyone previously that feels as passionate about “Authentic New Mexican” food. I thought I was the only odd ball….lol. Now I know I am not alone. I have some new friends, you and the readers of the blog.

        Originally, I was planning to stay five days in the southern part of the state. Traveling only north to Socorro. Those are the restaurants I know and trust. But after spending quite some time reading your blog, I am extending my trip another week to include Belen, Los Lunas and Albuquerque. Visiting Mary & Tito’s, Leroy’s, Cecillia’s, Duran’s Station, Barela’s, Pete’s, Teofilos & El Patio. I already knew about El Patio, have eaten there many times. But the others are new. And there my be more. If the weather is not stormy, (after visiting the Albuquerque area) I will travel to Santa Fe and eat traditional New Mexican at new restaurants from your blog. Previously when on an enchilada run, I have been hesitant to try new places. Too many times I have been disappointed. But I now have your blog as a guide. I am quite excited. You have opened a whole new world of choices where I can find the real thing, not just in the southern part of the state. Thank you again.

        1. Thank you very much for the kind words. I truly appreciate your trust in my recommendations and hope they don’t let you down. Please let us know what your impressions were of the Albuquerque area restaurants you visit. Your list includes many of my favorites including a couple (Leroy’s and Cecilia’s) you might need an asbestos coating on your tongue to eat. They consistently bring the heat.

          We haven’t spent as much time in the southern part of the state as we should, but hope to remedy that when I retire. I would certainly appreciate any recommendations you have for New Mexican restaurants from Socorro and southward.

          I’m still working on trying to get the menu to display correctly on mobile devices. I couldn’t get it to display regardless of browser or mobile device. It’s a good puzzle to solve.

          I hope you have safe travels, a wonderful Thanksgiving and may terrific meals in the Land of Enchantment.’


  6. 1) For Charcuterie Board Gourmands also into Christmas giving: (Scroll down therein for others)

    2) Has anyone had this Yes! Mac n Cheese Ice Cream!  Apparently, my WallyMart doesn’t carry it nor does Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods.
    Lest we (New Mexico) fall further behind…and not that I’m suggesting it be mandated… but I pray that our traveling gourmands herein keep us informed of what’s going on elsewhere, i.e. beyond our enchanted borders! On the other hand and seriously: wasn’t mixing apples and ice cream enough as pie ala mode, let alone along came cheese atop apple pie, to be outdone by Apple Pie ala mode with cheese? While Google Image searches show few of the latter, our very own Casa Rodena ala Chef Jerome’s Farmhouse has featured it.

      1. Indeed…and not wishing to be facetious…just to see such a sparkling clean floor would be worth the trip/visit! MWFs are typical better for me RE noonish times.

        1. Your broasted chicken is THE BEST in the Land of Enchantment!!! I grew up with broasted chicken which was found in some parts of Los Angeles. In fact, there was a family from Australia that had a broasted chicken place in the San Fernando Valley. While that was decades ago, somehow I found myself at Shorty’s as my son-in-law was from Moriarty and his exceptional family lives nearby. Gil and I definitely need to take a road trip to Moriarty and experience Shorty’s amazing crispy and juicy broasted chicken cooked perfectly! Curious though–Shorty’s has ‘Chicken Broasted Steak’–is it maybe a candidate for Sr. Plata’s Chicken Fried Steak Trail. We are always ready to follow the trail for the best chicken fried steak in New Mexico…

          1. Haha, very likely. I would let Sr. Plata drive if I were you! 🙂

            Their hot wings are pretty good too…it is still the broaster fried chicken, but with hot sauce.

      1. Gil, You should check out La Hacienda in Moriarty. I don’t normally eat steak out because I’ve been let down too many times in the past. La Hacienda is one of the exceptions. The steak and enchiladas is delicious. The chile con queso appetizer is also a favorite of mine.

  7. Besides Gil’s provenances about foods themselves, a culture, a word, etc., restaurants themselves seem to be part of the heart and soul of the Blog. As such…and while I try to avoid mixing “politics” herein…I would ask your Pardon to consider the issue herein as sent by the NM Restaurant Association. Obviously, this is one side. Whichever side you choose, Y’all can opt to contact your own Senator herein to express your insight.
    Thank you.
    On a lighter note and to get back on track a bit and as per the recent highlighting of Tacos, here’s a suggestion for Father’s Day for the Dad who has everything:

  8. On a lighter note: How “in” a Foodie have Y’all been these past 100 years? While these  may not have been “in” where Y”all might have lived at a moment in time (e.g. Sushi was big in Vegas in the ’90s before ’05,) most might bring back some memories even if they weren’t your FAVs…LOL (If nothing else, hopefully, a moment’s distraction from the folderol going on in today’s news.) My FAV? Meat fondue with a chile-infused Bearnaise dipping sauce accompanied by a Rose or Mai Tai.

    1. Thank you, Bob. What a compelling video. The Peñasco High School cafeteria is still serving most of the foods shown for the 20th century. The dreaded chicken a la king still haunts my dreams.

  9. Edible New Mexico magazine* is featuring its annual Local Hero Awards for several categories, or targets, of people/businesses in/supporting the local ‘food system’.  
    Please go here to learn about nominating/voting
    Elsewise…lest Covid has infected your Funny Bone: Some of the soups Gil finds, can be scary Are you looking for a snack while waiting for e.g. # 4 or binging the first 3 seasons of Netflix’s Memorable Mrs. Maisel:
    Prefer more of a home-made comfort food, but vexed not knowing the trick for getting an even coating for a Corn Dog: (Disclaimer: no dogs were injured in the making of the cooking video. Add Chile to the batter at your discretion.)
    For foodies who hang posters of different foods/ingredients/condiments etc., here’s one for the different types of Fries (May need to click to enlarge.)

    *Lest one may not know: Edible New Mexico magazine notes it celebrates our state’s vibrant food culture, season by season. Through multifaceted and compelling storytelling, our bi-monthly publication, events, and digital platforms connect readers with those who feed them—growers, producers, chefs, beverage and food artisans, and other food professionals. We believe understanding where our food comes from empowers all of us to make informed decisions about what we eat, what we stand for, and how to better support our communities.

    Be Safe!

  10. Where do I begin? This is for those who like kinda Foodie Flicks, e.g. featuring continuous visual snippets of comida which is especially…de verdad…Mexican, with a somewhat frenetic plot while featuring a stellar performance by Latina…Raquel Welch…kinda playing opposite of old-what’s-his-name, Hector Elizondo! While I don’t normally read the Credits, I have nevertheless, read such cutesy credits/terms such as for Best Boy, Gaffer etc. which otherwise, make infrequent sense in the everyday world…well, except for imagining a “Gaffer” being used for a person who uses a barbed/hooked stick to gaff a fish??? The point being, never have I seen a Credit for “Food and Menus Created and Designed by”!!! As such, and besides the title of Tortilla Soup as being an enticement, I thought the names of Mary Sue Milliken and/or Susan Feniger might have some particular cachet to pique the curiosity of some herein on Gil’s site to peek at, for what I am at a lose to find a word that describes, this film…let’s try quaint?
    So as not to spoil this rollicking movie, best to stop now to just suggest popping yaself a bowl of popcorn or a serving of Nachos while catching this for free via YouTube on your TV/Tablet/PC!
     PS: As a ‘reward’ for reading all the way through that…LOL…”Chow!”

    1. Roberto

      Your mention of Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger reminded me I’ve been meaning to ask if you ever visited their Border Grill restaurant in Vegas. We visited before it found a home at Mandalay Bay and were seriously underwhelmed.

      1. Short Answer: No.
        Long Answer: Border Grill wasn’t there in our weekender ‘visits’ to Vegas which tapered about the time BG first opened in ’85. When I lived there for several years starting in ’93 and while I searched for “my Mexican”, I quickly gave up as Green/Red Chile was virtually unheard of until ABQ’s Maloofs brought a Garduno’s when they built the off-strip casino, The Fiesta, circa ’95-’96.
        ~ Also, should have been clearer: While I’m admittedly not familiar with those of the Fooderati, I have the good sense to know that there are those of the genre herein who would recognize the names! As such, I thought there might be others who might enjoy/share my penchant for the “visuals” in the movie…which co-exist/go beyond the actual/simple/complex taste of the food!

  11. Some good advice if your practicing “social distancing” during the current health crisis and you’d still like to support your favorite local restaurants who are probably already feeling the pinch. (This suggestion seems like a good idea – taken from a Facebook post by Seared.)

  12. ‘Edible New Mexico” has opened its voting for it’s annual Local Heroes till December 19th This is a “one vote” per email address across several categories including one category titled Olla, at the very end which includes our Informer, Gil, who, if you are so inclined, might be worth your consideration. 
    PS: To avoid my repetitiveness, I’d appreciate it if one of Y’all, might repeat this in your own Comment on something or other in a couple of weeks.
    ~ For those who do Thanksgiving: Blessings! Hope your table is as joyful as mine:

    1. Wow, Bob. I haven’t read such an enthusiastic endorsement since Nancy Pelosi recommended a tax cut for the wealthy: “if you are so inclined, might be worth your consideration.” This isn’t some languid, do-nothing politician you’re soliciting votes for. This is Gil, the best friend New Mexico’s restaurants could possibly have. This is the guy who enthralls and educates us with the best written reviews you’ll find anywhere. He is a true hero, a selfless gentleman, scholar and acrobat.

      Please, readers of Gil’s Thrilling…, give Gil the recognition he richly deserves. Vote for him at

      1. Well said, Schuyler! I really hope that everyone who follows Gil’s Thrilling takes a few moments to vote for him. He certainly works incredibly hard for the restaurants of New Mexico as well as for everyone from New Mexico and beyond looking for a great place to eat in the state. He truly deserves the appreciation and recognition this would bring to him. People, this only takes a few minutes of your time!

        As an aside, when you click the voting link that Schuyler kindly provided, please note that you must vote for an entry in every single category. It was set up the same way last year and I don’t really think it’s a good idea – some folks (including me) may not have the familiarity required to properly vote in every category but so be it.

    1. Address for what? Surely you don’t expect Gil to broadcast his home address here. This is a restaurant blog that showcases many restaurants around the country, so there are many, MANY addresses throughout this site. If you want an address for a specific place, Gil always puts it at the end of his review. You have to click on the title of the review to see the whole review, though.

  13. Lest I heard Capn Tuttle incorrectly (my Apologies), he just never learned how to prepare and eat an Artichoke. As I’d be saddened others are riding the same burro in New Mexico, let me suggest:
    First demo vid I ran across
    1) I don’t have a steaming thing, so I just put mine in a 3/4 potful of water for the size I usually get…. the cheapest being at WallyMart. Tip: a heavy artichoke hasn’t been sitting around drying out. Mine usually takes about 40 minutes of bubbly water, but like she says in the vid, you can test petals along the way.
    2) Unless you are really O-CD or a clumsy oaf, I’ve never cut the sharp tips…LOL
    3) Whoa, I’ve never done the roasting…actually, I use my oven for pots and pans and don’t want the hassle.
    4) RE getting to the HEART of the matter: For the first six months of a blended marriage: Initially I just used yummy melted butter (aka margarine) for the Dipping and Scraping of/off the Leaves, i.e. do a Google search for a multitude of your own dips! As the butter was not all used up, I explained I would then use the heart to sop up, not waste the rest of it…Alas, I was soon clobbered for my skulduggery and learned I had to “share”!!!

    5) Speaking of exotic Yummy’s. Anyone vexed due to Premature Browning of one’s Guac let alone trying to save it (if that ever be the case)?
    Based on Amazon reviews (keep down-scrolling) and one NonAmazon conclusion, pardon her opening-making of Guac, I just received my order of four for me and for gifting!!!!

  14. Caveat: a bit off topic:
    I just ran across a notation RE Fry Bread and with the Gathering of Nations coming up…an Homage, if you will:

    Geesh…ya live here for eons…occasionally and excitedly enjoying the opportunity to munch on some Indian Fry Bread! Alas, one would think I’d know better by now…how embarrassing…but at least there’s time for me to still learn something new:
    “According to Navajo tradition, frybread was created in 1864 using the flour, sugar, salt and lard that was given to them by the United States government when the Navajo, who were living in Arizona, were forced to make the 300-mile journey known as The Long Walk and relocate to Bosque Redondo, NM onto land that could not easily support their traditional staples of vegetables and beans.

    For many Native Americans, “frybread links generation with generation and also connects the present to the painful narrative of Native American history”. It is often served both at home and at gatherings. The way it is served varies from region to region and different tribes have different recipes. It can be found in its many ways at state fairs and pow-wows, but what is served to the paying public may be different from what is served in private homes and in the context of tribal family relations.” [Sourece:

    Alas, as you can see there be a variety of “recipes”, but alas, gone are the days of lard it seems While FryBread is a delight in its own right, Folks go wild for a Navajo Taco as well (and don’t forget the Red or Green Chile!)
    Lastly, if we’d been speaking of bacon: lest anyone might ask me to reveal my secret to making “Bacon Bowls” if one were not satisfied with simply draping bacon strips over the bottom of upsidedown cereal/salad bowls and miking them: Go here and move your cursor over this “absolutely gotta have” thingy as ya ask yourself ala George Forman: “Now, why didn’t I think of that?!”

    1. Hi Bob: Great post! Gil has done a really nice review of The Pueblo Harvest Café in Albuquerque. They serve fry bread with a number of items as well as the Tewa Taco made with fry bread. Of note is their upcoming fry bread cooking class on May 9th – are you up for the challenge?

    2. Becky

      Alas Chica Becky…
      Blush RE your congenial comment. Indeed, Gil has, in his inimitable style, presented a great review of the Pueblo Harvest Cafe (PHC). My recent comment RE Fry Bread should have been within PHC notatations let alone perhaps in the blog recounting the collegial gathering we had there as FOGers (sorry Y’all have been unable to attend to meet), but I was embarrassed to include it at either site per the Comments that ensued at both.
      Thank you for the “Dare-to-Attend” the Fry Bread Class at PHC! Alas, what I am taking as a recent announcement , gets me, with pangs of sadness, off the hook…LOL I.e. I am nowhere near being adept at being a home cooker albeit I have Rachel Ray’s complete set of home cookery [Please note: Ya Right! obviously in NM Turquoise!] Ok Ok! I do boil spaghetti to which I add things that may accentuate it (EVOO/NaCl) or at least make it more palatable by, e.g. nuke butter that has some beads of garlic from a jar which I’ve then minced, along with occasional squirts from ketchup packets I get gratis at LotaBurger. Elsewise at times, and sorta approximating Sheldon’s Mom, I dice up an Earl Campbell’s Hot n Cheddar Beef “Product” (sausage) to sprinkle in. In addition, I may fry an egg, over easy, and slide it atop a pile, of whatever brand of, cornedbeef hash! Alas, I’ve become lazy and haven’t prepared my scrumpdillyicious version of Huevos Los
      Ranchos(sic) in quite awhile! (:-(
      PS: OMG (love coincidences): in today’s (25th) “hard copy” of the ABQ Journal, there’s a story recounting The Long Walk:

      ROLAND: Sorry Dude….somewhere in the ‘early days’, I think I’d heard of things being “Miked” ala MICrowaved, but I understand your nuking reference. Be that as it may, as my Sears Kenmore RadarRange goes back to a Mother’s Day gifting to my wife (I’m such a romantic Guy!) in the mid ’70s, I tend to stand away whenever it is nuking nowadays!!!!!

      1. Hi Bob: Hah! You sure squeaked out of that one! But seriously, fry bread is very easy to make and delicious. Your turquoise Rachael Ray cookery would do justice to it and would certainly have created a worthy photo op!
        I’m sorry there were previous embarrassing comments – I don’t know how to view them but it’s unfortunate that anyone should experience anything like that on a restaurant review site which should be fun and informative for all.
        Alas, my attendance at a FOG event is slim to none given my travel distance. Can you picture me trudging through a snow-covered tundra to lunch? LOL!
        Thanks for the link on The Long Walk. It’s a very sad story but one well worth remembering.

      2. All is ok, Bob. I just never heard that phrase before. I’ll add it to my vocabulary. If I see it used like that again, I’ll understand what it means. Thanks for the explanation.

  15. This one spot in Rio Rancho in the same square as Namaste seems to have terrible luck. From Pastrami, Sushi, and the last Mexican have all failed. I went by there in the afternoon and found with surprise that a New Mexican Restaurant, El Agave opened up 3 days ago. I believe the chef is the brother to the chef at a Mexican restaurant in Santa Fe and these folks are ready to cook to please us. The Family Plata was very impressed. I tried a combo that was a massive amount of food. The Chile rellenos were really good and different, not fried. Senorena Plata said she would get that next time with the Diabla Shrimp she claimed to be deliciously Spicy. They have some kinks to get through but I feel they just might make it, especially if the Friends of Gil make it down and give their support. Maybe you might get get churros on the house just because. Let me know your thoughts…

  16. Gil – If you are ever in Las Vegas (NM), you might like to try the El Fidel Restaurant They have their menu online, so you can look at it first. They are spotty in their cooking. I thnk it depends on who’s the chef that day. When they are “on”, though, they are “right on”.

  17. If you are still looking for fried chicken from a mom and pop place, I have just the answer for you. Shorty’s BBQ in Moriarty. The wife and I had been trying to go there for quite some time as we had heard they had good food there, but always seemed to go when it is closed (probably because it is not open on Sundays, and that is when the wife and I take our Sunday drives…J).

    Anyway, we finally got the hours (Tues – Sat 11-9 Summer/Tues – Sat 12 – 8 Winter) and made it this past Saturday. The best fried chicken I’ve had in a very long time. It is broaster fried which makes the skin nice and crispy (not a lot of breading) while leaving the meat tender and juicy. The wife had the BBQ Beef sandwich. It was so-so. The BBQ sauce leaves a little to be desired, it is not horrible, just nothing to get excited about. If you go, I suggest the chicken. The family that sat next to us had ordered hot wings. They looked good, but I’ll have to try them next time.

    Their website is if you’d like to check them out first.

  18. NM FwF went to Cafe Bella after an uneventful lunch elsewhere and I kick myself for not saving myself for the Chicken Panini special, I will have to hold off on that review another time. But, I can say I had a nice large cup of coffee that way beats anything from Starbuck (generally gives me heartburn). Look forward to going back for breakfast or lunch and another cup of coffee (rumors are a form of Stevia, an organic sugar substitute may be offered that I think would really add to the pretty cool ambience that exists). I walked out thinking that a Kiva fireplace may add to its charm, especially when it chilly in the am as it is now. I wish Michael well with this venture…

  19. NM FwF went to Latitudes in Rio Rancho just about across from Intel and Don Chalmers. I think they opened too soon and should have worked the bugs out of the process rather than applying that to those that showed this week. They were still putting signs up on the wall and stocking shelves that seemed mostly empty. My roast beef sandwich was very much Arby-ish and they forgot the Au Jus which if I got it too go would not be great. Also, if you go, do the Rewards before you pay, they dont give you any points afterwards. May give it another try, the concept is good for those working late hours but more work needed to be bring the returning Sr Plata…

  20. I’d love to hear your opinion on the food at Pro’s Ranch Market, Gil. I have visited three times in the past two weeks and I am now addicted to their street tacos, aguas frescas, chichirrones and pan dulce. This place is absolutely a foodie paradise!

  21. I find the towns that have my favorite burgers aren’t on the list.

    Try “Our Country Kitchen” in Alamogordo. The burger with sweet potato fries is very good.

    If in Roswell, the burger at the Capitol cafe keep me coming back.

  22. Love the site. Gotta do Ruidoso. Cafe Rio is probably the most unique restaurant out there, and everything is great. Go for the spicy breadsticks and the kitchen sink pizza. Hell just try everything, you will love it. Casa Blanca is also very good. And dont forget the texas club!

  23. Hi. I love your website and check regularly to see what you suggest. Keep up the great work!

    Here are a couple of ideas for Taos–you have to try Love Apple. It’s been open since last summer, housed in an old church on Paseo del Pueblo Norte just north of town. Fresh, creative New Mexican plus international cuisine–many with a flavorful “twist”–but not contrived at all. Very Taos and very cool. Very good food. Nice, well priced wine list, too.

    You also must, must, must try the Taos Diner! Their red and green are terrific. The food is fresh, organic, hearty, well-prepared and really, really delicious. The staff is really friendly, too.

    Antonio’s has reopened. We dined there a couple of weeks ago and it was outstanding. Very good price point, too. Lovely ambiance. Can’t wait for the patio to open.

    Happy dining!

  24. Always enjoy reading your take on various restaurants. Found two this past weekend that were fabulous and thought you might want to hear about them. First in Angel Fire was a place named The Roasted Clove ( I’d call it fine dining with a great wine list. Everything we had was terrific and I would go back tomorrow if it were here in Albuquerque. The other spot was in Taos and was equally wonderful. It was called Gutiz and bills itself as Latin/French Fusion cuisine. The paella and “pot pie” were jawdroppingly good! Don’t think they have a website. You need to check them both out!

  25. Hi Gil,
    I love your site, but see that you don’t have any restaurants listed in Catron County. I suggest you get out of town and try the best, “The Adobe Cafe & Bakery, ” which is located 7 miles west of Reserve on US Highway 180. Not only is the food fantastic, but the pastries and coffee drinks are out of this world. You won’t be sorry you made the trip.
    Thanks for providing such a wonderful service! Best wishes, -D.

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